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Doing Less And Creating More – The Law of Least Effort Part 5

By Andy Shaw | June 27, 2010

Sub-Section – How To Kill Off Overwhelm For Good!

Overwhelm, this really is the new disease of the modern age. We are all so overwhelmed with everything all of the time that we get nothing accomplished. We continually feel that it doesn’t matter what we do, it doesn’t matter how much effort we apply that we cannot escape from being overwhelmed.

The modern way of communicating via email means we have given permission for everyone to contact us, as Dan Kennedy says, whenever they have a ‘brain fart!’ Not only that but advertisers know that you have got your TV sets with you now wherever you go.

Also there is an abundance of info out there on how to do literally anything. We truly live in the information age and it should be wonderful but it isn’t. It isn’t because we suffer with the disease of Overwhelm!

Well at least that’s my take on it, how about you? Are you constantly overwhelmed? Even after a day when you’ve accomplished a lot, do you still think of all you didn’t get done. Instead of what you did? In the end do you just force yourself to switch off to stop thinking about it. If it is not one of those then it will be something similar, the plague of overwhelm has virtually everyone suffering.

Here’s the problem with overwhelm where it comes to creating the life you desire…Please Login or REGISTER to read the rest of this content.

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