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Creating Your Design For Your Ideal Life – Part 15

By Andy Shaw | September 3, 2010

Look For Ways To Add Value

Make Money Key on Computer Keyboard When you start to think about ‘How to make money’, the primitive mindset thinks, ‘What can I come up with to sell to people?’ Whereas the evolved mindset is, ‘What can I come up with that people will want to buy?’

I think it was in Think and Grow Rich where Napoleon Hill said “Anyone can get rich if they find enough people to help.” Now this can be further explained, for example, if you have 1,000 people and you give them $1 or $1.5 of value in return for $1, then that is ok. This is what the majority of businesses do.

However, if you desire to create great riches then you need to find ways of giving $1,000 of value for $1. Sounds impossible or at least hard right? Well in my first book, people traded £20 of cash and then went out and made at least £25,000, some made millions.

But that’s information products, let’s look further, take Microsoft. Bill has taken a few thousand from me over the years, but I used and continue to use his tools to make millions. Do I begrudge him a penny? No, thanks to him I have made millions. If he’d put me on a continuity program instead of a fixed price then I’d still be paying him.

Now take Google, I didn’t even pay them anything and I use their service for free 20 times a day, and in the last hour at least half a dozen times. What value have those guys created for me in my life? I’ve spent nothing and their product saves me countless hours of my time. Do I begrudge them any money?… Are you kidding?Please Login or REGISTER to read the rest of this content.

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