Why Do We Hope It’ll Be Alright?

By Andy Shaw | April 16, 2010

Because we are trained from birth to think that is what we need to do! Not only that but nearly all experts who we have listened to about hope have got it wrong.

Do you hope for stuff? I bet you do! After all, we are trained from birth and given this sort of personality defect from parents who were trained defectively from birth as well. We hope for stuff simply because that’s what we have been taught by parents, friends, teachers, society’s brightest minds, the media…everybody teaches this backwards.

Well just because everybody is doing something, it doesn’t make it right. As Mark Twain said, “when you find yourself on the side of popular opinion it’s time to pause and reflect.”

Well it’s time to look at the state of hoping for just a little time so that we can shine a light on this insidious demon. As if you don’t, then you don’t have a hope! Once I’ve shone a light on this monster for you, then you’ll start to view things from yet another different perspective.

You Are Letting The Devil In Disguise Into Your Life

Hope is one of the most evil words there is as it totally lies to us. It really is the devil in disguise. For example: -

We are trained to hope for everything in life! We are trained to hope that something or someone will save us, change our life, make us happy and bring us what we want.

However, as soon as we enter the state of hoping then what are we really asking for? More hoping of course. And hope is truly horrible! Why?

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Are You Waiting For Something?

By Andy Shaw | April 14, 2010

On my journey throughout life I have found that most people are waiting. They think they know what they are waiting for, but then they can’t see it when it shows up. Then they glance back at the Abyss of time they have wasted waiting and they have to become attached to the state of waiting, because if they didn’t then they would have to stare back at their life’s missed opportunity cost and accept their real failure.

They can only glance at the time they wasted as it is too painful to accept the failure. They are waiting for that opportunity to come along, or the right thing to happen that just makes the puzzle a bit more complete so that they can step forward and move from their waiting state.

There are two types of people; waiters – those that are waiting for something, and non-waiters – those that only use positive waiting

Most people are waiters, and it is only the very small minority who are non-waiters. The non-waiters are the ones who are doing it, making it happen, changing the world for themselves, their families, and others.

…The waiters are the rest of you! And this is written for you guys as yet another attempt to get you to stop waiting.

Before I really get going please don’t let your ego take this the wrong way! As this is designed to help your situation and share something valuable with you.

So why do most people wait?

We are trained to wait from a very young age. We are trained to stand in queues. It is just orderly in our society. But if we stick to this practice in our life situations then we will wait ourselves to death. To me, waiting is something that other people do. I am not interested in waiting for an event to happen to me. I’d rather make the event happen.

There are three types of waiting: – The Good, The Bad and The Insignificant…
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How Much Do You Really Want Something?

By Andy Shaw | April 12, 2010

Do you know that the thing you really want you will never actually get, but the thing you keep asking for you are manifesting all of the time?

Would you rather get what you really want?

If you have been a study of Goal setting, personal development, or self improvement for a while, then you are almost certainly one of the 3% of people who have actually set yourself some goals. They may be in your head or they may be on paper, or on your computer, in a diary…wherever! It doesn’t matter right now.

They may not be completely correct and they may be a little out of date now, but you have done something. Which is of course is a world apart from the 97% (according to Harvard research) who having done nothing. I’m going to come on to the art of goal setting in future articles as this is powerful stuff and does work.

But for today I want to focus your attention on one incredibly small thing. So small that you use it every day without noticing the damage it is doing to you, your life, and your goals. It is part of your life; it is contained within everything you attempt to do. You consider it your friend and your ally. Yet it is in disguise, as it is actually a horrible cancer and you are ensuring it grows in you all of the time.
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Please Remind Yourself How Good You Are?

By Andy Shaw | April 4, 2010

appreciation One of the skills I simply had to learn was to appreciate what I accomplish. I don’t spend too much time on this as I’m usually more interested with what I’m doing than what I’ve done. But I used to be solely interested in what I was going to be doing.

And in the past I used to be totally uninterested in what I’d accomplished. What’s more, I would be annoyed with myself for not having achieved everything I set out to do.

Of course this is madness, as without taking time to smell the roses and appreciate what I’ve accomplished then I’ll simply attract more of being uninterested with what I’ve accomplished and annoyed with myself for not accomplishing everything…which of course I can never do.

…whereas now that I have learnt this simple skill it’s different! Read the rest of this entry »

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Are You Certain The Actions You Took Yesterday Were The Right Ones?

By Andy Shaw | April 1, 2010

Before you read this article, be aware, I’ve saved it for a time where you have time to consider it fully… It is going to require a little thought from you and you know that’s the hardest work of all. So if you feel you are worth the effort then read on.

However, don’t have a go at me for beating you up a bit, for if you want to attain certain wealth then you are going to need this stuff and the sooner you get this out of the way then the sooner you’ll attain that which you desire!


Are You Certain The Actions You Took Yesterday Were The Right Ones?

How can you be so certain?

Are you sure it was you that made the decision?

Am I mad? Or am I just aware?

Is something you are accepting without question the truth, or is it just an illusion?

Before I realised that I had lost control I never questioned my thought foundations. Yet in doing so it gave me clarity of thought, control over my mind and the wonderful gift of presence.

I always assumed because I had considered my actions and that I was making rational thoughts that they were helping me – every insane person does this without consideration.

The problem was, I wasn’t making rational thoughts…my reasoning was being badly affected by my other thoughts. My mind was a mess, and I could not hold more than a few seconds on clear uninterrupted thought about a truly wonderful experience.

Let alone an uninterrupted logical thought about an important decision!

So it was only after I realised that I was no longer in control of my mind that I  was able to realise my mind was actually not working with me, but working against me. As nothing stands still, it is either helping or hurting. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Quick Technique – That Produces Massive Results And Solves Problems Without Any Effort

By Andy Shaw | March 28, 2010

wakeup Firstly I do not do everything the goal setting people say you should do each day, later in this series of articles I will cover why I don’t and why it may or may not be best for you to follow them but today I do have a little technique for you that I apply every morning that gives me new and wonderful ideas, solutions everyday without fail, all I have to do is remember to use it before getting out of bed.

Ok, first thing an untrained mind thinks about in the morning, is the problems you face today, or soon, or whatever, it thinks about problems.

This is because we have been trained to think the wrong way, thinking about our problems and trying to find ways to fix them, simply attracts more of thinking about our problems and trying to fix them…you don’t need to try and fix them as if by magic they actually fix themselves, but I’ll cover how to get them to fix themselves in another article.

What I’m here today for is to give you a really quick technique that will give you the answer to any problem or simply find a completely different way to go on it, which you never would have considered if you did not use this technique. Read the rest of this entry »

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How Your Own Satisfaction Is Killing Your Growth

By Andy Shaw | March 26, 2010

We have an in-built desire to attain our own maximum potential. But we also have this in-built desire to expand ourselves makes us very unhappy when we look back and notice our distinct lack of progress.

We are continually looking at those around us, those in the media, as examples of how much they have attained and how much we haven’t. We are using other people’s attainments to feel bad about ourselves!

Is it any wonder that poor people don’t like rich people? When the madness is that they are creating an image of something they hate, but secretly want to be. And in doing so they are making it impossible for themselves to ever become rich. Because, you will only attract into your life that which you truly like want and love.

They clearly hate the rich so they are saying to their subconscious, “I hate rich people!” Do you think then that their subconscious is going to go, “Oh I hate rich people, ok I’ll make sure to keep us away from them and make sure we don’t do the unholy thing of becoming one of them!”

So they get what they actually asked for and that is to remain poor. Whereas, if you want something, like becoming rich then you study it, admire it, understand it, then apply what you have learned in a certain way…simple really, trouble is unless we remove the bad programming first, no amount of new stuff will work!

So if we want to have what we desire, we must first learn to accept that our current position must not make us unhappy, as if we are unhappy about it, then we will just attract more unhappiness.

Whatever we think about most becomes our reality; if we are feeling unhappy about something then we will create for ourselves more feelings of unhappiness about a similar thing.

The secret? Well the secret of course is to be happy always and therefore only think and attract happy things. Simple, off you go then as that’s the secret. Now that you know that, what do you need to study anymore for… Read the rest of this entry »

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How To Change Quickly What Your Inner Voice Is Saying

By Andy Shaw | March 25, 2010

~ Ego has a voracious appetite, the more you feed it, the hungrier it gets. ~

Nathaniel Bronner Jr

You know your inner voice, your nutter, your little demon, your ego, whatever we want to call him/her, is talking rubbish to you about you not being worthy. We need to keep the light turned on and make it crystal clear about our intentions.

Something to remember is that you are spiritually perfect, always. There is though a difference between our spiritual side of who we are and what we do. Sometimes what we do is far from perfect! This difference is created from ignorance. The gap can be narrowed though by remembering that we are spiritually perfect.

But say to yourself (if you can without being interrupted), “I am spiritually perfect”. If you don’t have the life you desire then as you said that, a little voice probably said, “No you’re not!” Read the rest of this entry »

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How To Stop Believing The Rubbish You Are Repeating To Yourself

By Andy Shaw | March 23, 2010

~ Who speaks, sows; Who listens, reaps. ~

Argentine Proverb

The ego is a cunning character, and yours has probably succeeded in some way in tricking you into believing that you are incompetent, stupid, weak, unworthy, evil…all of it. What a load of rubbish. All this means is that you end up with a very bad self image, which translates into poor self-esteem.

Now words can be very fast to read. Before going on here for a second, turn your attention to inside; do you believe any of the following or is your self-talk ego saying any of this to you – you’re incompetent! You’re stupid! You’re weak! You’re evil! You’re unworthy of success (in wealth / riches / weight loss / relationships / insert whatever you want here!)!

I would suggest spending just a few moments, or minutes, on each of those questions and be honest with yourself about the answers, because you are right at the door of change when you start shining a light on this part of the ego’s work to keep you where you are, as you are now consciously listening to what your nutter is telling you. And when you do that, then the power of his/her constant badgering ceases to be there.

Then when you’re ready read on. Read the rest of this entry »

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Are You Part Of The Blame Culture Too?

By Andy Shaw | March 19, 2010

The media and the physiological response of society has trained us into becoming natural blamers. We blame others automatically, without thinking. Then as we think we look for ways to reinforce our hasty judgements.

This instant blame culture has to be let go of, acceptance of what is, frees you from this. Your ego insists that it must defend you even when you are wrong, as if it doesn’t then others will think you are weak.

Whereas when we shine a light on this we notice that the very opposite is true, by accepting full responsibility you automatically obtain a deep physiological strength that makes your defences impenetrable.

I was brought up in a blame culture. It was one of the hardest things to remove from my make up. And when, in the presence of certain people it is instantly switched back on and usually my first reaction is half way out of my mouth before I have managed to catch it.

The problem is around those people who nurtured this blame culture it somehow acts as a switch to reactivate my unconsciousness. This is not an excuse, it is merely pointing out my laziness as I am aware of this and do not take appropriate actions to remain fully present when I am in that company.

As soon as I make the first mistake it snaps me back into the present and I am able to regain control of my mind.

Whats more, if you are in the presence of people who are unconscious blamers, then there is no need to react to them. Let them blame, just go transparent and let their blaming pass through you.

As if it is right then you accept that you were wrong and obviously will make the required changes to your thoughts and therefore accept what is and have grown stronger thanks to it being pointed out to you.

And if it is wrong and they are seeking to blame you Read the rest of this entry »

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