New site is up and working

By Andy Shaw | March 1, 2011

Our new site is up and working.

You can access it here :-

Your current email address and password from this site will work in the new one.

Please note… the new site uses email address and password, not username and password

From this point on this site is now just here for reference. The forum commenting has been switched off. Currently all comments are still open at the end of the articles. These will remain live whilst the transition to the new site is taking place.

We would imagine that this will take a maximum of two weeks then every article will be moved over to the new site. At that point commenting on these articles will be switched off as well.

The site will remain up for reference purposes.

New Members

If you are a brand new member to the site, then you have come to this post because while we are setting up the new member process on the new site it is still currently a manual process.

So if you attempt to log in to the new site and you find your email address and password doesn’t work then it is because we have to set it up manually. So this may take a few minutes during (UK) working hours, or if you join outside of working hours then it may take until the next day.

However, you may get lucky as Phil, who is doing the manual process doesn’t have a life and his iphone buzzes when a new member joins, so if he’s not asleep then you may be set up straight away.

I look forward to seeing you all in the new site.

Best wishes


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What price would you put on the value of the life you’ve got?

By Andy Shaw | February 22, 2011

What Am I Doing Wrong

I just added a blog post to my external blog, it’s been written to bring in the last few new members from my mailing list. However, there’s some really salient points I made in it and thought it may be of value to you too. Especially one point which I’ve added in red which is aimed at you all on here. a-bug-free-mind-crystal-ball-300x270

Don’t skip forward to read it, read the whole article when you have the time as it’s important that you allow this point in so that it gets in behind your current barrier. To those who have already mastered the 15 seconds then this won’t matter as much, but to those who haven’t it will.

Incidentally, I was chatting with a site member last night and he said that he couldn’t get past the 15 seconds of positive thought. Many others have experienced problems with it as well, so I will shortly be doing a video to try and dig deep on this point. I can also do a webinar just on this subject if that would help.

If it would then please let me know below.

What price would you put on the value of the life you’ve got? Read the rest of this entry »

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How To Become The 714th Person on Earth Who Achieves Success

By Andy Shaw | February 17, 2011

New Members – Please Read This Too!!

Yesterday in this blog post (Click Here To Read) I explained what odds you were up against by carrying on with your current plan.

Your current life plan being that at some point on your journey you would discover the secret to getting rich and being successful… And then it will have all been worth it.

There’s only one problem with that plan… it’s bollocks! (As Edmund Blackadder would put it).

If you don’t know or have a pretty damn good idea of how you are going to get wealthy and be successful then guess what – YOU ARENT GOING TO BE. Read the rest of this entry »

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Good news :-)

By Andy Shaw | February 16, 2011

Actually several pieces of good news…

Firstly the beta test of the new site is underway. There’s about 15 people in there trying it out at the moment. There is of course currently a number of minor bugs, but we are expecting the site to be 95% all clear by the 1st March. With it being 100% shortly afterwards. Then we will have the platform required to bring in all of the tools I’ve designed to ensure you get to where you want to go.

Also 1st of March is when we intend to move everyone over to the new site.

This Friday (18th Feb) I am releasing 150 sets of books.

This wasn’t planned and there is of course a reason for it. I’ve done a quick video to explain why but the page isn’t quite ready yet so I’ll send you an email when it is. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Bug Free Mind – The Next 12 months

By Andy Shaw | February 7, 2011

Thought I’d do an update of where the site is and where it will be going in the next 12 months, as on Wednesday the site will be 1 year old.

First a little history…

andy-shaw-membership-site-300x285 I started the site just after I had gone bankrupt and met with the official receiver. My intention was to create something of immense value to people and demonstrate how your mindset could carry you through any turmoil.

Well the first few months I decided that I would spend my time thinking and whilst I was thinking that I would share some of my experiences regarding my mindset and how to control yours.

I am not sure of the exact point when I realised I was writing a book, which then ended up being two books, it sort of happened when I figured out what the design I wanted for my future was.

My design was that I wanted to be able to change the world and I had figured out that the best way to do it was by changing people’s minds one mind at a time. Read the rest of this entry »

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How My First Investment of 2011 Was To Turn $3,629 Into $100,000 to $300,000

By Andy Shaw | January 24, 2011

Yes, yes I know that’s not now, but unfortunately if you want your life to change you actually have to plan for it to do so. It is what’s known as ‘doing something different, to get a different result.’

marketers_cruise_ship_grand_turk-300x225 What’s I’m about to tell you about is almost certainly going to be the best way to start your life off in 2012 and transform your success forever. Now it’s a year away, but you know that year will just fly by.

As right now I am in a truly fantastic position thanks to making a smart move this time last year.

I’ve just returned from the Internet Marketing Cruise that Mike Filsaime organises annually. My friend Nicola went a few years ago and told me that this was a must attend event. Well this year I decided I’d go along… What can I say, the sales letter, and anything I can say or write WILL NOT do this thing justice. Read the rest of this entry »

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Successful People Think Differently!

By Andy Shaw | January 2, 2011

I think I’ve managed to nutshell why Personal Development books don’t and how they actually prevent success.

I did it in an email I am broadcasting later this week to bring in new members and thought it was quite good and that you guys would benefit from it too. So ignore the sales bits as they were just for non-members

Let me know what you think,





Successful People Think Differently!

One of the greatest ‘aha’ moments I’ve had in my life was when I realised that personal development books didn’t work for anyone!

You think I’m wrong?

Then let me explain and let’s see what you think then.

Firstly, the obvious point… If you think they do work at producing successful people then surely if the secret to success was simply a case of reading a Personal Development book…

Then the world would be full up of successful people wouldn’t it…

But let’s go deeper as I am going to reveal ‘Exactly why they don’t work.’

Read the rest of this entry »

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Waiting For The Eighth Day Of The Week

By Andy Shaw | December 30, 2010

someday_maybe_pigs_will_fly_a_bug_free_mind You know there are only seven days in the week, but are you one of the 99% of people on Earth who live their lives waiting for the eighth day to come round?

The eighth day is someday…. Do you live for someday, because 99% of people do without knowing it! Someday is the day when your life will change and it will all work out so that you can relax?

Does that some it up? No? Are you sure? Are you sure you are not under a form of self-hypnosis?

As your ego uses the word someday and the state of mind it creates as a form of mind control over you. If you ever think or use the word someday, then you are almost certainly hypnotising yourself with the word…

If you do not have the life you desire, then you are probably hypnotising yourself with either this word, or the state of mind behind it (even if you do not actually use the word).

So if you would like to stop this self-hypnosis then read on and we will shine the light of truth onto this favorite little illusion your ego enjoys fooling you with. Read the rest of this entry »

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Exactly Why The Next 3,653 Days Will Get You No More Than The Last 3,653 Did & What You Can Do To Change It

By Andy Shaw | December 17, 2010

All site members please note, this hasn’t been added here for site members, it has been added because I promised to provide the answer to any prospective site member on my external blog –

As part of the campaign to bring in more people to our community, I wrote the post below. Which you may find interesting. It’s a blatant sales pitch to get people to take a chance on joining the community.

However, you guys already know the benefits as you are here :-)

But you may find the insight into hindsight useful too.

So enjoy, but don’t say I didn’t tell you what this was ;-)

This post covers why there’s a 99% chance that you do not learn from hindsight and never will.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Ending for UABFM

By Andy Shaw | December 14, 2010

Do you Think You’re Worth The Effort?

~ Repetition is the first law of learning ~ Bob Proctor

You’re Nearly There,  But… Choice is the Problem!

choices3_1 Well you’ve got this far. I know you will have experienced some pretty amazing feelings and sensations whilst you were reading ‘Using A Bug Free Mind’ and ‘Creating A Bug Free Mind.’ You will have found out things about yourself that you wished you knew years ago. You’ll probably feel a little annoyed that these books were not available to you when you were a teenager or when you had X, Y or Z problem.

Well all that’s just the way it is and you cannot change it. Your non-acceptance of it would cause you to create damage in your future and now that you’ve learnt How To Create And Use ‘Your’ Bug Free Mind, you know that would be a mistake which you do not need to repeat. Read the rest of this entry »

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