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How To Overcome All Fears – Part 1

By Andy Shaw | April 29, 2010

Please note – This is the first in the Fear Series of Articles. To completely overcome all fears the articles should be first read in order to obtain the desired outcome

Fear – False Evidence Appearing Real

Never a better description given! And if we were enlightened then that statement should be all there is ever needed to overcome our fears.

The problem is that our minds are so full of bull***t and irrationality that we have managed to add layer after layer of crud on and taken our level of madness to such an extreme that virtually the entire world is paralysed by their fears.

Over the next series of articles I’m going to break down each of the Fear barriers for you and provide you with all that is necessary to remove them all from your life forever.

No I am not kidding!

I live with no fear of any kind, and so can you. I know it may sound impossible, but the truth is that through observation and understanding of the minds problems fear is just yet another state of mind that simply does not have any value for you at all.

All it holds for you is negativity and of course negativity as we have previously seen just holds you back, or actually pulls you in the opposite direction to the one you wish to go in. We also know that nothing stands still and each thought either moves us towards or away from what we want. Therefore, there is no argument that this state of mind needs to be permanently removed from your life forever. If you think otherwise, then you need to become present. Just relax and over this series I will explain how you can ‘if you choose to’ remove fear from every area of your life.
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