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How To Overcome All Fear – Part 6

By Andy Shaw | May 12, 2010

Please note – This is the sixth in the Fear Series of Articles, to completely overcome all fears the articles should be first read in order to obtain the desired outcome

Fear – Anxiety

Jesus said, “Can anxious thought add a single day to your life?”

One dictionary defines anxiety as: - distress or uneasiness of mind caused by fear of danger or misfortune

Well we know that FEAR is an illusion, so lets rephrase that definition, anxiety as:- distress or uneasiness of mind caused by the illusion of danger or misfortune

So just for clarity anxiety is something we create about an illusion of what may happen, ok, so lets move on to removing the need to create it.

We have all heard of the anxiety gap, and once again it is caused by being here and wanting to be there. I thought before I wrote this I’d take a quick look at what the expert psychologists tell us about anxiety and how they try and remove it from people.

Well there was stacks of info on studying it. I’m guessing about 98% of their writing, and just 2% on curing it. Of course as usual they as with all the medical world have it backwards, they are looking at poor people to study how not to be rich. If you want to be rich, you study a rich person. So of course they’ve looked at it so hard they have confused themselves to the point of completely disappearing up their own backsides.

I am not surprised that they can keep being paid by clients for years when they could get through this stuff in a few days, weeks or at worst months. They are not here for the cure, there’s no money in the cure! They are here to prolong the disease.

If I was here to string this stuff out I could write a book on curing anxiety and a book on each of the other ailments. I could end up with 50 books on psychology and be considered the worlds expert in it. None of them would work as well as what I am writing here because they wouldn’t get to the point quickly enough.

I could easily attain world preminence status though as an expert in the field. I’m not interested in becoming a world expert in the field of giving people back the control of something that is theirs. I’m interested in curing the problem fast to get people to have the lives they desire. I’m far more interested in focusing on preventing the disease ever from re-occurring than focusing on the cure. The guys who live in this world of the ‘cure’ have it backwards.

There’s a simple formula, close the doors on the emotional resistance levels, share stories to emphasise the points, then give a practical way to apply the how to knowledge.

No wonder psychiatrists make this stuff out to be complicated to people, it is complicated as they can’t understand for themselves each layer of bulls**t which has been written on the subject! They end up assuming it must be right because there is a lot of words there. Then when they think they have read enough they contribute to the sea of words that do not cut to the chase at all. Still you have to admire their ability to create an income out of fresh air as people really think anxiety is incurable. Rant over, let’s cure it and prevent it from coming back

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