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A Bug Free Mind – The Next 12 months

By Andy Shaw | February 7, 2011

Thought I’d do an update of where the site is and where it will be going in the next 12 months, as on Wednesday the site will be 1 year old.

First a little history…

andy-shaw-membership-site-300x285 I started the site just after I had gone bankrupt and met with the official receiver. My intention was to create something of immense value to people and demonstrate how your mindset could carry you through any turmoil.

Well the first few months I decided that I would spend my time thinking and whilst I was thinking that I would share some of my experiences regarding my mindset and how to control yours.

I am not sure of the exact point when I realised I was writing a book, which then ended up being two books, it sort of happened when I figured out what the design I wanted for my future was.

My design was that I wanted to be able to change the world and I had figured out that the best way to do it was by changing people’s minds one mind at a time.Please Login or REGISTER to read the rest of this content.

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