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How To Stop Believing The Rubbish You Are Repeating To Yourself

By Andy Shaw | March 23, 2010

~ Who speaks, sows; Who listens, reaps. ~

Argentine Proverb

The ego is a cunning character, and yours has probably succeeded in some way in tricking you into believing that you are incompetent, stupid, weak, unworthy, evil…all of it. What a load of rubbish. All this means is that you end up with a very bad self image, which translates into poor self-esteem.

Now words can be very fast to read. Before going on here for a second, turn your attention to inside; do you believe any of the following or is your self-talk ego saying any of this to you – you’re incompetent! You’re stupid! You’re weak! You’re evil! You’re unworthy of success (in wealth / riches / weight loss / relationships / insert whatever you want here!)!

I would suggest spending just a few moments, or minutes, on each of those questions and be honest with yourself about the answers, because you are right at the door of change when you start shining a light on this part of the ego’s work to keep you where you are, as you are now consciously listening to what your nutter is telling you. And when you do that, then the power of his/her constant badgering ceases to be there.

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