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How Much Do You Really Want Something?

By Andy Shaw | April 12, 2010

Do you know that the thing you really want you will never actually get, but the thing you keep asking for you are manifesting all of the time?

Would you rather get what you really want?

If you have been a study of Goal setting, personal development, or self improvement for a while, then you are almost certainly one of the 3% of people who have actually set yourself some goals. They may be in your head or they may be on paper, or on your computer, in a diary…wherever! It doesn’t matter right now.

They may not be completely correct and they may be a little out of date now, but you have done something. Which is of course is a world apart from the 97% (according to Harvard research) who having done nothing. I’m going to come on to the art of goal setting in future articles as this is powerful stuff and does work.

But for today I want to focus your attention on one incredibly small thing. So small that you use it every day without noticing the damage it is doing to you, your life, and your goals. It is part of your life; it is contained within everything you attempt to do. You consider it your friend and your ally. Yet it is in disguise, as it is actually a horrible cancer and you are ensuring it grows in you all of the time.

You obviously do not know it is a cancer and you consider it one of the primary things you have to do in order for you to have what you want. Yet it is actually completely wrong to use it at all as it actually takes you away from your goals.

So because you are blind to the damage it is doing to your desire to achieve your goals it is actually one of the key principle reasons for failing to achieve them. Then comes your disillusionment over your lack of achievement and, voila, you have failed!

Just think about it for a second; with every goal you set, you are actually weaving into your goal a cancer that works to kill the goal.

What’s more, you’ve always known this instinctively as well. Deep down you’ve felt it but haven’t known what you’ve felt. As soon as I reveal it to you, you will be in a state of, ‘well of course that’s why I’ve not achieved this or xyz!’

I’m going to come on to tell you what it is shortly. I just desired to get your full attention first, because if I didn’t ‘BIG’ this up a little then you would probably not see the power of what I’m going to share with you here. And believe me, this deserves to be ‘BIGGED UP.’

So often we take the little things we learn the wrong way. Mostly we don’t pay attention to them at all and it amazes me how the more I read a great book, the more wisdom I receive from it. Yet in a world where so much is overwhelming, most of us have moved on to the ‘next thing’ without absorbing the full power of what we have just been shown – so slow down, and prepare to take it in.

Ok, so now I should have your attention. People say to me so often, “Come on Andy what’s the secret? What’s the bit I’m doing wrong?” and so often they are looking for the magic solution, one little key that makes it all work. Well there are small keys and this is definitely one of them, but it is not the one thing that fixes all situations. It is just one essential ingredient that without it makes the recipe tasteless.

We have many, many little obstacles that we have placed in our minds by the media, friends, relatives, parents, ourselves, experts who are considered experts and therefore we trust them but are actually wrong on some very key points.

The point I am trying to make is that your mind is very complex and to regain control of it you need to recognise that this isn’t a quick fix; there is no one magic key. It is the construction of so many small bits in the right way that will achieve a massive result. Quick test to see if you are in control of your mind yet…can you bring in No Mind NOW! (if no, keep practising the techniques I showed you…it will come).

Remember everything I have written so far on the art of controlling our minds; everything we do, every thought we have, either takes us towards what we desire or away from it. Nothing stands still! So by evaluating each action and thought by actually stopping and looking inside ourselves we are able to actually see whether or not something is working with us or against us.

So how much do you really want something?

Do you want a new car, want a new house, want a partner, want to start a business, want to be a millionaire, want to quit your job. We are taught that we can have what we want if we work hard to get it or if we try hard enough. Everything is wrong with what we have been taught, but for today I am just focusing on ‘want’ and ‘wanting’.

Let’s take this goal and explore it:-

This is not an extensive dissection either!

Using the word want is saying to the universe please give me more wanting, so guess what, your goal is thus achieved; you are given more of ‘Wanting to be a millionaire.’ Congratulations, you are an expert in manifesting more of what you want! Now you know how to manifest bad stuff!

The problem is you are in the state of ‘want’ or ‘wanting’. Want implies that you lack what it is you want, otherwise you would not want it. It is not so much the words ‘want’ or ‘wanting’ that we should always seek to avoid using (even though I do avoid them most of the time), it is the state of ‘wanting’ that we must avoid all of the time.

The point is that to achieve a goal we have to have vividly imagined the goal achieved. People say I’ll believe it when I see it; well this is wholly wrong. You need to believe it first then you will see it – this creates a state of acceptance.

Wanting is saying “I lack this”. Now you are therefore using a lack statement in your goals and desires. So as I have said before, a lack statement can NEVER be taking you towards your goal, and as NOTHING stands still it is therefore taking you away from your goal.

So you have woven in the cancer to your goals and desires and therefore they are diseased from the outset. Is it any wonder that they are rarely or easily achieved? Your ‘wanting’ something used to be your friend and ally. Whereas now you can see that by you ‘wanting’ something you are stating that you lack something. And with every use you are making it harder for you to achieve what you want, because you are weaving more and more cancer in every time you are reapplying the goal.

And the Universe is of course giving you exactly what you are asking for; more of ‘wanting’ to be a millionaire.

I know what you are probably thinking; some of you will be thinking, ‘I knew this, I just couldn’t put my finger on it.’ But some of you will be thinking ‘But I’ve achieved some of my life goals despite using the word want, or being in the state of wanting!’ … right?

Well look again at this assumption (Always Test Your Assumptions By Looking At Them!). Look at your achieved goals and notice that you achieved them when you left the state of ‘wanting’ and moved to a state of ‘acceptance that you could achieve them!’ In other words you stopped believing you couldn’t achieve it and started knowing you could…a powerful difference!

A quick way to visualise this is:- you want to be a millionaire, but you have trouble envisioning you as a millionaire. Let’s say I said to you, you need to set a goal of being a millionaire within the next 6 months, you would not believe it possible. You would want to achieve it, but you couldn’t really visualise it happening.

But if I said to you, can you set a goal and achieve getting yourself £100 or $150 in the next 6 months, then you’d accept you can do that easily. You’d say, “Well of course I can!” Your state with the latter is one of acceptance that this goal is achievable, and your state for the former is lack; that it is extremely unlikely to be achieved, but nevertheless you’ll want it.

Can you feel the difference between the state of wanting and the state of acceptance? Here lies powerful stuff.

Ok, now we are getting somewhere. You should have already started to notice the cancer that needs to be cut out…yes it is everywhere, but it’s easy to remove once you’ve shone a light on it and you can see where it is.

So we need a replacement for the word want, and the replacement is easy. It is ‘desire’. I desire to be a millionaire. This goal is still not right by the way. I’ll come on to that bit later. But for now can you feel the difference between these two statements?

Re-read them a few times until you feel the difference.

It’s a subtle difference. Your mind knows that want is lack, whereas it knows desire is something it can achieve…

So you have fooled the little demon inside your head! He now believes you can achieve it and so will work with you instead of against you.

Over the next few days look at your use of the word want. Feel the difference when you replace a lack statement with an acceptance one. This should be quite a revealing time for you.

Now the Buddha said that to be happy you have to free yourself from wanting anything, and he said desire creates suffering, so we have to be really careful of the use of the word desire as well. So as long as you remember what I’ve shown you before about Acceptance To What Is then this should keep you grounded so that you can really start to turn your goals to the direction you actually thought they were headed.

Best wishes


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