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Learning To Trust Your Intuition & Ignore Your Mind– Part 1

By Andy Shaw | July 2, 2010

Over the last few months you have got to meet first hand the nutter who’s running the show in your life. I am sure you will agree that it is remarkable how out of control we are when we actually look at the irrational, and at times, totally insane decisions we have let our egos make for us.

One of the problems you may have going forward is learning to trust your mind again. Can you be sure that your mind is now making rational, logical, intuitive decisions based on you attaining the life you desire, and not the one your irrational ego wants you to have?

So going forward you must become and remain present when making all decisions, or at the very least the really important ones. When you are unsure about a decision, there are two simple rules to follow:

Rule One, if you do not know what to do, then don’t do anything.

Rule Two, do not make a mind decision, make an instinctive decision.

If you just apply those two simple rules in your decision making process then you will save yourself time and a lot of wasted effort. What’s more, the good or bad the result you get will be the one you needed to get to aid you in getting exactly where you desire to go.

Now, I’m not talking about repeating the mistakes you’ve made in the past and therefore creating the illusion of being stuck. I am talking about making good mistakes, mistakes that give you the course corrections needed to get the life you desire.

Bear this in mind though, if you haven’t clearly, and I mean clearly defined where you want to go then all the decisions you reach until you have will of course be faulty. Not only that, but when you get to your blurred vision of the future then it will not be what you wanted it to be. So clarity here is essential.

So now I’ll explain why both of those rules need to be applied in this way Please Login or REGISTER to read the rest of this content.

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