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Competition; For Us To Have… Do Others Really Have-To-Have Less?

By Andy Shaw | June 16, 2010

This is about all competition with others, not just about business. My mind is always dragged onto the thought of business when I discuss competition because that is where my dominant attention rests. So I will use business for the analogy here.

However, this can apply to anything we ‘believe’ we have to compete for such as, all the good property deals will be gone when I have enough money for a deposit. But for now I’ll use business.

Some people still have the misconception about business and business people which means they do not want to see themselves as one. Well somewhere along their journey they associated a business owner as a bad thing. Well firstly this is wholly wrong to judge someone, then it is wrong to judge a group of people collectively. Then you have to look at that thought pattern, in the way of… is this thought helping me get to where I desire to go, or is it hurting me?

I think you know the answer, so next we have to break it down for the business people as well. As in the mainstream they have been taught to believe that business has to be done a certain way. And by that I mean, they believe they have to be harsh and act very competitively. Please Login or REGISTER to read the rest of this content.

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