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Are You Certain The Actions You Took Yesterday Were The Right Ones?

By Andy Shaw | April 1, 2010

Before you read this article, be aware, I’ve saved it for a time where you have time to consider it fully… It is going to require a little thought from you and you know that’s the hardest work of all. So if you feel you are worth the effort then read on.

However, don’t have a go at me for beating you up a bit, for if you want to attain certain wealth then you are going to need this stuff and the sooner you get this out of the way then the sooner you’ll attain that which you desire!


Are You Certain The Actions You Took Yesterday Were The Right Ones?

How can you be so certain?

Are you sure it was you that made the decision?

Am I mad? Or am I just aware?

Is something you are accepting without question the truth, or is it just an illusion?

Before I realised that I had lost control I never questioned my thought foundations. Yet in doing so it gave me clarity of thought, control over my mind and the wonderful gift of presence.

I always assumed because I had considered my actions and that I was making rational thoughts that they were helping me – every insane person does this without consideration.

The problem was, I wasn’t making rational thoughts…my reasoning was being badly affected by my other thoughts. My mind was a mess, and I could not hold more than a few seconds on clear uninterrupted thought about a truly wonderful experience.

Let alone an uninterrupted logical thought about an important decision!

So it was only after I realised that I was no longer in control of my mind that I  was able to realise my mind was actually not working with me, but working against me. As nothing stands still, it is either helping or hurting.

I found out that we believe we are automatically helping ourselves with our thoughts… yet we are then frustrated that we don’t seem to have gotten anywhere. We say to ourselves things like, ‘Hey, I’ve tried this positive thinking stuff and it just doesn’t work!’

We do not question that our thoughts could be taking us in the opposite direction to the one we wish to go in… after all, why would we ever want to go that way? So we just assume (wrongly) that we are doing it right… basically because we don’t think about it at all!!!

Don’t get me wrong; our minds have the very best intentions for us. They seek to protect us from everything including ourselves… but they are just not capable of understanding something new. So they make decisions based on what they already know… and usually we want to go somewhere where we haven’t been before… So this scares our mind and so it looks for ways to protect us from our own desires. I.e. it works against us!

Therefore, we on the outside get frustrated that we didn’t get where we wanted to go, simply because we don’t understand our mind. This is like a bad workman blaming his tools!

We don’t observe our mind when it works against what we want, so we can’t help it to help us… We just assume that it is helping us when in fact it is hurting us. How can it be helping as it has absolutely no understanding at all of how to get us where we want to go? It is effectively just a tool, albeit a very powerful one.

As a tradesman I knew that just buying a new tool to do a job would not do the job. I had to become proficient in using the tool first. Buying the tool, leaving it in the van, and never practising and acquiring the skill to use it would not make the job just be done. I had to learn to use it and then the tool would perform magical things… But only after I had mastered control of it first!

Your mind is a tool that requires work for you to master it; it will not perform magical stuff until you have mastered its use!

How could it? It is just a tool, and without expanding its capabilities then it is doomed to repeat the same mistakes it has made before. Another way to view it is as a computer; it is inanimate without someone controlling it. What’s more, it can achieve more for us in less time when we put new software in it. But this software needs us to run it. It will never perform complex tasks without our attention.

A lack of attention to what is going on = a repetition of the previous mistakes

I realised I had to change my thinking, I realised I had to regain control of my mind…

To do this I needed to:-

• Observe the nutter who had control
• Observe him without judgement
• Accept the situation as it was
• Surrender completely to it
• Achieve complete freedom
• Overcome the need to blame
• Utilise failure
• Utilise without thinking the power of letting go
• Put an end to any resistance
• Observe & understand my worries, which transmuted into overcoming them
• Observe & understand my fears, which transmuted into overcoming them
• Observe my anxiety , which transmuted into overcoming it
• Observe and accept the value in my mistakes
• Observe and accept without judgement those around me
• Overcome powerlessness
• Recognise the difference between illusion & reality
• Take back control of time
• Find complete harmony
• Be confident of every decision again
• Be happy always

There’s more as well! But they were just the start!

I effectively had to look at my mind like it was a computer that had been abused by stacks of people all coming in and dropping their thought programs onto it at their own different points in time, some of which had sneaky viruses in which corrupted good programs that were already running in there.

I had to wipe my hard drive, then re-install the programs in their uncorrupted form…accept this time I could install software that was not only free from bugs, but it was the Ultimate software that would propel me like a rocket through life without effort, and all the while enjoying the most contented, harmonious experience I could ever have desired.

And all I needed to do was wipe my hard drive and re-install the programs.
Ask yourself this question,

Have I accomplished that list so far?

If the answer is yes then that is fantastic and you’ll be experiencing massive satisfaction right now yet eagerly anticipating what’s left to be removed and re-installed.

However, if you haven’t then it probably means that you have not yet re-installed your software properly. What that means is for example; let’s say you are still blaming someone else for something… even if it is small. Then this thought pattern needs to be removed if you want the full power of what I am sharing with you.

If you have not accomplished all of the above then you need to go back and re-read the bits that are not installed properly. You know which ones they are, but here’s the list again except this time it is asking you the question:-

o Did you observe the nutter who had control?
o Did you observe him without judgement and now can you whenever you wish hold 15 seconds of consecutive free thought? Can you bring in ‘No mind’ whenever you want to?
o Do you accept your life situation as it is?
o Have you surrendered completely to it?
o Did you achieve complete freedom instantly?
o Have you overcome the need to blame?
o Do you now utilise failure to speed up your success?
o Are you able to utilise without thinking the power of letting go?
o Have you put an end to resistance?
o Have you observed & understood your worries? And have you learned to transmute them?
o Do you observe & understand your fears, so that you can transmute them?
o Did you observe your anxiety, and have you learnt to transmute it?
o Do you observe and utilise the value of your mistakes?
o Do you observe and accept without judgement those around you?
o Have you completely overcome powerlessness?
o Can you recognise the difference between illusion & reality?
o Have you taken back control of time?
o Have you found complete harmony?
o Are you now confident of every decision you make?
o Are you happy always?

Now remember, you chose to read this article, don’t have a go at me… You know what you have to do, and unless you have achieved all of them you know you have some re-reading to do.

Re-reading is a master skill. Some of this stuff I was able to break on the first time, some it took a few times. Things like the need to blame, I have to apply thought to still to make sure I do not do it. Some layers of dirt require a lot of scrubbing to remove completely. You are worth the effort.

The outside world does not hold the answer for you, the answer is inside you and that is where you need to focus your attention. The next big thing is not what you get through your email. The next BIG thing is you!

The answers for all of the above are already contained within the site, all you have to do is access the answer and overwrite your current programming. The quicker you do that the quicker you’ll get where you desire to go.

Best wishes


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