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Creating Your Design For Your Ideal Life – Part 6

By Andy Shaw | August 13, 2010

Your Partner

your_genius Now I’m not talking about the person you live with, I’m taking about another you. Except this other you is still in touch with all of the wondrous magical skills you wish now to be in touch with. This other you still has full access to the power to create and is there diligently always 24/7 ready to do your bidding.

However, this other you, doesn’t really understand things in the way you do. This other you, this little wizard has these magical powers but they are in the hands of a very young 3 year old child. Think about the mind of a child at that age as they are truly fantastic, the world has not touched them and they have complete trust in your guidance. So you are at the helm!Please Login or REGISTER to read the rest of this content.

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