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How To Overcome All Fear – Part 3

By Andy Shaw | May 1, 2010

Please note – This is the third in the Fear Series of Articles. To completely overcome all fears the articles should be first read in order to obtain the desired outcome

~ The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure. ~ Sven Goran Eriksson

Fear Of Failure

I do not think that there is any greater fear or road block in the personal development world than this one. I wanted to keep this one short but there is a lot of depth to removing this obstacle so this article goes on longer than most.

What I am going to write here may not be enough for you yet though as you may be so unconscious when you are consumed by this state that no words will be able to penetrate your self-imposed barrier to them. However, I see a very positive outcome for you, if you are able to remain present and absorb them.

It is also a huge roadblock elsewhere in the world as well. But I am writing this in my hotel room whilst at an excellent seminar hosted by my friend Mark Anastasi, which has around 400 people at. Yesterday I saw some more excellent speakers and I know I will see some more today who will teach me the way they are doing things to achieve their success. No matter how much I look into success, I have still found no quicker way than to purchase a system for a fraction of its true value, make it work, and then adapt and improve on it to suit myself once it is working. I have never purchased a system that didn’t work and I have never achieved all I could with any system I purchased. Yet, mine is a different mindset to most…

I saw one guy yesterday who offered what in my opinion was a near perfect business model for someone to escape their job and produce at least £100k a year almost overnight. In fact overnight.

He laid it out really well – I know the techniques and am using them myself. But he had nailed it brilliantly and systemised it. I saw that this opportunity would replace peoples jobs instantly, then it would lead them into a new world where they would discover that they never needed to worry about a job or making money again. Effectively this quick success would shortcut them to a new mindset.

Well he pitched his service and the usual 5 – 12% went ahead and purchased. However, I spoke with 4 people later in the day at different times and each one told me how they wanted to find a way to quit their job, and they needed to find the answer quickly. I told each that there was their answer, and all they needed to do was apply that and they would generate revenue within hours of applying it. Forget the money as that was easily obtainable e.g. find someone with the money but no time, and offer them a JV – this isn’t rocket science, it is just thinking outside the box. If they want it easier, then pitch the ones at the back of the room to partner with them… could it get any easier to buy a business system?

Successful people who live without fear always look for solutions. Those who live in fear always find problems.

However, back to the story…

There’s None So Blind As Those Which Cannot See

What I mean by this is their fear of failure is holding them back and in this exact instance, it’s not that they didn’t know what to do, it’s just they were afraid they’d end up worse off than they are now. Of course they were initially and may have been completely unconscious to the fact that someone who makes money like a by-product of being awake was telling them that this was a solution which will work for them.

They all said to me, I’m just looking for the solution. I said to them look, here it is, everywhere you look in this environment is a vein of gold. I said repeatedly it is right at your feet, you just have to buy and pick(the course) and start digging. To which they all individually said yes and then were immediately re-consumed by their minds control over them to solve their unconscious thought, which was of course the fear that after purchase they would end up worse off than they are now.

And they were of course correct. They believed they would be worse off, so if they purchased the course that I know was a certain success, they would still find a way of bringing their beliefs into reality. They and probably you too believe you are conscious when you look at opportunities, but that’s when you are most likely to sink back into an old pattern.

Because, it is not that you don’t know what to do, it is just that you are afraid that you’ll be worse off than you are now. They were worried about spending £2,000 to buy a business model that had 100% money back guarantee on… are they insane? Well of course they are!

But fear of failure needs to be understood, which is among other things why most who buy products at seminars do not go on to emulate the success of the product creators. A few do; the ones who either got inspired, had a system to roll it out, or already understand the payment is a fraction of the upside so act knowing that success is certain. It is my intention to attend a seminar and have a system in place so that I may purchase all products and roll them out. When I do, all will work, some will work big time, and some will work to a massive scale. Do you get the point? Success is more certain with a system. I ride on the back of giants wherever I can.

However, because most are unconscious, then even though their egos are willing to accept it is obvious to everyone that this is the way to do it. They cannot escape their unconsciousness. After all, could you escape a prison you didn’t know you were in?

Reading this now, you can clearly see an expert is saying “I’ve done this and here it is”. Another (me) is saying I’ve done this too, it really works. That’s enough of a way point isn’t it? Hell, I’ve gone into opportunities that have had 100th of the support or research than that as I’ll demonstrate later.

But none of the four I spoke with took any action. They all ‘hoped’ the solution would be presented tomorrow. They hoped that the next vein of gold would be more clearly marked and that it may even have their name on it… this is fear of failure disguised as research.

Quick Joke to emphasise the point:-

Joseph was flat broke and he prayed to his God to let him win the lottery; “Please god, let me win the lottery…my wife, my family are starving god. I have never asked for anything from you, but I ask this… please relieve my money worry’s and let me win the lottery.”

The lottery came and he did not win; “Please god, this week my situation has become far worse, my wife has left me and my mother needs an operation. I am your loyal and faithful servant lord. I have never asked anything from you. Please let me win the lottery so that I may get my wife back and help my mother out.”

The lottery came and he did not win; “Please, please god this time you must listen, I do not know what I have done to offend you. I have been loyal for my whole life lord. I have given happily to you always, yet now even my dog is sick and my family are all in trouble. I cannot even see my children and I ask you for help lord and yet you forsake me and leave me with nothing. Please tell me what have I done to offend you so? Please lord, please let me win the lottery so that I may help those around me.”

At this point the heavens opened and a great booming voice came down from the heavens; “Joseph… Meet me half way…. Buy a ticket!”

Do you see what I mean? These people could attend 100 seminars and never see what is in front of them, which is a real shame as one of them is a very good friend. Yet even if they finally did take action through pure desperation, which I am sure many who bought a system reached this exact point, they would probably manage to choose something that was not right and then they would still fail and be able to say, see I tried this and it failed so I was right!

This is such child like behaviour and is endemic of a person who lives in fear of failure. If something has a 100% guarantee or better it means that there is no risk. If it comes with payment via a credit card it means you can get your money back within 18 months, so there is no risk.


So we are not talking about a financial risk, we are talking about a missed opportunity risk (i.e. something else) or a cost of your own time.

So you’ve already missed countless opportunities in your life, therefore you may as well get going now. It does not matter if a better vein of gold can be discovered. You have already found a gold mine! All you need to do is to dig it out of the ******* ground.

Conclusion: there is no missed opportunity cost.

But how about a cost of your own time? The Universe conspires to help those that take action. Your learning curve, whether it works or not, is worth a fortune. To have to give up 5 hours of TV a week to do a hobby instead, which should remove your need to work full time, is not work! Is it!?!?! Stop looking at it as if it is, and start looking at it as if it is your hobby, and then you’ll like it and make a success of it.

Conclusion: there is no cost to your own time, as you can’t really be serious and want freedom if you consider loss of watching 5 hours of telly a week a cost to you. If you do then maybe you should either give up trying to improve your life, or go back to the start of these articles and start reading again.

Final conclusion to whether you would end up worse off than you are now. So there’s no money risk, there’s no missed opportunity cost and there’s no loss of valuable time. Conclusion: to not take action is therefore unconscious inaction.

Hang on did I hear you say the word but? That but came from your ego and if you said but, you are still predominantly in an unconscious state. Hold 15 seconds of positive thought now, get present; be grateful for what you have in life and start reading the article again. As there is no point you going any further if you said but. The rest of this article will have no value for you unless you are present.

Ok, Now What We Have To Do Is Break Down The Barriers To It

Did your ego force you to carry on reading as it wouldn’t be told, or were you conscious enough to observe your ego? Whatever you chose to do, it is of course your choice and there is nothing more I desire for you than to make you rich.

Would you like me to give you a formula for success?
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