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Do You Think You Are Adding To Your Pain?

By Andy Shaw | April 21, 2010

Did you answer no? Well it would be insane to add to your own pain, unless you got off on that kind of thing. But I’m talking about the vast majority of people here, not the tiny minority that society makes us think about to try and keep our thoughts off track.

If you did say no I am not adding to my pain… then was it you who said it? Or did your ego answer unconsciously on your behalf?

Why do I ask?

Because if you are not leading a 100% fulfilling & happy life then it is almost certain that you are adding to your pain, whether you know it or not. And if you are not living the life you desire, then I guarantee you that you are either adding to it or not releasing it. And in doing so you are condemning yourself to repeat the same mistakes again… Which obviously is yet another insane thing to do.

If you think you probably are adding more pain, then you are on the right track. If you think you definitely are, then welcome to the minority of people who know they have a problem but don’t know how to fix it. At the end of this article, you’ll know fully how to fix it. It will just be down to you to decide whether it is important enough for you to fix or not. I will provide you with the tools but you will have to put it together.

As for the ones who don’t think they are adding to their pain. Maybe you should try and read without judgement. Just sit back and watch your ego and how it reacts to what I am going to say here. Don’t judge it, just watch it as we are going to poke the ego a bit today and see how it reacts.

As previously discussed, we know it is impossible to have a problem in the present. A situation (problem) is either accepted or it is dealt with. Ask yourself, why would I make this into a problem? The answer is, your mind really likes problems as they give it an identity. Now, this is perfectly normal; everyone does it! But of course it is also totally insane. It is also really unhealthy for you and destroys your ability to create wealth, as… a problem creates pain.

So you need to simply decided that no matter what has happened in your past, or what happens in your present, that – “I will create no more pain for myself, and I will create no more problems for myself.”

Now personally I don’t have an issue with the word problem. To me I see this as no big deal and it has no negative attachment for me. But you may have as I see people who do, so if you do then just like we changed ‘want’ to ‘desire’, you have to change ‘problem’ to ‘situation.’ This also serves as a pattern interrupt. We all know we can get up, get washed, get dressed etc, without thinking. Well you need to be present, so making an effort to change certain words = different thinking and interrupts your patterns.

What Is The Best Time To Workout Your Mind

You need to try and bring more consciousness into ordinary situations when everything is running smoothly for you. By practicing this you are working your mind out in a gym; it gets you stronger. You are practicing being present when it is easy to be. Then when a situation presents itself you are present to greet it. As you get stronger you generate an energy field of high vibrational frequency – this works like a force shield and nothing bad can get in, just as the dark is destroyed when you turn on the light.

Always remember, your life situation exists in time, your life exists outside of time – ‘Your life situation’ is ‘Egoic’ mind-stuff, ‘your life’ is real stuff.

In your past, look at the problems you have created. See how the problem you created also created pain for you. Look at the problem again and recognise how you (your ego) turned it from a situation to a problem. Feel the pain that you created for yourself. Now, don’t judge yourself for doing it. Just observe and feel (judgement is weakness, observation is power). If you can’t think of one situation where you have done this, then don’t worry. Give it a few hours and maybe a couple of days at most and you’ll create another problem for yourself. A problem is nothing more than a choice, so you can choose to not create any more pain.

All you are doing is from now on saying yes to what is. You are accepting that a situation exists and therefore you will deal with it. Then where is the need for pain? You then don’t need pain anymore!

If you think the pain you create is manageable and therefore no big deal then how much more time do you think you will need before you are able to say, ‘I will create no more pain, no more suffering for myself or others?’  How much more pain do you need to endure before you can make that choice? Because if you think you will need more time, you will then get more time… and of course you will get more pain. Time and pain are inseparable at this point.

Remember if you think it is no big deal – every thought either takes you towards or away from your goal and nothing stands still. So tough; if you want success you need to stop creating pain. Do so and you successfully remove another layer of crud.

Pain In Your Life Will Always Continue Until You Stop Creating It

Pain is inevitable in your life as long as you are identified with your Ego, which is to say as long as you are unconscious and your mind thoughts remain either in the past or future.

You must learn to read with your whole body, think with your whole body, listen with your whole body, sit with your whole body, be where you are with your whole body.

You must stop creating pain now (in the present), and you must stop creating pain from your past that you allow to still live in your mind and body. You must simply let go of your pain, as it doesn’t serve you. It therefore hurts you, and even though your pain seems like a friend that has been with you for so long, you no longer need a friend like that and it’s time to get new friends.

There’s a popular metaphor that describes how much wealth you are likely to have – take your five closest friends, add up their earnings and divide by five and you’ll have your earnings. Well here’s a spin on this metaphor to relate it to your pain. Take your five closest ‘pain’ friends (the pains you hold on to), add up their collective net worth to you and divide all that by five and you’ll clearly see how little value your ‘pain’ friends give to you. It is time to let them go.

The Greatest Part Of Pain Is Unnecessary

Your pain is unnecessary and self-created and will remain self-created as long as an unobserved mind runs your life. Any pain you create is always some form of non-acceptance or unconscious resistance to what is. Resistance is like a form of judgement. This is why I keep saying do not judge yourself, just observe. What is the point of judgement? By switching a light on, you will create no more. So no judgement is required, just observation through consciousness.

On an emotional level, the pain you create is a form of negativity. The level of your pain depends on the level of your resistance to the present moment. Which of course in turn depends on how strongly you are still identified with your mind. In other words the more you are identified with your mind the more you suffer. The more you accept the now and remain present, the more you free yourself from pain.

The mind (I’m talking about your Ego of course) denies the present moment because it cannot exist without time, which is only alive in the past or the future. The present moment of course has no time and the Ego therefore has no control and is therefore threatened and does all it can to keep you out of the present moment.

For a second, imagine the Earth as it would have been if there were no humans, if nature was waiting for another species to become dominant, and there was no pollution.

Would the Earth have a past or a future? Would there be a time? What would the date be? If you could ask an oak tree or an animal what time it was, they would say, “It’s now of course!” The time is now, what else is there?

Don’t Give In To Pain, Pain Leads To The Dark Side

Back to where we are now. We need the mind to function in our dysfunctional world, but there comes a point where the Ego takes over the mind and takes over our lives, and this is where dysfunction, pain and sorrow set in. Realise that the present moment is all you will ever have and your life takes on new meaning.

When I first read that now was all we have, it blew me away. But it took me over three years to bring the power of it into my life. In other words, I read it but didn’t apply it, because I was looking for the next thing, and the next thing (the thing is the mountain of gold that we are all looking for). I was too busy looking for the next thing to realise that I had found a mountain of gold! Will you be?

What could be more insane than to deny that life is now and that the past or the future really exist? They are just previous and future moments of now, nothing more.

Accept the present moment as if you had chosen it. Because even though you can say you were unconscious and so did not really have a choice, you must accept the present moment as is, because you did actually unconsciously choose it. Always work with it not against it. Make it your friend, make it your ally, do not make it your enemy. This will miraculously transform your whole life… if you allow it to.

Your body of pain (pain-body) wants to survive, just like every other living thing in existence, but it can only survive if it gets you to unconsciously identify with it. From that point, the point of you identifying with some pain, it can then rise up. It takes you over. ‘It becomes you’ and then lives ‘through’ you.

It is fed through you; you give it life. It will feed on any experience that creates further pain in whatever form you create it: grief, hatred, emotional drama, destructiveness, anger, violence, and even illness. Pain simply creates more pain, as pain can only feed on pain. Pain cannot feed on joy. So if you want rid of pain, be happy!

Once your pain-body has taken you over, you start to want more pain – we see this everywhere. I see it whenever I interact with people in everyday life, e.g. at the supermarket etc. By wanting more pain, you become either a victim or a perpetrator.

You either want to inflict pain on others, or you want to suffer pain for yourself, or you want both. Now, you are not conscious of this of course as to be conscious of it would mean that it ceases to be possible to do.

In fact, you will vehemently claim that you don’t want the pain you create at all (don’t tell me or yourself you haven’t done this!). But when you look closely you will find that your thinking and your behaviour are constructed to keep the pain going for all concerned.

Just Because Everyone Does It Does Not Make It Right

Now, if you were truly conscious of it, this destructive pattern of pain creation would dissolve, because for you to want more pain is insanity, and nobody on Earth is consciously insane!

If you do not face your pain consciously then you will be forced to relive it over and over again. So you can accept this now or you can carry on creating more pain until the time in your life when your emotions force you to pick this book up again and get to this sentence and you realise that you have taken three more years of pain, when you could have chosen to stop creating pain instantly.

Your pain (pain body) hides in the darkness of your mind. Your pain does not want you to consciously observe it, as it knows if you do you’ll see it for what it is. From that point on you will not be able to relive the insanity anymore, so without you to feed it, your pain will die! And your pain does not want to die. So it seeks to stay hidden and will use subterfuge and illusion to stay alive.

Someone Who I Can’t Let Go Of Their Pain

I have someone close to me who was abused as a child. What that person went through was horrible and they are still very angry towards the perpetrator (the father) and the mother for not noticing what was going on – another perpetrator of sorts. This pain is with the person always.

This person is not conscious enough to realise that they can put this pain down. I don’t see them very often, but when I do I try to suggest ways of letting go and allowing. But because they are not conscious to the moment they are in, because their pain means something to them now, they cannot see they have a problem. So how can they let go of it if they don’t see that it is there?

I am fortunate that I have no horrible experiences like this. Now some people will say, “well you can’t understand if you haven’t lived it!”, which of course is true, to a degree! But this is just an unconscious member of society acting like a lemming and trying to keep our minds directed away from where they should be focused. Some people who speak should learn to keep their mouths shut as that way the words would stop falling out! As I have no need to ‘understand’ all of this to ‘know’ how bad it is. I don’t need to be a woman who is violently raped to know how bad that is.

I understand if something is good or bad – everyone does. I understand there are also levels of good and bad as well. But I also know this – good things help me, bad things hurt me – therefore only do good things and let go of the bad things… this really isn’t rocket science, and believe it or not it is simple. We just are trained to over complicate stuff!

What’s more, I didn’t need to train and become a Psychiatrist or spend years talking to victims to learn this stuff. So don’t let society’s unconscious people who act like they are conscious (and profess to only have your best intentions at heart) just because they have letters after their name, which of course could well have been awarded to them for some previous unconscious thought anyway! Don’t let the voices of the unconscious outspoken people in any way take your mind away from the truth of what is.

Side note: – This is not backward stuff like the way they teach medicine. You don’t look at loads and loads of sick people to learn how to make people well. You study loads and loads of well people to prevent other people from becoming sick. Medicine has it backwards! If you don’t believe me then ask a Doctor to discuss it with me – they always agree with me after I’ve opened their eyes.

And I didn’t need to study to become a Doctor to discover this either; another of society’s unconscious thought traps. Or to put it into our language, you wouldn’t go and study loads of poor people to learn how to become rich, would you?! Well that’s how Doctors work!

But, back to the point – what possible benefit could this person have for keeping their pain and suffering? Name one, just one real benefit that takes their life towards where they want to go?

It all takes them away from where they want to go. Nothing positive comes from their pain, not even others feeling sorry for them (That isn’t a good thing either despite what is commonly accepted, but I’ll cover that soon). Nothing stands still; their pain isn’t helping them in any way… therefore… it MUST be hurting them and taking them away from their goal!

So if the person close to me was able to get conscious just for a short while and we were able to have a conversation during which they remained conscious (and just listened without conversation for a while – we all need to re-learn the skill of listening) then I could get them to see that they do not need their pain, that in fact they never needed it.

The perpetrators who did it were unconscious and in acceptance of what is lies enlightenment. As how can you be angry at an unconscious person anyway? To carry anger is to become unconscious yourself. So the only person keeping alive this pain is the victim.

The perpetrators have forgotten the pain they unconsciously caused over thirty years ago! So what’s the point? … Please let go of your pain. You will still be there when it is gone and life gets a lot better with no pain and no more creation of pain.

The secret to letting go and accepting what is, is simply to become the watcher and to observe your pain, which of course you do just by being present. Once you recognise your pain for what it is then it requires virtually no effort to accept it and surrender to it. Once you have fully surrendered then it no longer has any strength over you.

The Bit I Found Hardest

The time I personally found it hardest to surrender was when I was in the presence of those closest to me. Minor conflicts or discussions were where I found myself slipping back into my old ways of unconscious thought. I have had to try and stay conscious in situations that didn’t really matter and I had previously lived unconsciously hundreds of times before. I found this exceptionally hard. It was easy for me to become fully conscious all the time I was around others, that was easy, but to those closest to me was actually tricky and required a lot more effort.

For example: – I am an Ex-builder, but when I am in the presence or even chatting on the phone to one of my old colleagues I slip straight back into that mindset and start swearing with every third word. So I need to interrupt my pattern and stay conscious.

How To Dissolve Your Pain

Unconsciousness creates the pain body and consciousness merely shines a light on it. As the light shines on it, it transmutes it into more light. You cannot fight your pain so don’t try. Just observe it (shine a light on it) and it will turn into light and effectively dissolve. Observing it is your way of accepting it and this is all that is necessary to dissolve it. Your pain cannot stay with you unless you allow it to. If you are holding onto your pain, then you are still unconscious and you have put an anchor in the ground where you are. It is going to be pretty difficult to get to where you desire to go if you are anchored to the spot!

Your pain will try and trick you when it notices you are watching it. It wants you to identify with it again as this feeds it and gives it life. You must not allow your thinking to become aligned with your pain again. Otherwise, guess what you have become? Unconscious and your pain lives to fight another day, and you are anchored to the spot and blame other things for why you don’t have the life you desire! (Déjà vu or what!)

But if you notice this, i.e. you notice yourself repeating the same mistakes again, then just try again to observe it. It can’t use the same trickery on you again and again. As the more conscious you become the less it is likely to pull the wool over your eyes again. Re-read, re-tune, have another go at it. Failure is merely an opportunity to begin again more intelligently. We can only repeat mistakes once or twice when we are conscious!

Your pain likes to make you feel at home so that you then feel some identity with your pain. And when that is the case, you are sort of trapped as you would rather be in pain than take a leap into the unknown and then risk losing your familiar unhappy self. We like familiar more than we dislike pain. Just observe the pleasure you get from being unhappy. Observe the compulsion to think and talk about your pain with others.

Now I’ve pointed it out to you, listen to the conversation of other unconscious people. They stand and talk unconsciously trying to beat their unconscious conversation partner by saying my pain is worse than your pain, no my pain is worse I therefore have the more unhappy life and I am victorious in having the most pain! They are fully identified with their pain, and therefore fully unconscious. No sane person would do this consciously!

If you believe you cannot ever reach a point where you will be free of all of your problems, then you are correct. You are never going to reach it because you are already there. There is no salvation at some point in your future. You can only be free now. Becoming present is the solution, and by becoming present you become free now. Complete freedom without guilt from your pain. Imagine that. It can be yours today if you just turn on the light!

Best wishes


PS ~ The pain of the mind is worse than the pain of the body ~ Publilius Syrus

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