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New site is up and working

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Our new site is up and working.
You can access it here :-
Your current email address and password from this site will work in the new one.
Please note… the new site uses email address and password, not username and password
From this point on this site is now just here for reference. The forum commenting has been switched [...]

Successful People Think Differently!

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

I think I’ve managed to nutshell why Personal Development books don’t and how they actually prevent success.
I did it in an email I am broadcasting later this week to bring in new members and thought it was quite good and that you guys would benefit from it too. So ignore the sales bits as they [...]

Our Egos Want To Talk

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Have you ever noticed how when people meet they or we don’t listen, instead they/we often just wait for the noise to stop so that they/we can say their/our next point. Their/our egos are so wrapped up in what they/we want to say that they/we do not honour the person we are choosing to spend [...]

How To Overcome All Fear – Part 2

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Please note – This is the second in the Fear Series of Articles. To completely overcome all fears the articles should be first read in order to obtain the desired outcome
~ Fear grows in darkness; if you think there’s a bogeyman around, turn on the light. ~ Dorothy Thompson
I was speaking with my son the [...]

Freedom From Having To Feel Sorry & The Down Side Of Wanting To Help

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

I started to write this article on charity and for the first time I can remember I found myself lost in writing. I went down six or seven routes to try and nutshell this, but each one led me to digging in deep. I came to the conclusion that I could not present a nutshell [...]

Has The Blob Caught You!

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

When I look at the sea of negativity that covers the world it can sometimes appear initially over-whelming as the negative energy washes over me. As how can you combat a force for bad that keeps people unconsciously trapped in the misery it creates without them even knowing they are trapped?
How do you demonstrate rationality [...]

Resistance Is Like Being Anchored To The Ground

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Whatever you resist will persist. Whatever you prepare against will become your reality. Whatever you fear and worry about becomes you reality. The first step to releasing this negative anchor is to start by acknowledging that there is resistance within. From that point you can start to watch and learn from it.
Forgiveness is to put [...]

Do You Think You Are Adding To Your Pain?

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Did you answer no? Well it would be insane to add to your own pain, unless you got off on that kind of thing. But I’m talking about the vast majority of people here, not the tiny minority that society makes us think about to try and keep our thoughts off track.
If you did say [...]

Accepting, Allowing & Having Are States Required For Easy Riches

Monday, April 19th, 2010

~ Our entire life consists ultimately in accepting ourselves as we are. ~ Jean Anouilh
Previously I have covered the underlying nature of some seemingly inoffensive words that we use in our everyday lives. Society teaches us that some words are unacceptable or subjects that we just do not wish to talk about. But these words [...]

How Much Do You Really Want Something?

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Do you know that the thing you really want you will never actually get, but the thing you keep asking for you are manifesting all of the time?
Would you rather get what you really want?
If you have been a study of Goal setting, personal development, or self improvement for a while, then you are almost [...]

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