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Learning To Trust Your Intuition & Ignore Your Mind – Part 2

By Andy Shaw | July 3, 2010

…Continued from Learning To Trust Your Intuition & Ignore Your Mind – Part 1

… Is it any wonder we repeat the mistakes and remain with the illusion of being stuck? We are trying to knock a nail into a wall with a bit of mouldy old Broccoli… talk about using the wrong tool for the job!

So Why Do We Feel We MUST Trust Our Mind?

The problem is for some unknown reason we believe we will lose everything or definitely lose out if we allow ourselves to follow our intuition… Yet at the exact moment of thinking this faulty way we should consider what we have already lost out of in our lives by not following our intuition!

And if you are in any doubt then let’s clarify exactly what that is…

If you are not living the life you desire then you’ve let your mind decide far too many times for you. The only way to start to create the life you desire is to learn to stop letting your inadequately equipped mind make all of the most important decisions for you!

I say inadequately equipped because how else would you describe using a tool that doesn’t understand the things you are asking it to make decisions on?

All I can say is thank goodness for biological urges and a lack of the mind bullsh*t which we humans build up as we age, otherwise the human race would die out in just a generation.

What do I mean? Well just imagine if you had left it solely to your mind to decide whether or not you should go and try and find a partner. If you had then the only decision it would have made is, you should stay at home and watch TV!

It had no experience so that was the best decision it could have made. Fortunately you trusted your hormones that forced you to make an intuitive logical decision to go out and try to find a mate!

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