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Accepting, Allowing & Having Are States Required For Easy Riches

By Andy Shaw | April 19, 2010

~ Our entire life consists ultimately in accepting ourselves as we are. ~ Jean Anouilh

Previously I have covered the underlying nature of some seemingly inoffensive words that we use in our everyday lives. Society teaches us that some words are unacceptable or subjects that we just do not wish to talk about. But these words I mentioned previously are perfectly acceptable, everyday words which we all use.

Yet it is those words that should also feature on the socially unacceptable list. I have advised you to avoid the states of wanting, needing, waiting as when you use these words they are a statement of your lack. And of course we always are given more of the lack which we ask for.

The powerful way to transmute your wants, needs & wait into gold is simple. First, as I said, use the correct words where you can. But the most powerful thing you can do is to be accepting of your life situation. You want to spend a lot more of your time in the state of having, allowing and accepting.

When you want something without first thinking you have it, then this is the key to not getting what you want. Yes I know it sounds backwards, and that is because we have all been trained backwards. What I am now showing you is how to think forwards, but coming from our perspective it looks like it is backwards thinking. It’s not!

Your current backwards thinking is just another layer of crud that needs to be removed from your mind so that you can think freely and go in the direction you desire to go in. So first you have to accept what you have, then you have to believe you have it, and then you have to allow it to then be.

So You Have To Think You Have It Before You Can Have It

In the past when you have gotten what you wanted, it was not because you wanted it hard enough, it was because you shifted from a state of wanting to a state of accepting. You reached a point where you knew you could have it, and so you accepted you could.

We all have moments like this in our lives. For me I have countless moments. One was where I had looked for a new home and we couldn’t find anything we liked when we first looked. We looked at everything which was about twice the value of our current home. Nothing suited us and I also looked at the new mortgage cost and thought I can’t have something that expensive.

Then I saw my friend buy a house which was nearly 3 times as much money as my current home, and he was earning the same as I was and didn’t have the equity I did. So if he could afford that, then obviously so could I. All of a sudden I accepted that I could afford it, and I could afford more than I previously looked for as well.

I had a much larger deposit than he did, so I accepted that I could actually spend more than he did. In the end I purchased a home for four times the value of my original home. Three months before this was inconceivable, except now I had moved from a state of believing I could not afford it, to a state of accepting I could. I had shifted to a state where I knew I could have it, and so I ‘allowed’ it to happen. I have countless more stories of similar ilk’s and I know you have them as well.

What I would like you to do is to remember one of those times where you state of mind changed, probably without you noticing, from a state of dis-beliving to a state of accepting, and you moved to knowing you could have it and then allowing it to happen. Remember the time and feel what emotional shift went on inside you.

Don’t move on until you have felt this emotional shift again. Your body can remember emotional feelings with a lot more accuracy at times than it does pictures. It is important that you can feel the change here. If you can’t then ask me why below and I’ll try and give a finer direction.

But it is important because this is the feeling you are going to turn on at your command later on when we move into setting out your desires properly. The clearer your mind is and the more you can bring in no-mind will help you to switch this feeling on at will.

So stop and think for a few moments or as long as you need. I know we as humans don’t like the hard work of thought, but tough. I think you are worth giving yourself a few moments to create a power button like this one is.

Side note: – Remember, keep practising ‘no mind’. Bring it in at various different times of the day. All you need to be able to do is silence the mind at a moment’s notice and not have thoughts barge in. You are training your mind like an athlete trains their body. You will soon be able to train it to hold an emotion that literally produces results – creating without doing (more on that later).

Accepting With Detachment

When you don’t want or need something then you can be detached about the outcome. This is the law of detachment and this will be another great source of your power which I will fully cover when we have finished unravelling the layers of crud that education, the media, and all people have applied to our minds.

To be able to utilise this other extraordinary power button fully you must first practice accepting the present moment as it is – there really is nothing more important than this bit!

If you applied just this bit and surrender then you are in the top 1% of people having the very best lives. Just being there is what most search for in their quest of personal development and acceptance of what is together with surrender as I have covered previously gets you there (This sort of stuff should be taught in schools!).

Whilst accepting your situation may not be the one you desire right now, you still have to fully accept it, as, it is! You keep your desire about the outcome you want clearly as your intention, but you keep your focus on acceptance of now. If you can’t do both easily then just focus on the acceptance. As without this, you’ll struggle to ever stop repeating the mistakes you make.

Ask yourself again and often, am I accepting what is?

If you read that and said, “yes” without thinking, then you’ve missed the point, and you probably are not. As every opportunity that comes up for you to think again on this point should be greeted with open arms like a life-long friend.

My Entire Goal With What I Do Is To Make You Rich

I desire for you to be rich. I also desire for you to create the life you desire.

The reason I am doing this mind stuff bit before I show you how to make money is I know from personal experience that making money is the easy bit. You’ll make money if you apply the stuff I’ll teach – that’s a no-brainer (well, I know it is. You’ll still need convincing!)

But what I am after is to provide a better outcome for you than you ever thought possible. I am after you not just getting where you want to go, but getting there and truly loving the amazing journey. In order to do that (as I really do have a map), I can speak with 100% clarity and personal experience that the journey is more fun when you’re mind is working right. And that’s why I know that your time spent here, reading this mind stuff, is a better investment than anything you can get elsewhere.

Now getting you rich can happen one of two ways; you can either struggle or you can achieve it easily. I can get you there both ways. You of course will need to believe for both to happen, but both will work.

However, You Have The Choice Of Doing It The ‘Easy Way’ Or The ‘Hard Way’

The easy way, is to learn and apply all of this mind stuff now, which is to do it slowly over the time it takes me to reveal and unravel it for you. It gives you time to think, pause and reflect. Or you can do it the hard way; read it, not engage your mind, and wait for the money stuff to come along. It is your choice. I would like it to be easy for you, but I can only lead the horse to water. I can’t make him drink.

What I’ll teach you will get you rich, even if you don’t engage in the mind stuff. But without the mind stuff you’ll find your destination lacking and you may be forced as I was to slide down the snake all the way back to the start of the board.

Well thanks to the mind stuff I now am playing the game of snakes and ladders again, but this time I am playing the game with no snakes on the board!

I still have to go up the board, but this time there are no routes back down. And the journey is full of ladders to speed me on my way! This is the power of the mind stuff! This is what I desire for you!

So if you would rather choose the easy journey to certain riches then you need to engage in the art of thinking. Don’t just accept what I say, ask yourself, ask your intuition and see (feel) for yourself what is right.

Tapping Into The Source Of Ultimate Power

I was looking the other day at what I do better than others in my peer group and it is that I inspire people to take sustained action more than any other I know of. I’ll go a little deeper on this subject when I come on to this area in the future. But my reason for bringing it up is that, you are at a key point to create the Universe’s ultimate energy source. Inspiration = Perpetual Motion.

So what I am advising you to do is go back and take another look at your life situation and question yourself about every single element of it. Ask yourself again or for the first time – Am I accepting my life situation as it is, or am I resenting it in anyway?

To access the ultimate power, you need to accept your life situation as it is.

This really is the Tipping Point (the bit everyone is looking for, but then doesn’t recognise when they see it). If you accept it, then you have shifted the direction into your favour. Now from there, picking up momentum going downhill is easy.

Look at it like you are on a bike. It’s easier cycling downhill than on a straight, and a lot easier than cycling uphill!

Well my plan for you is the same as my plan for me:-

First get you onto a slow easy light downhill ride (avoiding anything hard), then get you to decide which of the various locations you would like to visit as they are all downhill rides (can be more than one & you can’t book a ticket on an airline without knowing where you want to go!). Then once we know where you want to go, we can take (if we choose to) the steepest downward direction to get you to your desired destination.

But have you noticed that you can only go so fast on a bike, and you attain a max speed then you can’t increase it much? Well, that’s where I come in again for you in the same way as I am doing it for me.

I replace your bike with a faster one, then I change that for a car, then I change that and put you in a chauffeur driven vehicle, then you get to where you want easily. My goal is to A) To ACTUALLY get you there & B) To make sure that while & when you get there you have the best life ever!

The Best Bit Of The Journey

So back to acceptance. Was the best bit of a downward bike ride getting to the bottom, or while you were going fast downhill? Obvious answer! If you love riding bikes downhill like I do then you’ll probably have imagined riding down a hill that goes on forever. Well that’s my desire for myself and for you.

Everytime you reach a desire you get off your bike and you enjoy it. Then when you are ready you carry on your journey to the next wonderful location. All the time you get to be travelling downhill to where you want to go. You can go fast, you can free wheel, basically it is the easy route.

However, right now if you are not engaging your mind then you are trying to travel uphill. This is what it is like to live with non-acceptance. I’ll still get you to wealth this way, I’ll simply give you an engine for your bike, but you will always need fuel. If you are going downhill then you can just free wheel; no fuel is necessary. I implore you to take the easy route. Stop, think about your life situation, then accept it all as it is.

When you start to apply this technique you will all of a sudden start to feel that it is impossible to fail. But forget trying to feel that; you just will start to. If it hasn’t happened then ‘rinse and repeat’ until it does (re-read). As you are not the only person on Earth who this will not work for. It will be that you simply have not followed what I have said for you to do it correctly. So go back and re-read, and question what I am saying and how it applies to you. Feel your emotions as you question. You will find your answers.

But for now I’ll continue as if you can bring in no mind in the instant you desire it and that you have full acceptance of your life situation. So you have felt that it is impossible to fail – I love this feeling!

This certainty enables you to relax. Then when you relax and no longer need or want you have placed yourself into a state of allowing. This is being in harmony and all of your energy is vibrating the right way. This is exactly where you want to be.

Have fun! This is an exciting feeling. I’ll be back with more soon.

Best wishes


PS ~ Serenity comes when you trade expectations for acceptance. ~ Unknown

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