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Creating Your Design For Your Ideal Life – Part 28

By Andy Shaw | October 19, 2010

Success simply requires self-knowing.

yes-i-can I know I can do great stuff… I know I can create… I know myself, and I know I do not know everything. But I know I will know all I need to know when I require it.

If you don’t know you know, then you don’t know. You do not have this power ‘yet.’ But if you know that ‘if’ you acquired it, then it would be the greatest power you could obtain to propel your life in the direction you desire to go. Then would you make it a priority to acquire it? If so, then simply just create a design to have it.

I didn’t need to create this design, as once I fixed my mind I had it automatically. However, the traits I wanted to develop, I created designs for and you can do exactly the same thing. Your design for example is ‘I know I create’. Currently you may still have faulty designs (bugs in your mind) like, ‘I think I create sometimes,’ or ‘I believe I can create when I put my mind to it.’ No, you create, you just don’t yet ‘know’ you do. And for that you need to conceive it as real.Please Login or REGISTER to read the rest of this content.

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