By Andy Shaw | May 17, 2010

We’ve covered quite a lot in the last few months. I thought I’d stick in a quick post on re-tuning – ie repetition

How to become fully conscious is simple – re-read these articles, again, and again until you are predominantly conscious. Then re-read it occasionally for tuning. Look at yourself as if you were a car, your engine (your mind) needs fine tuning to work properly. You need that otherwise you will go back to the old ways and become fully unconscious again.

If you are still struggling with becoming fully conscious, then the answer is at hand. You do not need anything else to become fully conscious. You may just need to re-read something until your ego is forced back by logic. Read the rest of this entry »

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I Surrender – Part 3

By Andy Shaw | May 16, 2010

The Flow Of Life

Surrender is all about accepting and yielding to rather than resisting against the flow of life. The flow of life can only be experienced in the present moment, so to surrender is to unconditionally accept the present moment as it is.

Things go wrong, this is the flow of life, to access ultimate power just accept them and reconnect with being. In turbulent times one technique I read about was to view yourself at the bottom of a lake still. The wind could affect the surface but deeper down in the lake the water was still and nothing moved. Personally I preferred to view myself as transparent or slightly at a different frequency.

Yielding to is not a judgement of what is, it is an acceptance of what is, a recognition of you are where you are and you accept it fully. Then after full, total, complete, with any reservation acceptance of where you are you simply decide on the desired outcome and you do all you can to get out of the situation. Read the rest of this entry »

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I Surrender – Part 2

By Andy Shaw | May 15, 2010

Would You Actually Choose Unhappiness?

If you did not choose it, then have you ever considered… how did it arrive?

After all everything in our head is a choice we make? If you are unhappy it is simply because you are keeping it alive? And therefore you are choosing to keep it alive.

But why would you do something so obviously insane? Because, you are not present, you are only unconsciously observing it, you need to become conscious so you can observe your unhappiness and learn what it is trying to teach you.

Your unhappiness cannot survive when you are present, it can only survive in your absence, when you are unconscious. Let’s say, you achieve what you desire and you reach the point in time where you are rewarded by the universe with wanting more desires then you will have more ‘stuff.’ However, you will not be content, you will be no more ‘happy’ than you are now. If you are not enough ‘now,’ then you will never be when you get ‘there.’ Read the rest of this entry »

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I Surrender – Part 1

By Andy Shaw | May 14, 2010

I Surrender To Everything

It’s time to go deep on one of the most powerful weapons you have. This weapon takes literally takes away your enemies power. Though it sounds like it is really weakness, it is not, by surrendering you obtain your maximum power in all areas.

In practicing this you grow and become very powerful. Without fully surrendering you will never attain what you are looking for in life. You know the bit of life you know you want but can’t put your finger on and define it, well it is indefinable, you can feel it is there but only get to touch it after you surrender.

Why Do We Hang On To Bad Stuff

Why do we feel we have to hang on to bad things which we feel people have done to us? Why do we feel we need to ‘get them back?’ Why do we want revenge? Do these feelings have any use for us?

If someone does something bad to you then effectively they are using the law of attraction against themselves so they will have their own actions used against themselves in some other way, they are being hurtful so they will get more of being hurtful and being hurt (whatever they give out comes back magnified though almost always from another source).

No conscious person could become involved in such actions, so these are clearly the actions of an unconscious person. So for you to get yourself angry towards someone like this would be like becoming angry at a dog for being a dog. An unconscious person is clearly insignificant in your life.

What is the point of this? It can only take you away from your goal, revenge is for other people. If someone has wronged you, resolve to do good for some people instead as it will be far more rewarding. Never concern yourself with the person who wronged you again.

It is not that they are not worth it, it is simply that they do not matter as they hold no benefit to your life whatsoever, other than as an example of how not to do it. I could dwell here and write a lot to try and get you to realise what must happen. But I won’t, I also explain the real benefit to you further on, however there is a lot to cover.

Therefore we’ll say you learnt that lesson quickly and we have moved on…an unconscious person does not realise the consequences of their actions. So you just wish them well and move on with your life. Read the rest of this entry »

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How To Overcome All Fear – Part 7

By Andy Shaw | May 13, 2010

Please note – This is the seventh in the Fear Series of Articles, to completely overcome all fears the articles should be first read in order to obtain the desired outcome

Fear – Risk – Who Is Playing The Game With The Highest Stakes?

~ What is life, but one long risk? ~ Dorothy Canfield Fisher

~ Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. ~ T.S. Eliot 1888

The Paradox Of Risk

People are always asking me how can I do what I do? How can I take risks? Most do not understand what drives me to always take more risk. They do not understand me.

Of course I used to think, how can they do what they do? How can they let life just pass them by? How can they not look at their position and say to themselves, not taking risks has cost me x number of years of my life?

So who is taking the bigger risk?

For the rest of this article I am going to write it just to those who are not taking any or enough risks – you know who you are. So it’ll save me breaking down the different levels. If you are a person who is taking some risks then it is obviously not always directed to you. If though you are someone who is paralysed by your fear of losing what you have by taking a risk then this is written to you. Read the rest of this entry »

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How To Overcome All Fear – Part 6

By Andy Shaw | May 12, 2010

Please note – This is the sixth in the Fear Series of Articles, to completely overcome all fears the articles should be first read in order to obtain the desired outcome

Fear – Anxiety

Jesus said, “Can anxious thought add a single day to your life?”

One dictionary defines anxiety as: - distress or uneasiness of mind caused by fear of danger or misfortune

Well we know that FEAR is an illusion, so lets rephrase that definition, anxiety as:- distress or uneasiness of mind caused by the illusion of danger or misfortune

So just for clarity anxiety is something we create about an illusion of what may happen, ok, so lets move on to removing the need to create it.

We have all heard of the anxiety gap, and once again it is caused by being here and wanting to be there. I thought before I wrote this I’d take a quick look at what the expert psychologists tell us about anxiety and how they try and remove it from people.

Well there was stacks of info on studying it. I’m guessing about 98% of their writing, and just 2% on curing it. Of course as usual they as with all the medical world have it backwards, they are looking at poor people to study how not to be rich. If you want to be rich, you study a rich person. So of course they’ve looked at it so hard they have confused themselves to the point of completely disappearing up their own backsides.

I am not surprised that they can keep being paid by clients for years when they could get through this stuff in a few days, weeks or at worst months. They are not here for the cure, there’s no money in the cure! They are here to prolong the disease.

If I was here to string this stuff out I could write a book on curing anxiety and a book on each of the other ailments. I could end up with 50 books on psychology and be considered the worlds expert in it. None of them would work as well as what I am writing here because they wouldn’t get to the point quickly enough.

I could easily attain world preminence status though as an expert in the field. I’m not interested in becoming a world expert in the field of giving people back the control of something that is theirs. I’m interested in curing the problem fast to get people to have the lives they desire. I’m far more interested in focusing on preventing the disease ever from re-occurring than focusing on the cure. The guys who live in this world of the ‘cure’ have it backwards.

There’s a simple formula, close the doors on the emotional resistance levels, share stories to emphasise the points, then give a practical way to apply the how to knowledge.

No wonder psychiatrists make this stuff out to be complicated to people, it is complicated as they can’t understand for themselves each layer of bulls**t which has been written on the subject! They end up assuming it must be right because there is a lot of words there. Then when they think they have read enough they contribute to the sea of words that do not cut to the chase at all. Still you have to admire their ability to create an income out of fresh air as people really think anxiety is incurable. Rant over, let’s cure it and prevent it from coming back

Read the rest of this entry »

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How To Overcome All Fear – Part 5

By Andy Shaw | May 11, 2010

Please note – This is the fifth in the Fear Series of Articles, to completely overcome all fears the articles should be first read in order to obtain the desired outcome

What Would It Be Worth To Be Free Of All Worries?

Now it is time to banish worries to something that you just had in your past. First let’s imagine what that will feel like for a second. You wake up and all of a sudden you no longer have any worries. They are simply not there anymore, you haven’t fixed everything, you just are not worried anymore. Would that be cool?

What would you give to be free of your worries? To most people this would be priceless, after all it is obvious that these hold us back. Before late 2008 I didn’t really get affected by worries, though they sort of crept in during 2008/09.

However, I don’t think I worry about anything at all anymore, since realising what they were, I just no longer have use for them, in truth I never did. Now my reason for telling you this is not to brag, it is to state that I apply no effort to ‘not’ worrying. I do not possess any superhuman abilities which mean I am able to do something you cannot. We can all do this, it is simply a matter of understanding what your worries are.

Also I used myself as an example to provoke your ego a little. As you probably have a little voice inside your head saying to you right now, ‘Well yes that’s him, he can do it, I don’t know how but he can, but I couldn’t do that. He’s cleverer than me.’

Well if that’s the case for you then let me introduce you to your ego. Your ego is right there now, so look at it, don’t judge, just watch it. Now while you are observing your ego bear this in mind. It is self sabotage (the ego’s primary weapon against you) to try and keep you where you are. To say that you can’t do something before you’ve even had a chance to read how to do it. Well this of course is the ego’s way of shouting ‘Danger, you will get hurt if you go here.’ Your ego doesn’t want to learn and escape your current situation, it likes it there.

The ego works without the ability to look into the future, it works with a maximum capacity of your life’s experiences. Well I’ve got news for you, it’s something which you know (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this, but you may not be aware when your ego’s around), you… don’t… know… everything! So to use just what you know means you will never expand, which means you will repeat the same mistakes again and remain where you are in life.

Your ego may have said other sentences instead of the one I suggested, please feel free to share them below, as writing them down and shining a powerful light on them will make this area of your mind very bright and darkness can no longer exist in the presence of light.

Do You Know How To Slow Down?

Ok, so before we start can you accept you will read this without prior judgement as to whether you can or cannot free your mind of worries? To those of you who don’t have this negative thought pattern then that’s great. I’m just trying to get everyone on the same page as there is a big upside in freedom from worries. Also to those who are reading and just ‘scan reading’, you may want to slow down and read slowly. There is a problem with scan reading when it comes to this sort of thing, you often miss the point at which change occurs within you.

Hey, but don’t worry about it. You can come back to scan again, and again later too… that’s if you remember to of course. Alternatively you could just read now. However, you have been trained to think if you scan read, then you’ll read and absorb faster and you’ll get where you want to go much quicker.

Just remember knowledge is not power, applied knowledge is power. If you get to the end of these articles and you still suffer from pain, fear, worry, anxiety etc. then remind yourself that you applied an old principle from my cabinet making days – more haste, less work! A way to describe it better for you is more haste, less progress.

I too have read at speed, and I still speed read now in between the real learning points. I switch it on and off. When I get to a learning point I slow down and take it slow and sometimes read the same paragraph or page several times before moving on.

With what I am sharing in these articles there simply is nothing else that matters until you have wiped the viruses off your mind, whatever program you install will be infected with your current virus. You cannot achieve this at warp speed, it happens when you are paying attention. So slow down and allow the changes to take place by shining a light onto the darkness and therefore dissolving it. If all you do in life is rush, then what are you asking the universe for? More rushing of course.

Let me give you an example of me not rushing. I’ve identified something I am doing wrong, I could rush to change it. Or I could schedule time in to do it, the more time I allow before I commence work on it, means my subconscious will have mulled it over a lot and conceived many new alternatives (after all there are an infinite number).

If you have learnt to speed read so that you can absorb more and get further ahead in life faster and you have been speed reading to this point, then ask yourself, “has my speed reading created the life I desire? Am I sure I got and applied all the value from books I previously read? When I found a good book, did I slow down to absorb and apply the techniques? If I did then why have I not achieved the life I desire?”

Oh by the way, the person speaking inside your head right now is your ego – observe him/her. Slow down, life is to be savoured not to be rushed. When you find a holiday destination you like, you slow down and enjoy it. When you strike a vein of gold, you continue to dig in there, you don’t go to find another vein. Why is it so often that people continue to look for what they have already found. There’s none so blind as those who cannot see!

Ok, I should have got to the vast majority of peoples attention, you should be present now and therefore paying attention. Try to remember this when you read the other articles I write as well that way you will get a lot more out of them. Hey you should get out of them what’s written on the tin! That’s if you read them and observe your reactions. Ok, so now I have your attention let’s get rid of your worries.

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How To Overcome All Fear – Part 4

By Andy Shaw | May 2, 2010

Please note – This is the fourth in the Fear Series of Articles. To completely overcome all fears the articles should be first read in order to obtain the desired outcome

Fear – Stress

Are you stressed? Well, right now you are probably not, but shortly, or later today, or sometime soon you will probably once again lose yourself to stress. Alternatively you may be one of the minority like I used to be who was able to manage their stress.

There is a problem with managing stress though which is that we are accepting our stress needs to be there in the first place! We accept it has to be because of our life situation, or our business, or our jobs… whatever. We falsely believe it is just a part of our everyday lives that has to be managed in some way. Well it doesn’t. It can be removed completely. However, to attain this state may take seconds or months.

Before I start I do not want to give you any false impressions. I am not 100% free of bad stress, I am approximately 98 – 99% free of it. Occasionally it sneaks up on me when I am not looking. However, I would say I was 94% free of it a couple of months ago, and would say I’ll be 99.5% free in a couple of months. Then shortly after that it may pop in occasionally to say hello, but that’s all it will ever be able to do, and at those times I will quickly dissolve it without effort, just recognition.

Sounds like I may have put in some hard work, but you should know by now none of this involves hard work. All I did was remembered to think when I was supposed to.

Then achieving that will cut your stress by 90%+ in no time at all. Would that be good? Just reading this article should cut your stress by 60 – 70%. You’ll achieve this is by simply becoming aware of what’s going on and not even applying the very small effort on your part to attain freedom from this disease which not only can make you seriously ill, but literally keeps you locked into repeating the same mistakes again and never getting anywhere.

Where Are You Now?

Are you so busy getting to the future that the present is reduced to a means of getting there? I always look at the people with their iPhones, Blackberrys, and emails and rushing to meetings and I think, are they getting any more done?

Do they ever take account of their lives and the price they are paying to attain a result which could be attained without any effort. The trouble is that we have it backwards on this way of doing things, but I will come onto resolving this later on. For now we are going to examine the result of all of this stressful activity.

Stress; you see it in everybody, we are plagued by it as a race. We do not release it – we don’t know how (this should be taught in schools too). And most do not know how to control or manage it. Then they leave it so long before learning management of it they become ill. I was one of them. Then after that, this is just management. What I am going to explain today is how to manage it if you have to, how to release it if it builds up, how to avoid it, and most important of all how to not create it in the first place.
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How To Overcome All Fear – Part 3

By Andy Shaw | May 1, 2010

Please note – This is the third in the Fear Series of Articles. To completely overcome all fears the articles should be first read in order to obtain the desired outcome

~ The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure. ~ Sven Goran Eriksson

Fear Of Failure

I do not think that there is any greater fear or road block in the personal development world than this one. I wanted to keep this one short but there is a lot of depth to removing this obstacle so this article goes on longer than most.

What I am going to write here may not be enough for you yet though as you may be so unconscious when you are consumed by this state that no words will be able to penetrate your self-imposed barrier to them. However, I see a very positive outcome for you, if you are able to remain present and absorb them.

It is also a huge roadblock elsewhere in the world as well. But I am writing this in my hotel room whilst at an excellent seminar hosted by my friend Mark Anastasi, which has around 400 people at. Yesterday I saw some more excellent speakers and I know I will see some more today who will teach me the way they are doing things to achieve their success. No matter how much I look into success, I have still found no quicker way than to purchase a system for a fraction of its true value, make it work, and then adapt and improve on it to suit myself once it is working. I have never purchased a system that didn’t work and I have never achieved all I could with any system I purchased. Yet, mine is a different mindset to most…

I saw one guy yesterday who offered what in my opinion was a near perfect business model for someone to escape their job and produce at least £100k a year almost overnight. In fact overnight.

He laid it out really well – I know the techniques and am using them myself. But he had nailed it brilliantly and systemised it. I saw that this opportunity would replace peoples jobs instantly, then it would lead them into a new world where they would discover that they never needed to worry about a job or making money again. Effectively this quick success would shortcut them to a new mindset.

Well he pitched his service and the usual 5 – 12% went ahead and purchased. However, I spoke with 4 people later in the day at different times and each one told me how they wanted to find a way to quit their job, and they needed to find the answer quickly. I told each that there was their answer, and all they needed to do was apply that and they would generate revenue within hours of applying it. Forget the money as that was easily obtainable e.g. find someone with the money but no time, and offer them a JV – this isn’t rocket science, it is just thinking outside the box. If they want it easier, then pitch the ones at the back of the room to partner with them… could it get any easier to buy a business system?

Successful people who live without fear always look for solutions. Those who live in fear always find problems.

However, back to the story…

There’s None So Blind As Those Which Cannot See

What I mean by this is their fear of failure is holding them back and in this exact instance, it’s not that they didn’t know what to do, it’s just they were afraid they’d end up worse off than they are now. Of course they were initially and may have been completely unconscious to the fact that someone who makes money like a by-product of being awake was telling them that this was a solution which will work for them.

They all said to me, I’m just looking for the solution. I said to them look, here it is, everywhere you look in this environment is a vein of gold. I said repeatedly it is right at your feet, you just have to buy and pick(the course) and start digging. To which they all individually said yes and then were immediately re-consumed by their minds control over them to solve their unconscious thought, which was of course the fear that after purchase they would end up worse off than they are now.

And they were of course correct. They believed they would be worse off, so if they purchased the course that I know was a certain success, they would still find a way of bringing their beliefs into reality. They and probably you too believe you are conscious when you look at opportunities, but that’s when you are most likely to sink back into an old pattern.

Because, it is not that you don’t know what to do, it is just that you are afraid that you’ll be worse off than you are now. They were worried about spending £2,000 to buy a business model that had 100% money back guarantee on… are they insane? Well of course they are!

But fear of failure needs to be understood, which is among other things why most who buy products at seminars do not go on to emulate the success of the product creators. A few do; the ones who either got inspired, had a system to roll it out, or already understand the payment is a fraction of the upside so act knowing that success is certain. It is my intention to attend a seminar and have a system in place so that I may purchase all products and roll them out. When I do, all will work, some will work big time, and some will work to a massive scale. Do you get the point? Success is more certain with a system. I ride on the back of giants wherever I can.

However, because most are unconscious, then even though their egos are willing to accept it is obvious to everyone that this is the way to do it. They cannot escape their unconsciousness. After all, could you escape a prison you didn’t know you were in?

Reading this now, you can clearly see an expert is saying “I’ve done this and here it is”. Another (me) is saying I’ve done this too, it really works. That’s enough of a way point isn’t it? Hell, I’ve gone into opportunities that have had 100th of the support or research than that as I’ll demonstrate later.

But none of the four I spoke with took any action. They all ‘hoped’ the solution would be presented tomorrow. They hoped that the next vein of gold would be more clearly marked and that it may even have their name on it… this is fear of failure disguised as research.

Quick Joke to emphasise the point:-

Joseph was flat broke and he prayed to his God to let him win the lottery; “Please god, let me win the lottery…my wife, my family are starving god. I have never asked for anything from you, but I ask this… please relieve my money worry’s and let me win the lottery.”

The lottery came and he did not win; “Please god, this week my situation has become far worse, my wife has left me and my mother needs an operation. I am your loyal and faithful servant lord. I have never asked anything from you. Please let me win the lottery so that I may get my wife back and help my mother out.”

The lottery came and he did not win; “Please, please god this time you must listen, I do not know what I have done to offend you. I have been loyal for my whole life lord. I have given happily to you always, yet now even my dog is sick and my family are all in trouble. I cannot even see my children and I ask you for help lord and yet you forsake me and leave me with nothing. Please tell me what have I done to offend you so? Please lord, please let me win the lottery so that I may help those around me.”

At this point the heavens opened and a great booming voice came down from the heavens; “Joseph… Meet me half way…. Buy a ticket!”

Do you see what I mean? These people could attend 100 seminars and never see what is in front of them, which is a real shame as one of them is a very good friend. Yet even if they finally did take action through pure desperation, which I am sure many who bought a system reached this exact point, they would probably manage to choose something that was not right and then they would still fail and be able to say, see I tried this and it failed so I was right!

This is such child like behaviour and is endemic of a person who lives in fear of failure. If something has a 100% guarantee or better it means that there is no risk. If it comes with payment via a credit card it means you can get your money back within 18 months, so there is no risk.


So we are not talking about a financial risk, we are talking about a missed opportunity risk (i.e. something else) or a cost of your own time.

So you’ve already missed countless opportunities in your life, therefore you may as well get going now. It does not matter if a better vein of gold can be discovered. You have already found a gold mine! All you need to do is to dig it out of the ******* ground.

Conclusion: there is no missed opportunity cost.

But how about a cost of your own time? The Universe conspires to help those that take action. Your learning curve, whether it works or not, is worth a fortune. To have to give up 5 hours of TV a week to do a hobby instead, which should remove your need to work full time, is not work! Is it!?!?! Stop looking at it as if it is, and start looking at it as if it is your hobby, and then you’ll like it and make a success of it.

Conclusion: there is no cost to your own time, as you can’t really be serious and want freedom if you consider loss of watching 5 hours of telly a week a cost to you. If you do then maybe you should either give up trying to improve your life, or go back to the start of these articles and start reading again.

Final conclusion to whether you would end up worse off than you are now. So there’s no money risk, there’s no missed opportunity cost and there’s no loss of valuable time. Conclusion: to not take action is therefore unconscious inaction.

Hang on did I hear you say the word but? That but came from your ego and if you said but, you are still predominantly in an unconscious state. Hold 15 seconds of positive thought now, get present; be grateful for what you have in life and start reading the article again. As there is no point you going any further if you said but. The rest of this article will have no value for you unless you are present.

Ok, Now What We Have To Do Is Break Down The Barriers To It

Did your ego force you to carry on reading as it wouldn’t be told, or were you conscious enough to observe your ego? Whatever you chose to do, it is of course your choice and there is nothing more I desire for you than to make you rich.

Would you like me to give you a formula for success?
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How To Overcome All Fear – Part 2

By Andy Shaw | April 30, 2010

Please note – This is the second in the Fear Series of Articles. To completely overcome all fears the articles should be first read in order to obtain the desired outcome

~ Fear grows in darkness; if you think there’s a bogeyman around, turn on the light. ~ Dorothy Thompson

I was speaking with my son the other day and he was asking me why people commit suicide and I said it was because they were not present and did not have control of their minds. They were insane and they were living in fear of something. I asked him did he ever see a time when I would commit suicide, or when I would even fear something. He said, “No Daddy you don’t fear anything.”

Now children I am sure believe that of their Dads anyway. But the truth is that most people spend their entire life going from one state of fear to another. When fear sets in we easily rationalise why we should stop advancing and start to retreat. Or even just give up and run. At that point you can either use your energy to work out why you can or why you can’t do something, or why the answer is or is not available to you.

The First Step To Overcoming Fear Is Looking At The Worst Case Scenario

Here’s a short story that maybe will help you see how someone who never really feared the ‘big’ stuff coped with some pretty scary stuff.

When I realised that I could no longer meet my obligations it was a very scary situation. Before I had managed my fear of this simply by saying “I’ll deal with that when and if I have to”. The fear I suppose was always present; I just kept it locked up in a cupboard. What was the point of ever going there?

I’d always had a fairly cool attitude towards fear. I had not overcome fear, I had merely mastered control over fear. Now of course that’s different as I do not need to master control over something which isn’t there.

However, before I reached this state my big fears were other people’s insignificant ones. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest getting up in front of people to speak. It used to and then one day I was reviewing a goal list which included ‘Overcoming my fear of public speaking’, and I realised I’d spoken at a lot of events and without realising it I no longer had this fear. It had not even dissolved, it just wasn’t there.

My big fears were things like walking into a pub and talking to the barman… (scary!) yes they were irrational fears. They were stupid fears. Don’t get me wrong, I could walk into a pub, I just had to concentrate as I walked in.

Then I had other minor fears like spiders. Though I never had really big fears that most people who are ‘stuck’, or you could say ‘procrastinate’, suffered with, I have never had a fear of failure. However, when I was faced with losing it all, I had to face the situation and see what was in the cupboard.

So I opened the door to my possible fear and took a look. I went down the road of what would happen in the worst case scenario. I’d lose everything including my home and my family and I would have to be housed in a guest house. But was that as bad as it could possibly get?

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