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I Surrender – Part 2

By Andy Shaw | May 15, 2010

Would You Actually Choose Unhappiness?

If you did not choose it, then have you ever considered… how did it arrive?

After all everything in our head is a choice we make? If you are unhappy it is simply because you are keeping it alive? And therefore you are choosing to keep it alive.

But why would you do something so obviously insane? Because, you are not present, you are only unconsciously observing it, you need to become conscious so you can observe your unhappiness and learn what it is trying to teach you.

Your unhappiness cannot survive when you are present, it can only survive in your absence, when you are unconscious. Let’s say, you achieve what you desire and you reach the point in time where you are rewarded by the universe with wanting more desires then you will have more ‘stuff.’ However, you will not be content, you will be no more ‘happy’ than you are now. If you are not enough ‘now,’ then you will never be when you get ‘there.’ Please Login or REGISTER to read the rest of this content.

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