You Will Always Be A Failure In Someone’s Eyes

By Andy Shaw | March 16, 2010

You cannot please all of the people all of the time, sometimes you cannot please some of the people some of the time…whatever! Who cares, you shouldn’t.

If you are trying to get approval from someone then you have to let it go. I know that is probably not what you want to hear, but please hear me out as this article is written just for those who seek approval. This article will set you free if you read and re-read, then accept, then change.

Freedom or a self imposed prison sentence that will last the rest of your life…as ever, it is your choice.

You cannot force change in people, and it is also not good to force change in people.

Also if the person is unconscious then no matter what you do you will never force change no matter what. You could provide a signed statement of truth from the Ultimate Power in the Universe saying that you are true and good and that you are also right. Then the unconscious person would still doubt it, and therefore dismiss it.

You are trying to scoop up air into the middle of the room!

Do you get it, you are then trapped and doomed to certain failure. By allowing yourself to achieve certain failure you are unconsciously binning all the other concepts that you have accepted. Until you let go of your need to try and force change in others you will never attain harmony.

So how do you do it? Read the rest of this entry »

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Stop Worrying, It Takes You Out Of Harmony

By Andy Shaw | March 10, 2010

And believe me you want harmony…that is just the best thing!

Continued from… Why Do You Worry About Making Mistakes?

Today is the last in this short series on worrying. It is not the last word on it however, as we all need re-tuning as almost 100% of people worry either a lot, or most of the time. So with that much negative influence, this subject will never be finished and will need re-visiting irregularly.

I’m going to cover here stopping the worry and never letting it come back again! Read the rest of this entry »

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Why Do You Worry About Making Mistakes?

By Andy Shaw | March 9, 2010

Continued from… Why Do You Worry About What Others Think?

Wow, this is a big subject, I could write an entire book on this one subject. I have read at least two books devoted just to this point. And this point is covered briefly in most self help books.

What I’m going to try and do is nutshell it and give you the power to enjoy your mistakes, thereby completely remove from you the need to ever worry about making a mistake again! Read the rest of this entry »

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Why Do You Worry About What Others Think?

By Andy Shaw | March 8, 2010

Continued from… Overcoming The Feeling Of Being Powerless

When I had all hell breaking loose and people were criticising me for my choice of actions, there was no way that it was possible for me to stop that. I had to accept that my choices had brought about their anger towards me.

There was no point worrying though about what others thought of me, why because they were going to think what they wanted to. I worked out how to resolve the situation and I knew that it involved a timescale that wasn’t now.

What’s more I knew that I was not this person that they said I was, and I knew that this situation just was. There was nothing that could be done about it to resolve it, it just was and therefore what was the point of any worry about it.

So was there any point to me worrying about what they thought also?

Of course not, thanks to what I have unravelled in the previous series of articles, there is no point in worry. What I could do was control how my mind was affected by what they said and wrote. And as I said before Read the rest of this entry »

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Overcoming The Feeling Of Being Powerless

By Andy Shaw | March 6, 2010

Continued from … So What’s The Biggest Illusion That Worrying Creates?

The media tries its level best to convince us that there is no hope and we are powerless. The truth is something quite different, we are not powerless. In fact we are powerful. We are in full control of our lives whether we like it or not…we are responsible fully for them and there is no one else to blame.

Whatever the situation, our choice of how we accept the situation we have had in our lives is just that a choice. We choose the life we have. And if you don’t like the life you have then you need to get better at choosing…

So to overcoming the feeling of being powerless… Read the rest of this entry »

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So What’s The Biggest Illusion That Worrying Creates?

By Andy Shaw | March 5, 2010

Continued from…. Why Do I Worry?

The last couple of articles were quite long because they contained stories in them which I hope helped you expose to yourself your irrational worry demon.

The rest of this series on overcoming the cancer of worry or rather your need to worry, will be shorter as I want to cover each point relatively quickly and leave you with it. I’m not going to cover every single layer of lack around worrying – that would take a large book, so I will just point out the problems that will give your mind the sign posts to eradicate the problem.

The more you study it the more you will begin to realise, that each layer is like a subtle incarnation of one of the previous layer which you will have learnt to remove by the end of this series.

So I’m not going to do too much (well that’s my intention), but I want to put a bright enough light on this little illusion so that you are able to start to see it in your self. And by seeing it you can see it for the self created illusion that you have allowed in.

From there with what I have already shown you and what you are about to see, you will able to eradicate the worry demon from your life forever. This will literally extend your life if you can apply it.

And if that little gem is not enough, then without the acquisition of this skillset you will not retain the riches you seek. And what is even worse than that, you will not live the fully contented life you deserve as you will still be worrying and therefore missing some of the best bits of life.

So lets get started… Read the rest of this entry »

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Why Do I Worry?

By Andy Shaw | March 3, 2010

Continued from Overcoming The Disease That Keeps 99% Of People Poor…

Between now and then practise being a silent observer in your mind. See when your mind starts to worry. Continue to let it happen and just watch it. Do not judge it, just watch it…look for the rational reason of why it is there and see what this shows you.

When you feel the time is right, ask yourself the question…why do I worry?

So when I stopped and observed my mind and became the silent watcher of my thoughts. I found that I had to ask myself for the first time, why am I worrying?

After much thought I found that it was for the same reason that I had kept doing so many things in my life which I had out grown. As an example, one of them was the business I created in Home Improvements. It wasn’t actually me that figured it out, Greg realised it first.

We were still doing that business because it had become a habit, not because it made us money, or filled us with a sense of being, no it was a habit, a bad habit. So when I asked myself why I worried I found out that it was because I had acquired the habit of worrying. Worrying was a socially acceptable habit though.

Whereas to sink into personal development and study things like becoming your own Doctor, Creating wealth from thought, Science of Getting Rich etc…These en masse are all socially unacceptable. Yes I know they are accepted in our niche, but widely they are looked at as airy fairy sort of rubbish.

Or put a better way, they scare people who are not interested, or don’t like to be shown what they should be doing. So if you like… what you are doing now by trying to improve yourself is socially unacceptable.

But there is another reason for why we worry as well, other than it just being a bad habit… Read the rest of this entry »

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Overcoming The Disease That Keeps 99% Of People Poor

By Andy Shaw | March 1, 2010

Over the next few articles I am going to unravel some of the most ingrained ‘lack’ thoughts that plague humans. It is at our very core and I could either write it in one long article or several shorter ones. So I decided to spread it out a bit and give you time to think between the layers.

So, how would you like to never need to worry again?

Well at the end of these next few articles, I will have shared with you exactly how to remove worry from your mind forever! I will expose it for what it really is and give you back control over this area that you probably lost in childhood. Sound good?

Before we start, just think for a minute about all of the things we worry about, from the little things about being late to the big things like will I be attacked or will I find someone to share my life, or will I make enough money to live, or will I ever be rich?

You name it, we worry about it…so just for a minute think about what worries you have coming up that you are trying to put into corners of your mind to protect yourself from having to face your worrying about them.

You don’t have to worry about them right now, just browse your mind and see what lurks there – you’ll probably find that they may be kept behind a closed door and you don’t want to open it to reveal them.

Whatever…how would you like to have the ability to not have to lock them away ever again? How would you like to have the ability to not have them take up your creative energy.

Worrying is like a disease, it is like cancer, if you don’t remove it then it will kill you. Cancer kills you by growing and eventually crushes an organ into failure from the weight of the growth. Well worrying works in the same way towards your health and it works in the same way to affecting the certain riches you desire. So you HAVE to get rid of this cancer if you desire riches and wealth.

Side note – You do realise of course that when you worry it takes your creative energy, this is the energy you need to create your future funnily enough. So how would you like to have freedom from having to worry at all…ever again? Of course you would but do you believe it is possible for you to achieve that?

What I’m going to share with you in these articles is probably one of the greatest gifts anyone will ever give you, so let’s get going. Read the rest of this entry »

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How Negativity Consumes You & Gives You Emptiness In Return

By Andy Shaw | February 26, 2010

Today I’m going to unravel one of the thick layers of lack. This is a stubborn one though as this is an addictive one.

Negativity is basically resistance, or a refusal to accept what is. Accepting what is, is basically enlightenment, so negativity is just about as far away from enlightenment that a person can get.

Which is why I have such a passion against the negativity that surrounds and consumes so many lives. In the world of personal development, negativity obviously has no place as I’ll explain.

Negativity covers a lot of areas, such as irritation, anger, impatience, depression, resentment, despair, envy, pain…basically you name the bad side of emotion and negativity dwells there. Anyone who believes to be near or around this sort of thing is good or useful in some way is either just insane or unconscious.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Utilising The Power Of Observation Without Judgement

By Andy Shaw | February 20, 2010

Very publicly last year I had to endure the public online resentment, anger from my site members, the fury and upset from my creditors, my brother-in-law who lives in the US contacting my wife Alison about an article he’d read about me in The Guardian online and asking her ‘were we alright?’

Then my brother after reading an article in the Telegraph about me basically saying to my Mum something like well it doesn’t surprise me and it is certainly all true as it was in The Telegraph, this was amongst other quite ‘unfriendly’ and definitely ‘un-family’ like comments but then he is a reporter ;-) and I forgive him.

There were literally hundreds of comments made about me online and I’m sure if you want to go and read them then they are still all there. However, I was staggered by the amount of frankly wrong information there was out there on me.

And how quickly people just accepted it and made their judgements based on inaccurate and uneducated information e.g. ‘He’s gone bankrupt 14 times’ – How that even deserved a comment was just so funny, as I think for that to have actually been real then I would have needed to have been first made bankrupt as I was delivered in the maternity ward LOL. And then been made bankrupt as soon as each bankruptcy ended…do people actually think about what they are saying?

Previously to this I had for years had people doubt that the money I made was real and there was plenty of bad stuff before all of that. So if you step into this sort of world then you expect that sort of thing, it is just part of the package.

However, this attitude drags you away from wealth creation and it adds nothing to taking you to the life you desire. Even if it were all true it would not help at all, but that’s not what I’m going to cover today.

What I’m going to cover is an essential skill in your life and wealth building arsenal. It is something that if you desire a completely contented and abundant life then it is a skill again that you have to master.

So let’s get started… Read the rest of this entry »

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