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Has The Blob Caught You!

By Andy Shaw | April 24, 2010

When I look at the sea of negativity that covers the world it can sometimes appear initially over-whelming as the negative energy washes over me. As how can you combat a force for bad that keeps people unconsciously trapped in the misery it creates without them even knowing they are trapped?

How do you demonstrate rationality against those things that are accepted by the vast majority to be ‘the way it is,’ and ‘the way it is done’? However, within an instant I am back on the outside of this negative energy field instead of having it absorb me like ‘The Blob!’

In fact, negativity is almost exactly like the monster in the film ‘The Blob’; the creature absorbs you into it and it grows bigger with each new person (new ego) it absorbs. The only difference I have found between negativity and the blob is occasionally a person can come back from being absorbed by negativity.

It doesn’t happen very often as when they are absorbed by it they identify with it and therefore the bond is very strong. To lose their negativity would mean losing part of themselves. So they just continue to be absorbed more deeply by the blob.

The problem is that once they start to identify with it, they cannot see that connection as irrational anymore. They have become unconscious to the damage that this unnatural state of negativity is having on their lives.

Misery Loves Company

If anyone thinks that negativity is natural, then can they please point out some negativity in any of the other billions of species that inhabit our planet? Negativity is a human creation. It is a human disease, and one that seeks to always get bigger by absorbing all into it.

You can avoid full absorption into negativity. Most people are in fact only partially in there; the depth varies for all. But to snap you back to reality for a second, nothing stands still, everything you do or think about either takes you towards what you desire or away from it.

Can you even name one truly negative thought that could ever take you towards something? Even the word is a minus, a backwards statement. How even the smallest minded person could think negativity holds ANY value in positive creation shows the level of unconscious insanity of those that actually think being negative helps them.

You can’t create happiness or create excitement with unhappiness. Negativity is a state of unhappiness – it is unnatural. Ask yourself, have you ever seen an unhappy tree?

Negativity is just another part of psychic poisoning which is polluting people’s lives and if you want to go green for a second, this internal pollution leads to external pollution as well.

The problem is that negativity is a disease and the disease creates a lack of consciousness and disguises it with what looks like a heightened consciousness. Which of course is the Ego just playing mind-tricks which it uses to stay hidden and to keep you where you are. You think you are stuck, or not getting ‘lucky’ breaks. Negativity creates ‘luck’ for you, all bad.

Negativity affects any that are willing to identify with it. On a massively bad scale, it doesn’t happen very often, but if you get an influential person who preaches negativity then disaster can happen. Hitler is the prime example and it is true that only an unconscious person will try to use and or manipulate others – clearly Hitler was unconscious. But it is equally true that only an unconscious person can be manipulated.

Don’t Force Others As This Will Only Hurt Us Even If It Is Meant Well

For me or you to resist or fight unconscious behaviour in others would make us become unconscious ourselves. We should not seek to push or force change onto the negative many as we have no right to tell them they are doing it wrong. Our goal is to not force change, but to be change.

They are asleep. Leave them alone and go about your life. By you going about your life without negativity you are leaving a trail for them to follow. Those that recognise negativity to be like worshipping a false idol will see your trail and when they are ready, suggest they read all this.

Side note: – Our goal should always be to help all that ask for it without the thought of competition, as it is by helping others that we will automatically be helped ourselves in other ways.

Suggest alternatives when the opportunity arises but let them be! It is not our place to try and get them to change. They may have not made a choice to be where they are as they are unconscious, but nothing becomes permanent through force.

Staying unconscious in that way is very unhealthy for them and, who knows, a lot of people move strongly in the direction of enlightenment when they get ill and recognise that change must happen. A lot of positivity can come from physical disease. But you really don’t need to go there, as prevention is far better than cure. Being unconscious is unhealthy to you and is unhealthy to those around you as your negative energy literally damages those close to you.

You Can’t Create With Negativity

Anything accomplished using negative energy will become contaminated by it and in time give rise to more pain and unhappiness. Negativity is contagious; it creates unhappiness and that spreads more quickly than any disease. The only way to have immunity from the negativity is to be conscious. So ask yourself, are you adding pollution or are you cleaning it up?

Negativity is yet another thing that holds no value of any kind, yet people hang on to it as if it was their pride and joy. Negativity is so easy to drop as well, as it is simply a case of letting go of it as if it was something boiling hot. There is no value in it. It only promotes pain and suffering to the polluters and to those who are not immune. It is an Egoic state where by the polluter seeks to attain security from the unconscious people around themselves. It is inherently a weak state of mind.

Side Note:- Overall humans are a very sick species. This is simply a fact. Did you know that mammals live between 11 & 20 times their age at puberty. That’s every mammal on Earth with the one exception of Humans who live an average of 6½ times. We of course are the only species that messes with its food, and creates a whole host of psychic disorders.

Egos are drawn to bigger egos. Your ego believes that through negativity it can manipulate reality and then get what it wants. It insanely believes that through manipulation of reality that it can attract a desirable outcome or dissolve an undesirable one.

Somehow the ego believes that whenever you are unhappy that the unhappiness ‘buys’ you what you want. Now, if your ego, your mind, did not believe that unhappiness works, then why would you create it?

The fact is that no, negativity does not work. Instead of attracting/creating a desirable outcome, it stops it from being created. And instead of dissolving an undesirable outcome, it keeps one in place. The only use of negativity is that it strengthens the ego. This is why the ego loves it and loves unconscious minds.

If you do not believe me, then just watch the unconscious actions of people who are negative around you. They are probably just using the negativity to strengthen their own egos. No good can come from that. If you want the life you desire you have to wipe this from your hard drive. Be careful how long you watch it though, as negativity has a way of hypnotising your ego if you are not fully present.

Letting Go Of Your Negativity And Allowing Positive Change

Once you have identified with negativity in any way, you will not want to let go of it and going to a very deep unconscious level, you do not even want positive change. I know this sounds like insanity, and that is because a negative person is insane. After all, who would not want positive change?

Well positive change would threaten their/your identity as a hard done by, depressed, or angry person. So to prevent this, you will then deny, ignore, or sabotage the positive change in your life. This of course is a normal phenomenon. And it is of course totally insane.

To have the life you desire, then you have no more use for your past negativity. It could take you quite a while to get rid of all of it as your ego will fight to hold onto it. But this is an advantage to you… if you can remain present. As while it is there you should use it to weaken its hold and to increase your pace. You can use it as a signpost to show you where your ego is at work trying to retain control. Once you observe the damage your ego is trying to do first hand, you’ll never have trouble letting go of negativity in the future.

I know it may initially hurt to look at your own negativity, but look anyway. See it for what it is. There should be no area of your mind that you are afraid to look in. And by the time you have finished this process you will find that to be true.

Seeing your own negativity is not a failure but a great success. It is a breakthrough that can result in untold advantages. But you must stay present whilst you shine a light on it, and you will then see it for what it really is. Then your ego will not be able to fool you with negativity again.

There is no need for you to judge yourself or be angry for letting negativity in, as to judge or be angry is just being negative and that would then just feed the beast. Be grateful instead that you are awake enough to see it.

How To Evaluate The Cost Of Being Negative

Every negative thought you hold onto comes at a price. Or another way to look at it is; each negative thought is like a piece of luggage. There are only so many you can carry before you are weighed down and your journey stops. You can’t move forward without shedding some of the load. Well if you are not leading the life you desire then you have a heavy set of luggage and it’s time to put it down and move forward.

Negativity directly equals loss of creative energy. For example (and this brilliant example comes from Dr Robert Anthony, who I have found is truly excellent in his delivery of this sort of material. I have listened to an audio program and read his book on Beyond Positive Thinking, and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone):

Your creative energy supply is 100%. You may feel that some may have more than you and others less, but we all have 100% of what we posses. It is irrelevant what another possesses unless it can help you in attaining your desires. Therefore, forget what someone else can do, we are talking about you. And believe it or not, you do have an abundant supply of creative energy, you just need to learn to tap into it – we’ll come onto that later on. But for now, we want to leave some baggage behind.

If you are holding onto something from your childhood, like an abusive parent, or being bullied at school, or anything basically that you will not let go of, then you are losing 20% of your creative energy all the time.

If you are not letting go of a failed relationship, whereby you are angry still with how badly you were treated, or you have regrets because you were the one doing the bad treatment, then you are losing 5% of your creative energy all the time.

If you are still holding onto an event that didn’t work out how you wanted it to, well by not letting go you are losing 10% of your creative energy.

If you are overweight or you are eating unhealthily, or you are unfit and you know you should be taking care of yourself and you aren’t then knowing this and not doing something about it will be sapping another 5% of your creative energy.

If you live in fear and continuously worry about things then these are big vampires as they are sucking 30% of your creative energy every day. Personally I think this could be a much higher number than 30%.

When you add it all up, you are investing 70% of your creative energy in the past. This directly equals you wasting your life. Your creative energy makes your life happen. If you don’t believe me then look around you at all your relationships and ‘stuff’. You achieved all of that despite only using 30% of your creative energy.

Just think what you could do if you dropped these areas of negativity you hold onto. Do you think you would advance faster? They are energy leaks that need to be plugged.

Peeling Away All The Layers Of Negativity

Stop criticising and start complimenting. Don’t look for things to knock people down with. A fool knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

Respect other people. Whether you agree or not, learn to respect them. I disagree most of the time with how politicians do things. I do not like their unconscious behaviour and I do not like the way that they have no experience of a subject and yet can be controlling that entire area for a country. But I still respect their ability and their desire to have gotten to where they have gotten to. I still respect their intention to do good, I just do not think they have the abilities required to do it.

I am forced to have to deal with bad products and services quite often. I look behind the problem at the infrastructure and poor decisions that have caused the problem for me. And I look behind at the enormous effort to have built a business to get to a position to have me on the phone complaining. And I still have to respect the person who is ultimately responsible for causing me the problem.

The person on the other end of the phone is not aware and therefore they are doing the best that their mind can handle. The next time you are tempted to complain, instead ask yourself, what lesson is life trying to teach me?

People who are naturally negative – I say natural, have you ever seen a negative one year old baby? People who are so deep into being absorbed by the blob (the vast majority of those who are not living the life they desire) assume that most change will be negative. They are literally asking for negative new things to happen. A positive person assumes that all change will be positive, as even negative change will benefit them.

For the comfortable, change is threatening. But for the confident, change is opportunity.

Here’s A Simple Weapon With Which To Defeat The Blob

Negativity equals a life of pain, suffering, conflict, disillusionment, anxiety, fear, worry, struggle etc… Wow, sounds so appealing. All I’ve got on instead is, serenity, peace, understanding, presence, enjoyment, eustress, euphoria, excitement, attainment and complete happiness.

The question is, do you think you are worth the effort? Or are you going to now through choice be absorbed by The Blob?

Best wishes


PS ~ Dwelling on the negative simply contributes to its power. ~ Shirley MacLaine

~ All negativity is an illusion created by the limited mind to protect and defend itself. ~ Ambika Wauters

~ Negativity can only feed on negativity. ~ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

~ People who project negativity typically have low self-esteem. They feel badly about themselves, and their negativity is simply a reflection of those feelings. ~ Hendrie Weisinger

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