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A Rate Cut?

By Andy Shaw | January 23, 2010

Originally Posted 6th December 2007

“What do we want that for?”, says Mervyn King.

I was looking at all the info available for an indication as to what the Guv should do, and it seems pretty straight forward to me, obviously I must be looking at different figures probably though. And so I thought I wonder what conversation he’s having at breakfast this morning with Mrs Guv…

“Well Dear, yes, yes I know I’ve said we should, and I know we’ve been heading in the wrong direction for quite a while now. And I know that most people think I should take control of the current financial problems by doing my job and lowering rates, and yes I know some of those people calling for the cuts who were previously on the monetary policy committee.

But I have to say in all honesty, I’m crap at reading financial information and I really can’t make head nor tail of what these indicators are telling me.

Frankly it’s all just gobbledygook to me!

So just to be on the safe side, I really think we should carry on flying the economy towards that big mountainous looking hill that we’re heading towards.

I also think my inability to make the correct decision will look really good on my P45!”

…Anyway, if I was a gambling man, and I’m not. I think that even Mr King should be able to figure it out this time and cut the rate, but the question is can he manage to swing three more people towards a rate cut today.

My opinion is he actually will, but I would not bet on it :-)

Best wishes


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