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Creating Your Design For Your Ideal Life – Part 19a

By Andy Shaw | September 13, 2010

WARNING: I have designed this next process to completely remove the invisible barriers in your mind, which are present when it comes to creating your design. It is quite a long section, it is however, the single most powerful thing you can read and apply right now. It will give you the answers and provide for you the way you have been looking for. Enjoy it, as you deserve to.

most_important It may be tricky at times but you should not see this as work, you are getting access here to the process, which will enable you to create your perfect life. When (not if) you start to view this as work, just ask yourself, ‘why am I viewing a system which involves dreaming about my perfect life as work?’ As surely this should be your most favorite of all hobbies. The answer is you are self-sabotaging. Don’t judge, just observe and when you find the answer out for yourself change will happen.

Defining What You Really DesirePlease Login or REGISTER to read the rest of this content.

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