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Are You Waiting For Something?

By Andy Shaw | April 14, 2010

On my journey throughout life I have found that most people are waiting. They think they know what they are waiting for, but then they can’t see it when it shows up. Then they glance back at the Abyss of time they have wasted waiting and they have to become attached to the state of waiting, because if they didn’t then they would have to stare back at their life’s missed opportunity cost and accept their real failure.

They can only glance at the time they wasted as it is too painful to accept the failure. They are waiting for that opportunity to come along, or the right thing to happen that just makes the puzzle a bit more complete so that they can step forward and move from their waiting state.

There are two types of people; waiters – those that are waiting for something, and non-waiters – those that only use positive waiting

Most people are waiters, and it is only the very small minority who are non-waiters. The non-waiters are the ones who are doing it, making it happen, changing the world for themselves, their families, and others.

…The waiters are the rest of you! And this is written for you guys as yet another attempt to get you to stop waiting.

Before I really get going please don’t let your ego take this the wrong way! As this is designed to help your situation and share something valuable with you.

So why do most people wait?

We are trained to wait from a very young age. We are trained to stand in queues. It is just orderly in our society. But if we stick to this practice in our life situations then we will wait ourselves to death. To me, waiting is something that other people do. I am not interested in waiting for an event to happen to me. I’d rather make the event happen.

There are three types of waiting: – The Good, The Bad and The Insignificant…
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