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Are You Part Of The Blame Culture Too?

By Andy Shaw | March 19, 2010

The media and the physiological response of society has trained us into becoming natural blamers. We blame others automatically, without thinking. Then as we think we look for ways to reinforce our hasty judgements.

This instant blame culture has to be let go of, acceptance of what is, frees you from this. Your ego insists that it must defend you even when you are wrong, as if it doesn’t then others will think you are weak.

Whereas when we shine a light on this we notice that the very opposite is true, by accepting full responsibility you automatically obtain a deep physiological strength that makes your defences impenetrable.

I was brought up in a blame culture. It was one of the hardest things to remove from my make up. And when, in the presence of certain people it is instantly switched back on and usually my first reaction is half way out of my mouth before I have managed to catch it.

The problem is around those people who nurtured this blame culture it somehow acts as a switch to reactivate my unconsciousness. This is not an excuse, it is merely pointing out my laziness as I am aware of this and do not take appropriate actions to remain fully present when I am in that company.

As soon as I make the first mistake it snaps me back into the present and I am able to regain control of my mind.

Whats more, if you are in the presence of people who are unconscious blamers, then there is no need to react to them. Let them blame, just go transparent and let their blaming pass through you.

As if it is right then you accept that you were wrong and obviously will make the required changes to your thoughts and therefore accept what is and have grown stronger thanks to it being pointed out to you.

And if it is wrong and they are seeking to blame you Please Login or REGISTER to read the rest of this content.

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