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Doing Less And Creating More – The Law of Least Effort Part 8

By Andy Shaw | June 30, 2010

How To Kill Off Overwhelm For Good! Continued

So What About The Internal Pressure

Well with all that I do and am doing, it is easy for me to create overwhelm if I do not remain conscious. For example, I have 6 main projects on the go, and each of them has between 2 and 25 projects within them, and then those within them may have as many as over 100 tiny tentacles as well. Plus all of the bits that are not quite yet underway. So there are stacks of things to help me create overwhelm. However, I don’t have overwhelm. I don’t suffer from it at all. The worst I get is noticing a slight build up and then as I notice it… it goes away.

When you do your work, just because something has taken a lot of time, does not make it productive or worthwhile. You have to know what is going to produce the results for you and base your time management or asset allocation around result based time management.

The problem you, probably, and nearly everyone on Earth definitely has, is that you don’t EXACTLY know what you desire. So how can you effectively work out whether a task is productive?

Well even without having your desire detailed, you simply become present and ask yourself the question: – Please Login or REGISTER to read the rest of this content.

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