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How To Overcome All Fear – Part 5

By Andy Shaw | May 11, 2010

Please note – This is the fifth in the Fear Series of Articles, to completely overcome all fears the articles should be first read in order to obtain the desired outcome

What Would It Be Worth To Be Free Of All Worries?

Now it is time to banish worries to something that you just had in your past. First let’s imagine what that will feel like for a second. You wake up and all of a sudden you no longer have any worries. They are simply not there anymore, you haven’t fixed everything, you just are not worried anymore. Would that be cool?

What would you give to be free of your worries? To most people this would be priceless, after all it is obvious that these hold us back. Before late 2008 I didn’t really get affected by worries, though they sort of crept in during 2008/09.

However, I don’t think I worry about anything at all anymore, since realising what they were, I just no longer have use for them, in truth I never did. Now my reason for telling you this is not to brag, it is to state that I apply no effort to ‘not’ worrying. I do not possess any superhuman abilities which mean I am able to do something you cannot. We can all do this, it is simply a matter of understanding what your worries are.

Also I used myself as an example to provoke your ego a little. As you probably have a little voice inside your head saying to you right now, ‘Well yes that’s him, he can do it, I don’t know how but he can, but I couldn’t do that. He’s cleverer than me.’

Well if that’s the case for you then let me introduce you to your ego. Your ego is right there now, so look at it, don’t judge, just watch it. Now while you are observing your ego bear this in mind. It is self sabotage (the ego’s primary weapon against you) to try and keep you where you are. To say that you can’t do something before you’ve even had a chance to read how to do it. Well this of course is the ego’s way of shouting ‘Danger, you will get hurt if you go here.’ Your ego doesn’t want to learn and escape your current situation, it likes it there.

The ego works without the ability to look into the future, it works with a maximum capacity of your life’s experiences. Well I’ve got news for you, it’s something which you know (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this, but you may not be aware when your ego’s around), you… don’t… know… everything! So to use just what you know means you will never expand, which means you will repeat the same mistakes again and remain where you are in life.

Your ego may have said other sentences instead of the one I suggested, please feel free to share them below, as writing them down and shining a powerful light on them will make this area of your mind very bright and darkness can no longer exist in the presence of light.

Do You Know How To Slow Down?

Ok, so before we start can you accept you will read this without prior judgement as to whether you can or cannot free your mind of worries? To those of you who don’t have this negative thought pattern then that’s great. I’m just trying to get everyone on the same page as there is a big upside in freedom from worries. Also to those who are reading and just ‘scan reading’, you may want to slow down and read slowly. There is a problem with scan reading when it comes to this sort of thing, you often miss the point at which change occurs within you.

Hey, but don’t worry about it. You can come back to scan again, and again later too… that’s if you remember to of course. Alternatively you could just read now. However, you have been trained to think if you scan read, then you’ll read and absorb faster and you’ll get where you want to go much quicker.

Just remember knowledge is not power, applied knowledge is power. If you get to the end of these articles and you still suffer from pain, fear, worry, anxiety etc. then remind yourself that you applied an old principle from my cabinet making days – more haste, less work! A way to describe it better for you is more haste, less progress.

I too have read at speed, and I still speed read now in between the real learning points. I switch it on and off. When I get to a learning point I slow down and take it slow and sometimes read the same paragraph or page several times before moving on.

With what I am sharing in these articles there simply is nothing else that matters until you have wiped the viruses off your mind, whatever program you install will be infected with your current virus. You cannot achieve this at warp speed, it happens when you are paying attention. So slow down and allow the changes to take place by shining a light onto the darkness and therefore dissolving it. If all you do in life is rush, then what are you asking the universe for? More rushing of course.

Let me give you an example of me not rushing. I’ve identified something I am doing wrong, I could rush to change it. Or I could schedule time in to do it, the more time I allow before I commence work on it, means my subconscious will have mulled it over a lot and conceived many new alternatives (after all there are an infinite number).

If you have learnt to speed read so that you can absorb more and get further ahead in life faster and you have been speed reading to this point, then ask yourself, “has my speed reading created the life I desire? Am I sure I got and applied all the value from books I previously read? When I found a good book, did I slow down to absorb and apply the techniques? If I did then why have I not achieved the life I desire?”

Oh by the way, the person speaking inside your head right now is your ego – observe him/her. Slow down, life is to be savoured not to be rushed. When you find a holiday destination you like, you slow down and enjoy it. When you strike a vein of gold, you continue to dig in there, you don’t go to find another vein. Why is it so often that people continue to look for what they have already found. There’s none so blind as those who cannot see!

Ok, I should have got to the vast majority of peoples attention, you should be present now and therefore paying attention. Try to remember this when you read the other articles I write as well that way you will get a lot more out of them. Hey you should get out of them what’s written on the tin! That’s if you read them and observe your reactions. Ok, so now I have your attention let’s get rid of your worries.

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