How To Overcome All Fears – Part 1

By Andy Shaw | April 29, 2010

Please note – This is the first in the Fear Series of Articles. To completely overcome all fears the articles should be first read in order to obtain the desired outcome

Fear – False Evidence Appearing Real

Never a better description given! And if we were enlightened then that statement should be all there is ever needed to overcome our fears.

The problem is that our minds are so full of bull***t and irrationality that we have managed to add layer after layer of crud on and taken our level of madness to such an extreme that virtually the entire world is paralysed by their fears.

Over the next series of articles I’m going to break down each of the Fear barriers for you and provide you with all that is necessary to remove them all from your life forever.

No I am not kidding!

I live with no fear of any kind, and so can you. I know it may sound impossible, but the truth is that through observation and understanding of the minds problems fear is just yet another state of mind that simply does not have any value for you at all.

All it holds for you is negativity and of course negativity as we have previously seen just holds you back, or actually pulls you in the opposite direction to the one you wish to go in. We also know that nothing stands still and each thought either moves us towards or away from what we want. Therefore, there is no argument that this state of mind needs to be permanently removed from your life forever. If you think otherwise, then you need to become present. Just relax and over this series I will explain how you can ‘if you choose to’ remove fear from every area of your life.
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Freedom From Having To Feel Sorry & The Down Side Of Wanting To Help

By Andy Shaw | April 28, 2010

I started to write this article on charity and for the first time I can remember I found myself lost in writing. I went down six or seven routes to try and nutshell this, but each one led me to digging in deep. I came to the conclusion that I could not present a nutshell or this without writing a book on the subject – and none of us want that. So instead it lead me to understand deeper that our whole thoughts behind charity are such a mess, even though from the external view they appear really, really simple. This is a very cunning illusion.

Here’s how they look simple: –

As I said, this is a very cunning illusion.

So instead of trying to write the definitive work on charity, I am going to just share some of the truths I have realised and discovered about it. The simple answer though is that what we have been trained to think about charity is wrong. And charitable thinking does not help us or the ones we desire to help get where we desire to go.

Here’s a simplified version of what charitable thoughts actually look like

Very simply put, our thoughts on charity are backwards and if you desire to create a deliberate life for yourself then you need to know about this stuff that goes on in your mind so that you can observe it properly and see what shines through and what dissolves when light is shined on it.

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The World’s Greatest Demon

By Andy Shaw | April 27, 2010

In all my research and in all my observance of human nature I would say that the most destructive behaviour on this earth is easily that of blind obedience. The schools teach our children to do without question and it is wrong, religion teaches us that we must accept it because that’s the way it is, science says we are experts therefore we are right, Doctors say we have trained and therefore we are right as we are the cleverest amongst you…

It is all bullsh*t. There is a saying in investing that says that no one looks after your money as well as you do. Well this is especially true when it comes to your mind; no one looks after that as good as you do. And your job is to question each and every one of your beliefs and eventually accept the truth that you find. Don’t accept that I am telling you the truth. Question that too. Do not blindly follow without questioning any of the beliefs you have been brought up with.

We are educated from birth to believe with blind obedience school teachers, religion, science, Doctors, without question. Yet if you watch children you will see that before we as adults beat it out of them with the same dogma that was used on us, they have a natural ability that adults have lost through lack of use.

And we all know whatever we do not use, we lose. But children under the age of Eight all are still attached to their natural instinct, so when they are told something, they ask, “Why?” We as adult’s when we let beliefs in without continuing to observe them and check that they are correct forget this most basic question.
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Has The Blob Caught You!

By Andy Shaw | April 24, 2010

When I look at the sea of negativity that covers the world it can sometimes appear initially over-whelming as the negative energy washes over me. As how can you combat a force for bad that keeps people unconsciously trapped in the misery it creates without them even knowing they are trapped?

How do you demonstrate rationality against those things that are accepted by the vast majority to be ‘the way it is,’ and ‘the way it is done’? However, within an instant I am back on the outside of this negative energy field instead of having it absorb me like ‘The Blob!’

In fact, negativity is almost exactly like the monster in the film ‘The Blob’; the creature absorbs you into it and it grows bigger with each new person (new ego) it absorbs. The only difference I have found between negativity and the blob is occasionally a person can come back from being absorbed by negativity.

It doesn’t happen very often as when they are absorbed by it they identify with it and therefore the bond is very strong. To lose their negativity would mean losing part of themselves. So they just continue to be absorbed more deeply by the blob.

The problem is that once they start to identify with it, they cannot see that connection as irrational anymore. They have become unconscious to the damage that this unnatural state of negativity is having on their lives.

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Does Resentment Have Any Value

By Andy Shaw | April 23, 2010

Well if you have read what I have written previously on nothing standing still and your thoughts either take you towards what you desire or away from it, then it is obvious that this negative sentiment holds no value in moving toward where you desire to go.

So you should be thinking, no, it has no value at all to me. And therefore to hold on to any resentment would be insane right? Because this is all just logical and, now that I’ve shone a light on it, fairly obvious.

However, knowing it and applying it are two completely different things. You now know that any resentment you hold on any level to any person only hurts you. So do you choose to let it go?
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Resistance Is Like Being Anchored To The Ground

By Andy Shaw | April 22, 2010

Whatever you resist will persist. Whatever you prepare against will become your reality. Whatever you fear and worry about becomes you reality. The first step to releasing this negative anchor is to start by acknowledging that there is resistance within. From that point you can start to watch and learn from it.

Forgiveness is to put up no resistance to life. It is to allow life to live through you. The alternative to forgiveness is pain and suffering, which equals a restricted amount of life energy and, in a lot of cases, actual physical disease.

When you look at whatever happens in your life situation then conditions are neither positive or negative; they just are. When you give up resistance and decide to live in acceptance of what is, which of course is the only sane way to live (thereby meaning to not do this, then that makes you… insane!), then there is no good or bad in your life anymore… it’s all good, which of course includes the bad, which also helps you to the greater good for yourself.

Let me explain that a little more. Let’s say something terrible happens, and I have experienced something terrible myself. We did not like it nor did we enjoy it; we just allowed it to be, we accepted it as it was. We could not be happy at the time, but we were at peace. There were plenty of tears, but as there was no resistance serenity came to us. I didn’t know it at the time but this was Being, and was inner peace, which is the good that has no opposite.
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Do You Think You Are Adding To Your Pain?

By Andy Shaw | April 21, 2010

Did you answer no? Well it would be insane to add to your own pain, unless you got off on that kind of thing. But I’m talking about the vast majority of people here, not the tiny minority that society makes us think about to try and keep our thoughts off track.

If you did say no I am not adding to my pain… then was it you who said it? Or did your ego answer unconsciously on your behalf?

Why do I ask?

Because if you are not leading a 100% fulfilling & happy life then it is almost certain that you are adding to your pain, whether you know it or not. And if you are not living the life you desire, then I guarantee you that you are either adding to it or not releasing it. And in doing so you are condemning yourself to repeat the same mistakes again… Which obviously is yet another insane thing to do.

If you think you probably are adding more pain, then you are on the right track. If you think you definitely are, then welcome to the minority of people who know they have a problem but don’t know how to fix it. At the end of this article, you’ll know fully how to fix it. It will just be down to you to decide whether it is important enough for you to fix or not. I will provide you with the tools but you will have to put it together.

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Giving You Back Your Decision Making

By Andy Shaw | April 20, 2010

Are you fed up making the wrong decisions that you thought were wrong when you made them?

Do you think you are mostly in control of your decisions?

Or do you think you are in full control of the decisions you make? After all, you are making them aren’t you?

Aren’t you?

Well, if you haven’t yet got the life that you desire then it is almost certain that you are not making your decisions correctly. If you want the life you are after then you are going to need to take control of your decision making again.

So very shortly you are going to discover how your Ego is actually influencing your decisions through negative false self-limiting beliefs, and of course a strong desire to keep you where you are in life. You are also going to discover how to overcome its control over you so that you can start to make decisions without any more self-limiting beliefs. Ok, ready to regain control…
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Accepting, Allowing & Having Are States Required For Easy Riches

By Andy Shaw | April 19, 2010

~ Our entire life consists ultimately in accepting ourselves as we are. ~ Jean Anouilh

Previously I have covered the underlying nature of some seemingly inoffensive words that we use in our everyday lives. Society teaches us that some words are unacceptable or subjects that we just do not wish to talk about. But these words I mentioned previously are perfectly acceptable, everyday words which we all use.

Yet it is those words that should also feature on the socially unacceptable list. I have advised you to avoid the states of wanting, needing, waiting as when you use these words they are a statement of your lack. And of course we always are given more of the lack which we ask for.

The powerful way to transmute your wants, needs & wait into gold is simple. First, as I said, use the correct words where you can. But the most powerful thing you can do is to be accepting of your life situation. You want to spend a lot more of your time in the state of having, allowing and accepting.

When you want something without first thinking you have it, then this is the key to not getting what you want. Yes I know it sounds backwards, and that is because we have all been trained backwards. What I am now showing you is how to think forwards, but coming from our perspective it looks like it is backwards thinking. It’s not!

Your current backwards thinking is just another layer of crud that needs to be removed from your mind so that you can think freely and go in the direction you desire to go in. So first you have to accept what you have, then you have to believe you have it, and then you have to allow it to then be.

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Why The ***k Do You Believe In Luck?

By Andy Shaw | April 18, 2010

Luck is just chance… or a game of chance…

Or as I like to say, ‘that was fortunate’, and my wife replies, ‘yes it was lucky too!’

The unfortunate (unlucky) people have to believe in luck as they see that as their way to ‘make it’. The fortunate (lucky) people merely use chance (luck) by stacking the deck in their favour.

Saying that you believe in luck is making a lack statement to the universe. What you are effectively saying is that you are out of control and reliant on external forces to provide for you through some chance sequence of events. Do you really enjoy the thought that your life is in the hands of the great unknown as to whether you are lucky or not?

Do you want to stop being ‘unlucky’ and start being ‘lucky’, or are you so indoctrinated by the complete mis-understanding and myths that surround this word that your mind (ego) hasn’t even allowed you to read this far on the subject?

The misconceptions that surround this word and its intentions are astounding and eat away at the lives of those that it touches. I am fortunate though as I am what people who believe their lives revolve around luck would call a ‘Lucky person.’

A few years ago I was recommended a book called the Luck Factor by Professor Richard Wiseman. He wrote the book on the four scientific principles of luck. He researched over 1,000 people to find out why some were luckier than others. I highly recommend reading this book as it really did increase my ‘luckiness’ by highlighting areas which needed my attention.

Obviously being what most people would call a ‘lucky’ person to me I am able to simplify it rather quicker than a scientist can. But no matter how many times I say there’s no such thing as luck, only a very few people believe me, as I do not have the credentials of a scientist.

So for those doubters who believe that luck is merely in the lap of the gods, then if you are brave enough to have your views questioned – I suggest you read professor Wisemans book. Also if you would just like to gauge how ‘lucky’ you are and in what areas you need to work to increase your ‘luck’, then I suggest this book features on your reading list.

Well the truth is that I am both right & wrong about there being no such thing as luck, and I’ll cover why I am after I’ve broken down some of the barriers to how you can create your own luck by using some of Professor Wiseman’s simple scientific methods. Let’s begin…
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