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Accepting What Is

By Andy Shaw | February 18, 2010


In the last two articles we’ve put the foundation in place for creating riches. As without it, then anything built will be built on sand. We’re going to move now to start unravelling some of the things that are holding us back, and lighten our load somewhat and therefore allow a swifter easier journey.

What’s more I’ll come back to how I turned my mind around after I’ve unravelled a few of the annoying bits of background noise that help to keep riches out of peoples lives.

So, let me ask you, do you ever think about what happened in the past and you wish it hadn’t happened. Do you ever worry about what will happen in the future? Well most people do so it wouldn’t surprise me if you did.

But let’s take the past first, it has happened, therefore what can you do about it? Nothing, after all it has happened. So it just is!

If something just is, then what is the point of being concerned about it? Is it because you want to feel bad? Is it because you feel you should feel bad? Is it because someone close to you keeps reminding you to feel bad about what you did?

Why do you spend now thinking about something you can’t change and that makes you feel bad? Do you think that anything you can’t change and makes you feel bad will help you in ANY way now?

Of course not, how can it help you, other than guidance to not do it again. Well that last lesson can be learnt by brief glimpses into the past when they are needed for guidance to prevent a repeat of the same mistakes again – that’s one time the past is very useful.

Whats more, there is no need to feel bad as they are an essential part of you, an essential part of your make up. They are the experiences that helped get you to the place you are at right now. And you can’t change them!

You can change how you feel about them though, as that is a choice.

I have stacks of things in my life that if I chose to look at a certain way then I would regret, but do I regret them? No, they are my life’s experiences and without them I wouldn’t be at this exact point, and this exact point is where I deserve to be.

There are plenty of things I look at and think, if I had gone left instead of right then this would have happened, but we cannot know the outcome of the different way as there are literally an infinite number of possibilities.

So what happened just is, and therefore the way to release the need to spend your now time dwelling on a fruitless and unproductive past is to just accept what is. As your acceptance of it frees up some of your energy.

After all, if you spend 20% of your mental energy dwelling on a past incident in your life which you cannot change, then that is 20% more energy you have to help create your life now and your future. Accept it is not, it is actually 25% more energy if you want to be smart.

So by accepting what is, you no longer need to give away your energy (& don’t kid yourself if you think it doesn’t take much energy to think about that business or relationship failure – doing that sucks creative energy like a vacuum cleaner). You do not need to dwell on the past, and therefore you are now back in the present after all, the present is where everything happened and will happen anyway.

Acceptance is the key, as whatever you resist will persist. Whatever you prepare against will become your reality. Whatever you fear and worry about becomes your reality. So just accept what is, as acceptance is letting go, and by letting go it frees you of very heavy baggage, and by lightening your load, your journey becomes easier and more fun.

Best wishes


PS In the next article I’m going to go to the level beyond acceptance of what is. Accepting what is, is powerful and without a shadow of a doubt if applied by people on its own could change the world in an unrecognisable way. But the next level if it can be achieved literally blows away the power of acceptance of what is…

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