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How Negativity Consumes You & Gives You Emptiness In Return

By Andy Shaw | February 26, 2010

Today I’m going to unravel one of the thick layers of lack. This is a stubborn one though as this is an addictive one.

Negativity is basically resistance, or a refusal to accept what is. Accepting what is, is basically enlightenment, so negativity is just about as far away from enlightenment that a person can get.

Which is why I have such a passion against the negativity that surrounds and consumes so many lives. In the world of personal development, negativity obviously has no place as I’ll explain.

Negativity covers a lot of areas, such as irritation, anger, impatience, depression, resentment, despair, envy, pain…basically you name the bad side of emotion and negativity dwells there. Anyone who believes to be near or around this sort of thing is good or useful in some way is either just insane or unconscious.

As no sane or conscious person would want to let themselves be subjected to it.

The problem is our ego as it believes through negativity it can manipulate reality and simply get what it wants. Our ego believes that through negativity it can attract a desirable condition, or it can remove or rid itself of an undesirable one.

Unfortunately, this is just insanity, as unhappiness does not create happiness. So why try and create unhappiness in the pursuit of happiness. But that is what negativity directly does…if that isn’t insanity then what is?

This is why a logical mind or just one that is trying to become conscious  automatically turns away from negativity as our sub-consciousness instinctively tells us that we are heading in the wrong direction and we need to turn around.

The truth is of course that negativity does not work or deliver any real benefit to us, instead of removing something we don’t want, it keeps it in place and instead of attracting something we do want it keeps it away. There really is nothing clever at all in negativity that can be a benefit to us.

In fact the only useful function of negativity is that it strengthens the ego, which is of course why the ego loves it. The more negative the person the bigger the ego and obviously the more deeply insecure the person.

The problem is that negativity is like drug food, it is addictive. Once you’ve identified with it you don’t want to let it go. And whatsmore on a deeply unconscious level, you do not want positive change. As positive change just threatens the identity of your ego as a depressed, angry, or hard done by person. This is quite common, and unfortunately quite normal behaviour in negative people…it is also insane.

Now there is nothing natural in negativity, it is like a disease in the body and just because we all accept it in people, does not mean that they are not suffering from a disease. Just because they are not coughing or running a temperature does not mean they are not sick. Negativity is a disease that kills life, it kills it every moment it is allowed to persist, and it prematurely ends life.

But most importantly, it is not natural, negativity does not exist in any other animal, in any other plant, in no other life on the planet…the only place it exists is in the minds of humans. Simply have you ever seen a negative Tulip? Or a dolphin that has low self-esteem?

There is more that we can learn from watching a cat relax or a flower just be than we can ever learn from the mind of a negative person.

Ok, that’s enough negativity bashing…it is really difficult for me to not look at negativity and not laugh, because of its pure insanity. To remove yourself from negativity is the very first step that must be taken if you are ever going to be truly happy. And as I will cover in much more detail later; every goal is all about the pursuit of your happiness.

So with that in mind anyone who has entered the world of the people studying ‘the way’ (the personal development/self-help world) should surely have found that there is no place for their negativity…for to have not done that would mean certain problems to come. And also that they have completely missed the point!

However, if you are still intent on clinging onto your negativity then don’t make a judgement one way or the other. Just become the watcher, sit silently and watch your ego’s handling of simple situations that come along. See how your ego is constructing your arguments in such a way that now that you are looking at it, they are clearly insane.

Do not try to just change, just continue to watch them and see them for what they are. Become fully aware of them and just as darkness is destroyed by turning on a light, so your ego’s control over your mind will be destroyed by letting your consciousness observe its bad behaviour.

Best wishes


PS Hopefully this has ended any argument that negativity gives us any real benefit. But if you think I’m wrong please point out where my logic falls down

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