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Is Your Goal Retirement?

By Andy Shaw | June 13, 2010

We are taught to work hard so that one day we can retire and have everything we want. Living out our last few years in comfort and without stress. But is this right, or is it a carrot being hung in front of the donkey?

This is a big subject that is actually really simple. Part of transitioning from your old way of living to a new way is to remove ideas which are not conducive with you achieving the great life which you desire.

One of these old doctrines is retirement… Do you realise that you only ever need to retire if you don’t like what you are doing! If you love what work you are doing and it is like a hobby to you then why would you not continue working?

The problem is that the word ‘work’ is just wrong. Or rather our understanding of it has gotten bent out of shape. For example we consider working to be, ‘hard’, ‘not nice’, ‘something we have to do’. Whereas when you enjoy your work you can lay down this destructive thought pattern. It is destructive because no thought stands still and therefore if it is not standing still then it is taking you backwards.Please Login or REGISTER to read the rest of this content.

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