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Moving Forward

By Andy Shaw | January 26, 2010


First let me start with a warning, I suggest you get a cup off coffee if you are intending to read all of this. As this is a little bit of a long answer to a lot of questions. It should be interesting in places, revealing at times and it may be boring in places too as it probably goes into too much depth. But anyway for those looking for the answers then I think they are here.

Here’s a summary as you may not want to read it all, you’ll probably need to read in full the last few sections regarding the future of this site though


Foreword – Setting the scene

My Bankruptcy – How it happened

Was I really worth millions – Answers the speculation about this

Who Made Me Bankrupt – My thoughts on the choice they made

Just Who Benefitted The Most From My Bankruptcy? – Me of course

Whatsmore Before Making The Decision To Bankrupt Me, A Calculator Should Have Been Used! – I explain how mathematically bad the decision was to bankrupt me. And cover if there was any intention to cause all of this

Turning A Probable Win Into A Certain Loss – The ramifications of the poor commercial decision to bankrupt me. That said I hold not one shred of malice to them for it, as I always take a commercial view.

So Where Now? – Bankruptcy – the rules of the game thanks to the choice that was made

My Position And How I Ended Up In This Position – Public humiliation, no more big bills though, time to think, a bad choice for them, a good decision for me. Accepting life as it is. The Law of Attraction

I Made Millions, I Lost Millions, And I Will Make Whatever I Desire Again – Me making money is like a by-product of me being awake. I now have the opportunity to prove that

Wealth Is More Than Cash In The Bank And Assets – How I was at peace and contented whilst my financial world was crashing down

My Actual Actions – New blog just for people who lost out, Also there’s going to be a new membership site and who is involved.

A Little History Of The AS.com Site – How the old site restricted me too much

The New Site Moving Forward – What the new site will cover, and who will make money from the site.

Who Will Be Welcome In The New Site – Abundant thinkers, or those that desire to be abundant thinkers – the new site is a lot cheaper than the old one

Rules Of The New Site – If you want to watch me make money again

New Site? But What About The Existing One? – Software issue, hacker issue – Lifetime memberships and annual memberships and what will happen

My Finances Personally – What I’ve learnt & a few more details on the new site


There has understandably been a lot of speculation about what will happen to the site and what will I do moving forward. These questions I will be answering here.

Although I am not that interested in explaining myself as I know the truth and I look at life as it is what it is. I am in a world where very few people think the way I do so I have gone into more depth with a lot of questions here. This article lets me shed the baggage I am being expected to carry with me. And it gives me the chance to explain some things that really do need explaining.

The first two-thirds of the article cover the past and what has gone on and the last third covers the future, so the first part will be somewhat more negative. Before I start though, it should be noted that at this present stage no matter what I do it will be criticised by the more vocal part of the community and probably not liked by a larger share of the minority.

I think it is fair to say that even if at this stage I was to win the lottery, then write to every creditor enclosing a cheque for full payment plus interest, then there would still be plenty of people angry and vocal saying plenty of things like ‘lucky bar**ard! I bet he really dug the money up!’ Nothing on Earth could please all my critics at this stage and whatever I do will be shot at.

To you people then this article will not give you anything more positive than you have already got as you are only interested in something negative. It will give you plenty more fuel for that though, so enjoy.

To those few no matter what I do to try and recover the damage they would still hate it. And to plenty more the wounds are too deep to look at whatever possible solution I can offer at this stage. However, they are still the minority and time and actions have a way of sorting things out.

To all the emails of support and thanks I received from people, I would like to say thank you. Your generosity is gratefully received.

There’s quite a lot to cover here so I’m just going to dive in.

My Bankruptcy

On the 21st December I went bankrupt, this was brought about as discussed by me pushing my cash flow too far and then not being able to roll over my loans. One of my creditors finally got fed up with me saying ‘I can’t pay right now, give me time’ and they concluded that it would be best to bankrupt me.

I asked all my creditors who chased me for money to leave me alone and let me rebuild my finances. Saying then I would start to repay them and eventually given the fact that I had made millions before then I would more than likely make millions again. Or the worst case scenario was the near 100% certainty that the property market would recover over time and repay them. All I was saying was that I could not pay now.

All but two agreed to give me time.

One of the things I will be getting out of this is that by Passive liquidating and me going bankrupt then the proof will come out that I really did make/create all of the money that some thought was just marketing hype. All the statements I made about the numbers of properties and the multi-millions were all true.

Was I Really Worth Multi-millions?

Another point I’d like to put to bed, was that I made millions off of timing the property market well. Yes there is some truth in that as I said in the book, I got the timing right, and had a good strategy. I prepared myself for the opportunity and was ready when one came along. But I also made millions in one business ‘Passive’ by getting that to value at over £17 million from a standing start in under three years.

I made a significant amount in another online business and all bar £3.00 turned over £1 million in the first year. I was right on the edge of making millions more in a third business, that frankly if the credit crunch hadn’t happened would have made the others including Passive look like small potatoes by comparison.

So this fortune I made off of good market timing was no flash in the pan, it was just one of a serial of high profit producers and value creators. I know how to make money and a lot of it and I think that still is of value to people moving forward which as I go on I will explain. But unfortunately my business model was decimated by a Force Majeure, and a business(s) of the size it(they) was(were) had to be given a chance to recover. Unfortunately that did not happen, and we could not hold back the tide.

Who Made Me Bankrupt?

As I said one of my creditors decided the fact that I could make money at some point in the future was not acceptable and I think they believed that there really was a pile of money hidden somewhere. So they pursued the action which led to me going bankrupt. And by doing so they crystallised the position for themselves and for everyone else.

Now the person who did this, I can understand why they felt they should do this because it is an emotional action. Put yourself in their shoes, you feel wronged, you are a private detective and you are certain that there is a pile of money, despite having no evidence to prove it. You are sure you are taking the right action.

They made a choice, and the only choice I had was to accept that choice. The situation should not have been there in the first place, I should not have pushed the cashflow too far, but at the end of the day it was their choice.

What would you do?

The logical step though is to act only with proof so that you know what the outcome will be (no lawyer asks a question they do not know the answer to). The emotional step is to make someone bankrupt because you want to, the emotional act is to try and blame the need to do this on the certainty you have that you are basing your decisions on facts and that the money is buried somewhere! So I ask again, what would you do?

There was only one smart play here and that was to allow time to pass and unfortunately emotions and ego got involved instead. It wasn’t a nice choice, to leave me alone, it was just the only smart choice.

Well we all have been certain about things in the past and then gone on to be proved wrong that this certainty was not in fact real (usually by our wife, husband, business partner, best friend, or even the person you are supposed to be teaching in some way). And of course that is what this creditor and all the others who suspected it will either have already found out or will shortly be finding out.

As a businessman I have had to make countless decisions over the years about whether to pursue debtors or not as up until my involvement in property I had many companies and individuals go bust on me. It is part of the business world which I never enjoyed so did not want to be involved in.

As a landlord I still have to make the same sort of decision that the person who made me bankrupt had to make. I.e. this person has ripped me off, I should pursue them and get a CCJ and an attachment of earnings, or I should make them bankrupt.

But in each and every one of these cases I have to look at it from the point of view of what is the best use of my resources (time & money) to recover money? I must not let my emotions in, I feel wronged, and want revenge but after I calm down and look at it I am able to see clearly.

I said beforehand that I didn’t think I could take the actions they were taking with the knowledge that they would be crystallising everyone’s loss in the process. But nevertheless that was their choice, and guess what. Everything I told them about it will of course be coming true.

If it sounds like I am blaming them this isn’t really about blame, it is the way it is. I over stretched my cashflow and couldn’t make my payments when they fell due and couldn’t roll over my loans. My creditors were all then faced with a choice, and all but two opted for the choice of waiting and seeing with the safe bet of money coming back in the 5 – 10 year future.

Just Who Benefitted The Most From My Bankruptcy?

I think there were a few other problems here as well and the main one being, not wanting to accept the loss, or rather not wanting to lose control to someone else. So they pursued an action that was futile and as I said to them would actually end up helping the one person who it was designed to hurt, which is of course me. I am an investor who knows the power of patience, or the ebb and flow of the market and knows a fair bit more than there is ever the time to write about.

I knew that over time the properties would recover and repay all of the money, I knew I would go on and create money. I did not know the exact timescale and still don’t, but I had not one shred of doubt about both the property market and my own skill set. I know I have the ability to make money for the rest of my life and do so by learning whatever new craft or trade I choose to go into. I am educated in the ways of educating myself.

So of course it helped me, just think about it…I know how to make money, I don’t need much money, and now I don’t have any liabilities…this is just logical.

So think about it as a creditor you could either have an ex-multi-millionaire tethered to the spot for the next 5 – 7 years whilst he made you your money back…if he didn’t then his property portfolio would…or at any time you could make him bankrupt…or instead you could bankrupt him now and roll the dice…I ask you what was the logical, unemotional choice? Their ignorance here really has helped me the most.

Whatsmore Before Making The Decision To Bankrupt Me, A Calculator Should Have Been Used!

There was another problem with the effort in bankrupting me and it was that the person doing it was not very good at maths. Or rather they were very bad at maths!

For a second, lets just say I owed £5,000,000 of debt that wasn’t a first charge on property (it was more than that amount I owed). Now let’s say that I had been taking some of it out and putting it to one side over the last seven years. How much do you think you would take from your cash flow?

Would you take 50%? Of course not, in fact we all know that hardly anyone ever even takes as much as 10%. But lets say that I figured out two years ago that this was going to happen – bearing in mind that I don’t think I had any money come to me from private borrowings in that time, and if it did then it was handled as a partnership and I didn’t receive any personally.

But let’s just say I did figure it out two years ago, then how much could I grab? Let’s go crazy (and this really is crazy) and say I could have grabbed 20% and hidden that much cash somewhere. Does anyone realistically think it could have been more? If they do then I suggest they ask a businessman friend and listen to what they say. I can assure you that the best they’ll say is 20% and that is IF it was intentional.

The point is that even 20% is unrealistic, so put yourself in the position of owning a calculator…you are owed £70,000 (as was the person who bankrupted me), others that you know of and are talking to are owed millions. You work out that roughly this guy who owes you £70,000 also owes about £5,000,000.

Then let’s reasonably assume what you think he may be able to have grabbed…20% (unless you are completely in fantasy land and kidding yourself that the money isn’t gone). So £70,000 x 20% = If you are right and he has hidden 20% of your money somewhere, AND if the trustee can find it…then you have managed to crystallise an 80% loss of your money! And 80% of everyone else’s too!!

…As Homer’s brain said to Homer once in a particularly funny Simpson’s episode – “Braaaavvvvo!”

Turning A Probable Win Into A Certain Loss

The problem here is that the person was not looking at the situation from a mathematical perspective; they were too emotionally attached to the money and wanting to be right, or maybe just wanting me to be wrong. Now of course very soon they will find that their loss is much more likely to be 100% as secured creditors take the first chunk before all others.

So they managed to take an un-palatable but certainly the most winnable situation (ie – sit and wait for the market to recover (the best hand they had)) and instead turn it into a sure fire loss for themselves and everyone else – Braaaavvvvo again!

And it was a surefire loss, because they had no evidence that a pile of money even existed, and I know they had no evidence because…no pile of money existed! So would you take that mad gamble if you were in the position of owning a calculator?

Of course not which is why my other creditors were prepared to wait. They weren’t happy about it and told me that, but it was the logical decision. They knew the long game had a certain win, they just had to wait…just like an investor would when they play the long game of property.

As I have said countless times before, decisions regarding money must be made without emotion. When we let our emotions get involved we rarely make good choices. I can understand their rash emotional decision, but I cannot in any way agree with it.

Now that I have got this off my chest, I really do hold no malice whatsoever towards them or any one else for all of the hateful things people have said about me, or for the accusations of wrong doing. Frankly to hold onto hatred and dislike would not serve me in anyway, so I simply let it go and do not hold them any ill will toward them at all. I do not expect, want or request similar action from any of them, they are quite welcome to hang on to the hatred if they need or want to. It is just that I am not taking it forward from here.

That is not saying I will lie down and take abuse, as far as I am concerned I bit my tongue to prevent harm to others in the past, but moving forward there will be no one other than me in the firing line. So I no longer need to do that, but I will continue to act objectively at all times as even in these negative situations there are some good things that can be learned.

I will always try to objectively comment on their actions when I think it is appropriate for me to do so. But other than that I’ve drawn a line under it, and that’s all I am going to say about the poor decision to bankrupt me for now. Time will now show all of what I have said to be true.

So Where Now?

What I had been asking my creditors for was time to think and decide how I was going to get out of this and time to test other ideas I had. From my point of view and I think a business point of view was that their money was currently lost if they chose to crystallise the loss. But time would recover it and I would create money between that time and now therefore the logical course of action was to give me time.

Unfortunately not everyone thinks like a businessman, although out of every creditor I emailed or spoke with they all, bar two agreed that this was the best way forward. Me saying something twice is by the way an attempt to get a point across that needs to be embedded (for those in doubt I suggest reading the law of repetition).

Now however, I don’t ‘have’ to consider any of the people I borrowed money from! Or any of the Passive clients! As because of the law no one can pressure me to pay them £1…As these are simply the rules. Whether they be fair or not, they are the rules of the game brought about after one careless creditors chosen course of action.

Which is why I said, if I was in their position I don’t think I could take the course of their action.

My Position And How I Ended Up In This Position

Well now I do not owe anyone any money it means the pressure is somewhat released, I no longer have massive bills to pay. I do not need to create a massive income to service those liabilities. I am someone who now has been publicly humiliated and could disappear into the shadows and make money for himself and his family in any way he wants to. I can switch industries and go into whatever I want to thanks to my ability to learn and earn.

I can go on, I can become rich again and no one can touch £1 of it – such is the madness of a bankruptcy and in particular this bankruptcy. As I said, there was an exit strategy that was available, just not now and there was a plan for an income as well, just not defined. But instead the dice were thrown and the bad choice for everyone was made, which was in fact a good choice for me.

Basically I can now choose what I am going to do and do not have people that I have to repay or have to deal with. I do not have a moral obligation to anyone, despite everyone believing I should have.

I believe in certain laws of the Universe that say that all who lost money were all caught up in it for a reason. After all, I lost well over £10,000,000 in this and had it crystallised in bankruptcy, so I was the biggest financial loser of the lot, I ask you would you have intended to lose that money?

I have lost a lot of money in the past to debtors and had businesses fail because we were owed so much. And I could easily agree with the liquidator of Passive’s opinion which was, that no one was without some blame – this was a high risk venture which produced high returns which is why people got involved (his words). So if I wanted to justify this to myself then I could easily do so.

I do not need to do so though because I accept life as it is. I do not have any need to hold on to the past and dwell on it and re-live my mistakes and bad choices whilst letting them rob me of my creative energy, just because someone else believes I should feel bad because of what has happened. All I would be doing, by doing this would be to further the lack mentality and that is how I got here in the first place.

We will all take either positives or negatives from what has happened. Personally I always try and look for the positives in every situation, even ones as bad as this.

For example one creditor emailed on the afternoon of the bankruptcy to see if I was ok. This person had lost over £300k and their thought was to email me and ask if I was ok? And to find out if there was anything they could do to help.

Now that is going to say different things to the people reading it. Some people will think, was he mad? Others will think what a decent person? Some will think, smart business move as, ‘this debtor now has no reason now to pay me £1, but if I offer him support then there is a good chance that this person who once made many millions may one day want to give me some back if he makes it again.’

There may be different answers, but it is worth thinking about as which one would you be?

I have made no secret that I am a believer in the law of attraction. However, I obviously was not following the rules of the law to deliver wealth but was using the law to attract loss. The Universe makes no bones about this, we use the law for good or for bad it is our choice.

After this had gone so badly wrong I decided to try and understand what has happened and I am going to go into that over time, but that is not why I am writing this today so I won’t go into it now. Though it is very interesting and should help you avoid a similar situation, but it’s for another time.

What you need to remember is that this was a failure, well every one fails in some way, granted not quite as spectacularly, but they do, and you can either fail and move forward or fail and fall away. Well what would be the point of that? Everyone fails, as James Dyson said, learn from your failures because you never learn from your successes. If when he failed Henry Ford had quit, if Walt Disney had quit, if Edison had quit, if Edmund Hilary had quit then what?

Can you imagine what grief all of these people got from their peer group when they failed. It doesn’t matter if you fail, what matters is what action you take after it.

I Made Millions, I Lost Millions, And I Will Make Whatever I Desire Again

As I said, I can go away make money and no one hear from me again. There is a part of me that seeks the simplicity of that. But I do not think that it is what I really desire to do. As me making money is like a by-product of being awake.

What I desire to do is to create money and have fun doing it. I have a desire to create money for certain people that lost out through my bankruptcy even though I have been told that I am not allowed to do that. I desire to create money for others as well, and even though it appears right now that more people have lost than made. I am certain that overtime it will be shown that many people made far more from my teachings than was ever lost here. And that is without me re-creating it.

I am not money hungry it is just I enjoy it, it is like playing a game of monopoly to me, it is fun. I do not need to make millions, part of me wishes I could stop creating money and business but that part would be screaming at me like it was in 2003 to get back to work within a few months if not weeks.

Bankruptcy still carries with it a stigma even though with every year that fades further away. Bankruptcy takes away all your physical assets, though it never touches your mental assets unless you choose it to do so. So even though I am a bankrupt does anyone really believe I will not make money again and a lot of it again?

Of course I will create millions again and I don’t have a shred of doubt about that. Personally I think that knowledge will be of service to people in general, not just the people who lost out through my bankruptcy.

So either I can go and create it privately and then one day re-emerge as a multi-millionaire again – write another book about how I did it and then the people who will listen then will benefit. Or I can create it publicly now and everyone can watch how I do it and profit from an actual real time demonstration. What do you think is best?

This will not be a multi-millionaire showing how he made yet more money, this will be a millionaire who has gone broke, and then makes it all from the ground up again just like he said he would if this was to ever happen.

I think that this is pretty powerful stuff. Because I always have said that the most valuable thing you get when you become a millionaire is not the money but it is the knowledge of how to make the money again. Now I have the opportunity to prove it – what an opportunity!

Wealth Is More Than Cash In The Bank And Assets

I am not a person who you can really take wealth away from as I believe that wealth is really something you are more than what you create – after all we enter this world with nothing and we leave with nothing, so life is more about what we are. I have had monetary wealth, and now I do not have any. But I am more wealthy than 90% (minimum) of all the wealthy people.

As despite my financial world crashing down around me, the hurtful accusations being said about me online, the obvious anger from all financially concerned and others in general. I was at total peace and contentment and this is simply because I control the illusions of fear and worry. I think that is something most people would like to know how to do. This whole experience has forced me to look at my every thought and I have learned and re-learned so much about myself.

I desire certain experiences from life and I truly enjoy creating money, it really is fun for me. But that said I am happy now and content with what I have now. I am in a position of accepting what is and allowing the future wealth to come to me as I am certain of my ability to create it. Over the coming months I will try and explain that and how you can easily achieve it to.

My Actual Actions

Step One

Firstly I am setting up a private blog that is just for the people who suffered a loss under either Passive or my own bankruptcy. I will shortly be emailing them all and asking them to confirm how much money they lost in that experience. And I will be agreeing with them what I desire to pay/create for them. But this is not a debt in anyway, and I do not have to do this for them it is just an intention from me because of a desire I have.

(This is subject to hearing from the Official Receiver as when I told them this yesterday they said I was not allowed to pay them any money even if I wanted to – I said well how about if I included the institutional creditors as well, and they said they didn’t think so and would check it out! So I said, this is mad, I desire to create new money and pay some to people I choose to surely I must be allowed to do that – this is the madness of bankruptcy. Anyway they are looking into it and coming back to me)

Once I have the exact figure then I’ll know the minimum amount of money which I now desire to create for all of them. I do not expect that money to come in, in a short or a long timeframe though I am certain that it will come in. I am just not limiting myself to how it will happen as there are frankly an infinite amount of ways to create money and my brain is only capable of considering the possibility of a few (more on this in the future too). It is just certain that in time they will recover what they lost.

Step Two

I am also setting up a new membership site, which is solely mine and no one else’s – not even Phil, though he will be helping me get it working and if it breaks will probably have to fix it for me J.

I will have no partners in it though, as Phil wants to move on to other things and I will support him with that and help him as necessary. He remains my best friend and I only hope I will be as good a friend to him as he is to me. I will still work with my friends Martin & Tim but they will not be any direct part of this membership site. It will just be my thoughts and my ideas as to what I am doing now to create money.

I will be talking about what I do with my friends and with the new ventures we go into. Sometimes they may get involved with me in promotions, but the site is just me – so like it or hate it, there is only one person who will be responsible moving forward. And my friends will not take any further flak for my actions.

A Little History Of The AS.com Site

I conceived the idea for the site whilst writing my first book. The site was originally designed to be a more wealth creation site rather than what it emerged to be. As I clearly had a lot more to offer than just property investment. However, it was felt that as 99% of the site members came to the site thanks to my book and were mainly interested in property investment that I should not deviate from this too much or too often.

So I always felt very restricted by this and was actually criticised by site members when I spoke of the other ways I made money as if this was in some way damaging to property investing. Well that is all over from now on. From now on I will go forward and share whatever I want to share regarding money making ideas.

The New Site Moving Forward

Firstly the new site will be considerably cheaper, this is because there are less overheads. In the site I am intending to talk about mindset and the law of attraction (very big with me right now). I will talk about, Business, Property, Internet business, Marketing, Health, Spiritual development, Manifesting, Cyprus, basically whatever I desire to talk about depending on the way I allow my sub consciousness to create the money for me and then rely on the relatively small actions on my part to bring it to fruition.

This site will be the message board for making money ideas and will be a sort of diary of me going from broke to making millions again as well as creating money for those I have personally chosen to make money for.

From this I will obviously make money recommending products I use, services I use. Products I create, maybe I’ll finally do some more consultancy. However, a percentage of every penny I make from this venture will go to that certain group of people who I desire to create some money for.

And the percentage won’t be a measly 3% as with a lot of charities (trying not to tar them all with the same brush). I would like to state that it will be at least 51% (maybe more) but until I know the level of interest that is not possible. But I will state right now that it will be a minimum of 25% at all times.

There are several reasons why I will be paid for this: -

  1. I am not a charity and not owned by anybody. I do not expect any person to live for my benefit without adequate compensation and do not expect it to be asked of me
  2. If I am not paid then I will not give it much attention as I would not expect anyone to work for me for nothing
  3. If I am not paid then I would get bored very quickly and therefore not deliver much value to people
  4. If I am not paid I will be bored and won’t create much for the people I desire to create it for
  5. The value of this knowledge will be worth a vast amount more than I will receive for it

So to put it in terms most people would use:-

I am going to set up a new business and pay over at least 25% of the profits directly to people who lost money in my old ventures. This new business will make them money all of the time it is in existence and over time it will create all of the money they lost again.

What this means is that nothing has changed from my bankruptcy other than that I now do not have to pay them any money, it is purely a desire to do so. As far as I am concerned this is to everyone, not just the ones who didn’t turn against me. As I said I have no malice towards anyone and simply desire to create them money. For no other reason than I desire to do so.

Why I want to do this is simple, by helping others to get what they want this will help me. All I have to do is show others first and then an abundance of it is given back to me. So it is easier for me to create money for myself moving forward if I create money for as many as possible in the process.

Who Will Be Welcome In The New Site

Abundant thinkers will always be welcome.

If anyone begrudges me one penny of whatever profit I make from this then please do not become a member as you really have missed the point and you will not find what you are looking for there. Your joining will not help you reach your financial goals and may well hinder other people in reaching theirs as they may get distracted by your noise. You people need to work purely on the law of attraction first, before truly benefiting from what I will be sharing on the site.

This site is for people who think they will gain a lot more than the cost by watching an Ex-multi-millionaire go from broke to rich again and in gaining themselves they then help pay the people he desires to help along the way.

To the people I desire to pay, I will not be held to any timescales whatsoever, and I will not have any bad sentiment on the site, as this does not help us in anyway to create money. It is a lack mentality that that just attracts more lack, you are welcome on the site but no form of ‘pity’ or ‘feeling sorry’ is, as these just create more of the same and will not help the solution.

The site will just start with Forums and a Blog for my articles nothing more. Over the next year or so I’ll decide where it goes from there.

Rules Of The New Site

The first rule of the site is that there is no negativity just objectivity and support.

The second rule if you want to watch me make money all over again is that you have to play by my rules and if you don’t like them don’t join. I live by ready, fire, aim so don’t expect all of the answers to the rules right now as I’ll be making them up as I go along.

So if you want to watch me go from broke to millionaire again and really help others recover their money whilst getting practical money making ideas and inspiration from someone who you will actually watch make money again then you are welcome to join.

Just in case I forget to mention it, I won’t be doing the going bankrupt thing again as I’ve had a go at this experience and it is something I only needed to do once.

New Site? But What About The Existing One?

This article is also to notify you that we are closing the AS.com membership site down. This is because of a few reasons, the two main ones being that the site costs a lot to run each month and has ongoing programming issues that we cannot continue to pay to be fixed.

Currently the site also runs at a large loss and even though we could recover that, the ongoing maintenance and software issues are more than I want to take on personally.

Also there is an ownership issue of the site software from the person who created it. As you well know by his recent publicity on the site. He is a dis-gruntled ex-business partner who we agreed a buy out with from another company for similar reasons that any business partner is wanted to be removed.

The payout was to be over time from the profits made by the company but the company was then hit by the credit crunch and only 20% apprx of the money was ever paid to him.

The debt was still owed but this person became quite difficult and somewhat irrational in his approach. He then tried to turn to PDIF to attack the software when he had no joy in trying to get money from the company where he had the agreement with.

I explained that if he wanted to go down that road then he would effectively be closing off our agreement to pay him the money. But he saw this as his best option to make money and in fairness to him it probably was in the short term. I wish him well and hold no ill will toward him.

So this site will be closing on 8th February 2010.

The site may be ready by then and even before then and we will move you across to it. If you don’t want to be a member then simply de-subscribe from the mailing list as normal. There will be no monthly charge to be a member but there will be an annual charge.

Existing lifetime members of this site will get it for free as will the members of the Cyprus Investment Group. Not because I feel I owe it to them, I just desire to give it to them for free.

All current annual members of this site will get the first year for free.

Anyone who I believe is disruptive will be instantly removed from the site as there are plenty of negative locations for them to go to and we will not need them where we are – this will include any current and annual lifetime members who do not behave in the right way. This site will be a positive and objective environment only and allow others to grow within it without bad influences from people who do not understand the law of attraction.

My onerous rules – I’ll listen to others opinions but I’ll make up my own mind as to the direction I will take the site. As I do not need to do this for any other reason than I choose to so it is not a full democracy. Your power is to not attend if you do not like it, or do not like the thought of it and be as vocal about that as you like outside of the site. Inside none of it will be tolerated I will just cut off your access and email you telling you that. I will offer no refunds in anyway, if you are kicked out, then the way back in is to pay again as a new member, and if you break the rules I’ll kick you out again. This is not harsh, it is the way it is as negativity is not welcome and of no use to anyone – judgement is weakness and observation is power.

I will discuss the past in the future when I think it will serve as an education. But I will not dwell on the past, it is what it is. Any people that want to dwell there should not become a member as I/we will not put up with any negativity.

As I said anyone as always can be objective, but I am someone who doesn’t owe anybody any money and I don’t have to do this to make myself rich again, I merely desire to do so. I think that this new site will help the healing of people who need it and it will help to make money for some and create money for all.

I believe there is an abundant amount of money out there and my share will be delivered to me once again in the perfect time and in the perfect way. When we originally faced financial ruin I did my worst case scenario evaluation and went all the way when I explained it to Alison.

Alison said, ‘I don’t care if we lose it all, you made it once, you’ll make it again. If we have to live in ‘government housing’ then it would only be for a short while, while you made us our first money again.’

I intend to post articles more regularly than I did here as I can now discuss a much wider range of subjects. But again please do not join if you are expecting too much from me, they are your expectations, not mine. I will speak and try and help create money for you when the inspiration takes me, it is not an on demand service, which is frankly why I am giving it away so cheaply.

My Finances Personally

What an experience all this has been, I have really discovered some stuff about myself that I did not realise. I have discovered how to have everything I want in the instant I decide I want it. I have learnt how to avoid the very state of wanting. I have realised that fear and worry are merely illusions created by the mind and can be completely ignored as the worthless things they really are and how to control this/them easily. I have finally figured out what my true heart desires are and am enjoying the process of creating the plan and turning it into a reality.

On a personal basis, I do not need a lot of money but please don’t mistake that for dislike of money. It does not mean that I don’t desire the life that having a lot of money brings. I just have no desire for material objects, I do desire holidays with my family and I do desire going to seminars which both require money and I do desire the fun life that having money offers.

If you decide that you do not wish to watch me make it all over again, or the thought of someone like me getting rich again is just too unpalatable to bear then I sincerely do wish you well in the future and hope you find what I obviously cannot provide elsewhere.

For everyone who does decide to come and join up then this site is just me, there will be no moderators so abuse will have to be reported.

For all others the forums will be open and the education starting soon and I look forward to sharing what I know.

As you should have been able to tell from the tone of this letter, this was not in any way a well written marketing letter designed to generate the maximum response from people. In time I will do that but for now I just wanted to say it the way I saw it. I wanted to put off as many who can not be objective as possible so that the community that joins does so because they really desire to watch me an Ex-multi-millionaire, go from broke to financially wealthy again.

I am looking for the people from our existing community who really want this sort of information. For the people who recognise that they have made a stack of money from one of the many answers I have given. To those who can not forget the past, but are seeking to use it to help them create more in the future and the now. To those who understand what has transpired was not intentional and still think that the insights of someone who made me millions, lost millions and will make many millions again could in some way return to them a far greater return than their investment of time and money.

Also there will be no recurring billing on this site, it will be a one off payment for a year, at the end of the year your access will be automatically shut down and if you want to join again then you will need to do so.

The efficiency of Phil and the team will not be there so if you are expecting admin efficiency then you are going to be disappointed as there are no staff!

Lastly, currently public opinion and resentment is firmly against me. I have always been good at spotting the trends and here’s a prediction. In around 3 months time when everything has calmed down, the official receivers report has come out and the new site is up and doing good. I would say that the real side of my intentions will be started to be recognised again and those that just observed without judgement will have gotten their answer. As judgement will have proven to have been weakness! So I predict that in 3 to 6 months public opinion will be back on my side.

So I will be in contact with you regarding access to the new site shortly.

Best wishes for the future,


PS If you don’t have what you want in life then you need a new map of reality…

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