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How Your Own Satisfaction Is Killing Your Growth

By Andy Shaw | March 26, 2010

We have an in-built desire to attain our own maximum potential. But we also have this in-built desire to expand ourselves makes us very unhappy when we look back and notice our distinct lack of progress.

We are continually looking at those around us, those in the media, as examples of how much they have attained and how much we haven’t. We are using other people’s attainments to feel bad about ourselves!

Is it any wonder that poor people don’t like rich people? When the madness is that they are creating an image of something they hate, but secretly want to be. And in doing so they are making it impossible for themselves to ever become rich. Because, you will only attract into your life that which you truly like want and love.

They clearly hate the rich so they are saying to their subconscious, “I hate rich people!” Do you think then that their subconscious is going to go, “Oh I hate rich people, ok I’ll make sure to keep us away from them and make sure we don’t do the unholy thing of becoming one of them!”

So they get what they actually asked for and that is to remain poor. Whereas, if you want something, like becoming rich then you study it, admire it, understand it, then apply what you have learned in a certain way…simple really, trouble is unless we remove the bad programming first, no amount of new stuff will work!

So if we want to have what we desire, we must first learn to accept that our current position must not make us unhappy, as if we are unhappy about it, then we will just attract more unhappiness.

Whatever we think about most becomes our reality; if we are feeling unhappy about something then we will create for ourselves more feelings of unhappiness about a similar thing.

The secret? Well the secret of course is to be happy always and therefore only think and attract happy things. Simple, off you go then as that’s the secret. Now that you know that, what do you need to study anymore for…Please Login or REGISTER to read the rest of this content.

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