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A Quick Technique – That Produces Massive Results And Solves Problems Without Any Effort

By Andy Shaw | March 28, 2010

wakeup Firstly I do not do everything the goal setting people say you should do each day, later in this series of articles I will cover why I don’t and why it may or may not be best for you to follow them but today I do have a little technique for you that I apply every morning that gives me new and wonderful ideas, solutions everyday without fail, all I have to do is remember to use it before getting out of bed.

Ok, first thing an untrained mind thinks about in the morning, is the problems you face today, or soon, or whatever, it thinks about problems.

This is because we have been trained to think the wrong way, thinking about our problems and trying to find ways to fix them, simply attracts more of thinking about our problems and trying to fix them…you don’t need to try and fix them as if by magic they actually fix themselves, but I’ll cover how to get them to fix themselves in another article.

What I’m here today for is to give you a really quick technique that will give you the answer to any problem or simply find a completely different way to go on it, which you never would have considered if you did not use this technique.

First you need a quiet mind, if you still wake and think about problems then you are probably not ready to really get the power of this, if that is the case then you haven’t employed the techniques I told you to do in the first two articles I wrote on controlling your mind, and you need to go and do them again.

There isn’t any escaping them, if you want real change then you have to be able to regain control of your mind at anytime you want to. That really wasn’t something you can read and forget; you actually needed to apply the 15 second skill until you attained an ability to bring in ‘no mind’.

From there you have the ability to take back control from your mind occasionally. The rest of the articles of course remove all of the layers so you can keep control of it. But today all you need is the ability to take control when you think about doing so. What this technique is, is simple… wake up solve big problem!

alarmclock Now I don’t have an alarm clock, as why would I? I gave that ridiculous thing up in the late nineties. I just decide when I want to wake up and I wake up then…simple eh! Anyway, if you are like most people and you do have an alarm clock then this will work though probably not quite as well or often – but you can figure that bit out.

All I do is as I am waking up is, I never think about problems (now I don’t even need to tell myself not to think about them, I just don’t), I think about things I need solutions for. But to start with I had to train my mind to stop thinking about problems and so you may have to train yourself in the same way.

Now you need to start thinking of how to find a solution (similar play on words to problem I know but looking for a solution is better than overcoming a problem – words really do matter and have great power as I am going to reveal in this next series of articles).

So as you are lying there between being asleep and awake, you ask for the solution for xyz, and then you simply let go of it as if you are waiting for the answer. Don’t expect an answer, don’t dwell on it, look at the trees, the sky see what a wonderful day you are going to have, just ask the question and see what happens.

Guess what, when you are in control of your mind, the answer comes from nowhere! Often it is to go in a completely different direction from the one you were previously going in. When you’ve been given the solution you’ll instantly feel awake and alert and you’ll want to get out of bed. First be grateful and thank yourself for giving you the answer…

Get out of bed and have a great day! Powerful stuff and a great way to start the day… Then at the end of the day you can go to bed knowing that you’ll be able to find a solution in the morning.

Maybe start off with little things you require to be resolved first before building onto the bigger stuff…remember this is a ‘freebie’ you are resolving what could take hours in simply moments by asking your subconscious to solve it for you.

subconscious-mind Your subconscious mind is simply awesome, did you know it is estimated that our minds control the billions of functions that go on every second, and they handle massive complex problems like walking across the road and talking on a phone call at the same time! Not impressive, well all the super computers in the world can’t handle all of the variables in just walking across the road, let alone talking on the phone, let alone the several billions of calculations that your body is making every instant!!!

And we do all of this, not just the Einstein’s of the world, we all do this! And it is estimated that none of us use more than 5% of our minds capacity to control that little lot…

The rest is our subconscious mind…why do you think you get the answer so quickly, why do you think inspiration just happens in an instant? Our problem is that we are not tuned into it very well in our conscious state, whereas the moments of falling asleep and awakening, we are very close to it and so all you have to do is ask it the right question at the right time and viola – an impossible problem solved!

Have a great day and relax knowing that tomorrow morning you’ll have solved another big problem.

Best wishes


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