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A Year On!

By Andy Shaw | January 23, 2010

Originally Posted 13th December 2007

It’s been a exactly a year since we first launched the membership site and I just thought I ought to mark the occasion saying what I thought we’d all achieved as well as give you some feedback on what the business has achieved and where we are heading.

When we launched the site at 12.00pm, on 13th December, 2006, we did it with an internet marketing launch as many of us will remember, and we went from zero to several hundred members in the space of a few minutes.

We launched the site, at the time, using my well known style of, ‘Ready, Fire, Aim’. We had in fact only started building the site a couple of weeks before, and all it had on it was just a few articles from me and a forum. It had virtually none of the tools that I wanted to be ready. It makes me laugh now when we get emails almost daily from new members saying I can’t believe how much stuff there is on it.

Anyway, I said I would bring the tools on and have brought on several key ones in the last year, with plenty more still to follow. I got quite a slating at times for not having them on there from the start, and in a lot of ways justifiably so. But I also knew that if I ever wanted this project to get off the ground then it would have to go off half-cocked, or it would never even start. As frankly my existing business was making me a lot of money, so in theory should have taken priority. It was only thanks to the quickly proven income stream and the belief and support from all of you that could keep me interested long enough to actually create this very powerful tool.

Over the year, the number of members has varied. Initially it went very high to around 2,500 and then dropped back to around 1,000. I’ve just checked and there seems to be over 2,100 people at the moment and that always includes a few hundred on the free 30 days trial, but even so, it looks like we have well over 1,500 members who are committed to creating wealth for themselves. So I’m really pleased that we have been able to find this many people.

My primary aim with the site was and still is that all site members get substantially more value from the site than it ever costs them. Frankly if the site is costing them money then they should not be members. This aim also includes a minimum increase in net worth of 15% or a cash increase of at least £10,000.

Well, from the feedback we have received and continue to receive, we as a whole community have over-delivered on this primary aim. I know for a fact that hundreds, probably even thousands of people are now making £10,000+ of new wealth, and a few dozen have made well over half a million and much more … so far! So I am extremely proud of this achievement.

I have just had a meeting with Phil and we were both going through our frustrations of the bits we wanted added by now or the little bits we still had to fix. It is very easy when in business, as in personal wealth creation, to not be able to see what you’ve already achieved. I consider it an essential part of my wealth creation to stop and take account of what I’ve done and achieved and then to be grateful for it.

Before I tell you what we have got planned for next year, I thought I’d remind you why I do this, as I know there are people out there that think I’m on some altruistic, artistic journey. Well I’m not, anything like that, that comes to me along the way is purely a benefit to me and is not my primary aim. I am a believer in the virtue of selfishness.

My primary aim of course is to find enough people I can help so that I get paid a lot of money, and this aim should serve your interests as well for obvious reasons. Trouble is most of the media and the British culture is to think badly of someone who is making money out of other people, especially if it’s being made out of them.

Well hopefully you guys realise that if I wasn’t earning good money out of this then I would not be interested in doing it. Yes I’d like to give something back, but I am in this for the same reason as you are, I’m in this for the money and hopefully that should give you confidence in that what I am going to be bringing in will not only help to carry on making you money but will be increasing the pace of it as well.

I did a bit of a back of the fag packet calculation this morning to see what financials we had done since 13/12/2006 and in the first 12 months of turnover in the first trading year was approx £1,021,000 + vat. So to the non-business owners out there, it wasn’t all profit! But needless to say I did earn enough to keep the wolf from the door and more importantly enough to keep my interest going.

Now I would love to do some calculation that was able to show just how much money I’d helped people create but it would just be ridiculous to even guess at, so all I will say is that the Universe owes me big time!

Next year:-

The Site

You’ve obviously seen the huge number of changes going on at the moment and there are going to be a lot more new features being added over the next year. We now have 3 programmers working on the site (2 full time), the site improvements will be coming along thick and fast and we have several key software tools coming online in the first six months of next year. Once they are complete, then I will be directing the use of them properly together with the other existing tools and intend to do a seminar for a day to explain how best to use them and the site for maximum effect.

Don’t hold your breath though on when the seminar will be, and it will probably only be for a hundred people or so. But it will only be at a nominal cost that will cover the expenses and the filming of the event. This will be videoed so that all site members can view it later when it is ready.

I would guesstimate that we are currently at 20% of the way through the site’s development with us hopefully moving to 70% within the next 6 months. Nearer the time for the seminar I’ll run a survey to get feedback for exactly what is wanted.

We are intending to put the price of the site up to all new members. This date has yet to be set but it will probably be the anniversary of when people actually started paying to be here, which was 11th February 2007. All existing members will have their current price frozen for the duration of their membership, so don’t worry, the price isn’t going to be going up for you. We said when we started last year that when we thought the site was of sufficient value then we would increase the price. Well we think it has been there for sometime now so we will be raising it in due course.

Then later in the year, after we have completed and finished testing the new range of tools that are coming in then, and have filmed the seminar, then we will be completely changing the price structure of the site. This is to give people choice over what bits people want, in a similar way to the way Sky Tv works. As before all pre-existing members will be ‘Grandfathered’ in so there will be no extra cost to you, nor to any new members taken on before that time. But if there are areas of the site you do not use then there may be ways for you to lower your expense.

Also if Phil can ever manage to keep hold of a moderator/editor for more than a few weeks, then hopefully getting the answers you want should become a lot quicker too. We also intend to incorporate plenty of other infrastructure improvements, including project managing the further developments at a greater speed than we are currently capable of.

New stuff

From a sales point of view, thanks to the feedback you gave us, we have decided to get an audio version of the book done. This is currently being created.

Also there are a couple of other DVD products coming out next year, including the DVD version of the ‘Become a Property Investor’ seminar we did. So I’m sure you’ll see an email or two coming your way on these when they are available :-) There is also a free book, that when Tim actually gets finished editing it, will be available to all.

So 2008 should be an even better year than 2007. I’d like to thank you for myself and on behalf of the whole team here for your continued support, and I wish you more of the success you’ve experienced in the first year!

Best wishes


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