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Creating Your Design For Your Ideal Life – Part 14

By Andy Shaw | September 1, 2010

Accept Whatever Is Happening In That Moment &… Just Be Happy

Whatever you desire already exists as a possibility. Your mind’s work is to bring this possibility into your reality, therefore there is no place for need and hope. If either of these are present then you are trying to force things. If you try to force something you will either not get what you think you want, or you will get more need to force things.

happiness You must remain in a place of accepting whatever is happening in that moment and just being happy. Only then are you relaxed and allowing your desire to come into your reality.

When you are in the state of allowing and you are constantly happy, you can then start to sense your desire is close. You know it is close, you eagerly expect it to happen, yet you detach yourself from it. So you are in harmony, you are happy; you don’t need your desire to happen to make you any more complete than you are now, yet you expect your desire to happen. If you can tune yourself to that state then you are in the perfect position.Please Login or REGISTER to read the rest of this content.

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