Utilising The Power Of Knowing

By Andy Shaw | June 9, 2010

Have you ever considered belief? When you say you believe something, or believe in something then do you realise you are actually holding back. As there is something missing. You can say you believe it but do you really? Or are you just saying it, and even if you are saying it then have you ever asked yourself is it real?

Well belief hides a lack sentiment, believe means you want to believe, I mean you really, really want to believe, but you just don’t know it for sure. My peer group which includes literally hundreds of books I have read on the subject of personal development, all talk about believing in what you are going to achieve. Well I’m going to now tell you, that unless they talk about knowing then they have it wrong.

Side note, apparently only 3% of the population set goals.

Belief does not work, which is why less than 33% of the people who are actually goal setters… actually achieve financial freedom or the life they desire. There is simply a world of difference between knowing and believing!

For example, you know the sun will come up, you don’t believe it will, as this is pointless when you know it. Knowing is not just higher than believing. Knowing means that there is no doubt. Knowing means it is certain and therefore requires no effort to believe it from yourself.  You can have beliefs but beliefs can still be accompanied by doubt, whereas knowing is certainty.

This distinction is of absolute paramount importance if you are going to achieve the life you desire, and therefore cultivating this state of mind must be the very highest priority for you. Indeed the people who succeeded with goal setting actually left their state of belief and entered a state of knowing to achieve it, even if they do not realise that this transition took place.

Knowing Is Power, Belief Is Weakness

Just think of all the effort it takes you to believe you are going to be rich? However, if you knew it then what effort would it take? Later I’ll write about the law of least effort. But knowing is clearly a part of that, just for a second think about how much effort you spent on knowing the sun would rise yesterday?

Knowing is power - belief is weakness. Belief is stating to the universe that I do not know this is a certainty, belief is for wimps, for those who only say they want to succeed. Belief is something the personal development world loves, I believe I can do it, therefore it will happen. Talk about a lack statement, how about of course I can do that? That is a statement of knowing versus believing.

Ask yourself, would you rather know that you are going to be rich, have the best life you desire, or would you rather believe you will? Read the rest of this entry »

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Why Not Die Before You Die

By Andy Shaw | June 8, 2010

Do you fear death? Is this a place where you just don’t want to go?

I used to work with someone who’s father had died in his fifties. This made his son fear death. He said to me once, “Not a day goes by that I do not worry about dying young.” He said that it was alright for me as I was likely to live to 90 minimum as my Grandfather had. He said that I wouldn’t be halfway through until I reached 45 minimum. But for him, he was already half way through!

Now do you think this constant fear of his own early demise was helping him or hurting him? Talk about using the law of attraction in the wrong direction.

If you have ever seen the pictures of water taken under an electron microscope, where they show that if you place a water droplet on a picture of a Dolphin it takes on the most amazing beautiful patterns, yet if you put it on a picture of something nasty, like war or death that it takes on a pattern that is best described as pain. Then you will know what damage we do to our bodies with our own destructive thought patterns. We are at least 80% water, and if water can be affected by an inanimate picture, then how can it be affected by our thoughts?

A thought either moves us toward or away from where we want to go. None of us want to die early unless we are insane or temporarily insane. So I ask again where do you think this destructive thought pattern was taking him?

What possible benefit could he have had from thinking he was going to die early? Well there is one, it could have served to get him to focus on where he is now, enjoy and live for every moment.

He took a different path and focused on health and lives a very healthy lifestyle. Though, he still worries regularly that he will die early. We create our futures with our thoughts, do you think he is creating a long life or a short life with this thought pattern? Read the rest of this entry »

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Our Egos Want To Talk

By Andy Shaw | June 7, 2010

Have you ever noticed how when people meet they or we don’t listen, instead they/we often just wait for the noise to stop so that they/we can say their/our next point. Their/our egos are so wrapped up in what they/we want to say that they/we do not honour the person we are choosing to spend time with and listening to them.

Think about it this way, sometimes you can learn from talking as it gives you a chance to chat about something and as you chat you can really nail down a point or make a deeper discovery. In this way you can really learn…

But this is only when we are developing something, most of the time our chat is just about stuff that we like to hear about. So someone has given us permission to speak and we unconsciously talk about ourselves… Now don’t get me wrong the reason they’ve given you permission is they probably want to discuss themselves. It feels good to talk about ourselves, it’s our egos favourite subject. Read the rest of this entry »

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Are You Allowed To Do That?

By Andy Shaw | May 28, 2010

Over the next few articles we are in what I consider to be the transition layers. This is not really removing layers of crud, although there are still things to remove. But really these are the parts which allow the good stuff to happen. So the perfect place to start is with ‘allowing’.

When we say to people just relax what we perhaps should be saying is just allow this to be. As that is what we are trying to get people to do when we simply say relax.

A principle lesson is to don’t try and fix things, as things will fix themselves if you allow them to. If you try and fix things then you will of course be given more of trying to fix things.

Now this is difficult to grasp as it’s not crystal clear cut. So look at the words ‘don’t try and fix things’ and allow things to be. I’m not saying let your home fall apart, and I’m not saying don’t solve a problem at work etc. What I’m saying is don’t try. Fix it or do not fix it but don’t get too attached to it.

This is an area where you need to just consider am I too attached to the outcome here? Am I interrupting the flow of things by trying to fix this? Or am I interrupting the flow of things by trying to fix this too hard? Am I struggling, ie am I not allowing? Sometimes things shouldn’t be fixed, sometimes they should be allowed to break, or allowed to fix themselves, as they are way points to the direction we should be going. Read the rest of this entry »

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When Is Now The Right Time? Part 4

By Andy Shaw | May 27, 2010

Continued from When Is Now The Right Time? Part 3

Constantly Escaping The Now

Step out of time whenever you can, as you don’t need it, your life situation may need it to interact with others who use it so a peripheral awareness of time is necessary. But other than that you have no need for it.

Observe how your mind constantly tries to escape the now. Observe its irrational behaviour to resist what is, don’t judge it though as in doing so you rejoin your mind and become unconscious, just observe your ego and in doing so you have shone a light on the pure irrational behaviour of it.

From now on try not to imagine the future as being better or worse than right now. By imagining it to be better then it gives you hope, and if it is worse it creates anxiety – of course both of these are illusions. Hope is a ghastly state of mind which again is one of those demons in disguise, and anxiety is obviously awful as they even give you pills for that!

You cannot be unhappy and be conscious and present in the now. Unhappiness can only exist in your unconscious mind. So if you feel unhappy then you are presently unconscious. Your observance of this will take you into the present moment and will dissolve your unhappiness. All you have to be is present enough to notice when you are unhappy!

All of these articles are about finding yourself and realising that there are actually no problems in your life only situations to be dealt with now, or to be left alone and accepted as they are. You allow them to be, or you prepare and once you are fully prepared (if you choose to prepare) you then simply wait until your situation changes and the situation can be then dealt with.

Problems can only exist in time, when you remove time from the problem then the problem dissolves. As I have said, if you doubt this then ask yourself, What problem do I have now? Read the rest of this entry »

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When Is Now The Right Time? Part 3

By Andy Shaw | May 26, 2010

Continued from When Is Now The Right Time? Part 2

The Time Illusion

A quick way to become present is to just ask yourself; “I wonder what my next thought is going to be?”

This is also a great tool to help bring in no mind as if you take a few minutes now and see how long it is before you have your next thought. Learning this skill will be worth as much if not more than whatever else is written here. And this will still be here for you when you get back.

Also all the time you are thinking you are under time pressure then have you yet realised you are simply creating more time pressure? It is only when you stop creating time pressure inside your mind do you start to create time… more on creating more time later.

So always say yes to the present moment, I have found much more enjoyment in my life by simply saying yes and doing things in that moment. I am not doing things like others do to escape from their life situation, from their existence. I do them to enjoy the moment, observe yourself, are you doing things to escape your existence, or to experience it?

Ask yourself now, I wonder what my next thought is going to be? Read the rest of this entry »

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When Is Now The Right Time? Part 2

By Andy Shaw | May 25, 2010

Continued from When Is Now The Right Time? Part 1

Waiting For Something Better To Come Is Not Good

Putting off to the future something good which you should be enjoying today is wholly wrong. Ideologies such as communism, socialism or any other type of ‘ism’, as well as rigid religious belief systems, operate totally from the assumption that the greatest good for all lies in the future when happiness, equality, liberation, fulfilment, etc. will eventually be attained.

So that will happen in the now then. Or we could just have it all now instead. When you look at it with a big shiny light on it like that then you see the insanity of it all.

Quite often the means of getting to the future point involves the torture, enslavement, and murder of the people in the present to create a better future. As an example, the worst of which recently is Communism, over 50 million people were murdered in China and Russia to create a ‘better world’. Now this is a chilling example of how the belief that the better future creates a present hell on earth.

Do you see the result is obviously much larger than your own practice of living in disharmony in the false belief that it will create a better life for you? The scale is obviously different but the pattern produces a scaled down similar result – obviously you get the point… Ask yourself how does this pattern operate in your life today? Are you always trying to get somewhere other than where you are today? Are you doing this so that you can finally be happy? Don’t judge yourself, just observe.

Despite what the ism’s and religions say, all unhappiness is caused by denial of the present. However, we think our unhappiness and problems are caused by the situation in our life, whereas our attachment to the past, and future, and denial of the now is the real problem. Ultimately there is actually only one problem in life, which is not living in the now.

It is impossible to be unhappy and fully present now. Therefore if you see an unhappy person, or if when you are unhappy then you are at best only semi-present, and more likely you are unconscious. Basically it is impossible to have a problem when your attention is in the now. Read the rest of this entry »

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When Is Now The Right Time? Part 1

By Andy Shaw | May 24, 2010

Over the next few articles I am going to try to produce something very concise for those who already know about the now, my intention is it helps you focus on some very key parts. I will relate it to my experiences of applying the understanding of it to my life.

To those who have never read on the subject then you are in for a bit of a fast immersion course. It may well be too much to handle all at once, this is a sign that you are fairly close to presence anyway. So if you need to stop and think for a while then that’s a good thing let yourself relax and absorb, yet observe. And a while is a period of time, you decide how much.

This is one area where I feel wholly in the presence of greatness. When I first tried to read Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now I can honestly say that his book stunned me. I found it the most frustrating read ever yet at the same time the most enlightening.

My frustration with it was, at the time in my reading I used to try and read x number of pages each day (as I thought that was the right thing to do… must have read it in a book somewhere). But when it came to his book, I found it was rare that I could read more than just a few pages, or a page, or just a paragraph or at times even just a single line and then I would slip into deep thought and not come back for 5mins to 2 hours.

This was not conducive with what I was looking to achieve at the time as it was taking me weeks to read his book. So I put it down and a couple of years later picked up his other book Practising the Power of Now. He describes that book as a simpler place to start rather than going straight into the Power of Now.

I started to read his work again together with all of the other studying I was doing and found that many people had written previously to Eckhart Tolle, and since he wrote on the subject of now. But he managed to nail it very well.

I do not intend to re-write the truths of the masters here, I just intend to write the lessons in a very practical way so that you can apply their techniques to create the life you desire. I am very happy to say that I can now re-read both of these books without the need to slip into great thought.

You only live in the now

I used to say that time was my greatest asset. I think it is still true, except time isn’t precious at all because it is after all just an illusion. Despite how convincing it appears, I didn’t say this it was Albert Einstein. My most precious asset now is now. My most ultimately valuable resource still though is how I choose to use now. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Process Of Success – Part 2

By Andy Shaw | May 19, 2010

Success Is A Process

Success is what Thomas Edison said, ‘Today we have learnt another way not to create a light bulb.’ One of the ultimate truths of success is the more money you spend on financial knowledge, the more money you will make. Unsuccessful people look for free advice, millionaires expect to pay for it, as free advice can often be the most expensive advice of all.

A person with a success driven mindset asks, what can I learn from this? An unconscious person with a fear of failure driven mindset asks, why does this happen to me?

A person with a success driven mindset focuses on personal growth. I know to have more I must become more. By reading a book, you are either planting a seed, or watering those already planted. However, without the actions I am laying down in these series of articles, the action of acquiring more knowledge will not necessarily get you where you desire to go, however, it will make you feel like you are.

You may read a book and go and create success, by following a process and by repeating that process you can replicate it. However, by removing the layers of crud in your mind you can literally go and create success in anything you desire to do, not just create through ignorance, but through conscious intention. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Process Of Success – Part 1

By Andy Shaw | May 18, 2010

Success is a journey not a destination. Success includes energy, enthusiasm for life, creative freedom, freedom, a sense of well-being, fulfilling relationships, good health and of course material abundance. Riches, or material abundance just happens to make the journey more enjoyable. Success is the ability to fulfil all our desires with effortless ease.

What I Desire For Myself, I Desire For Everybody

Success to me involves the law of giving and receiving. It is simple if you desire something, then learn to give something first and you will receive abundance back from another direction. Read the rest of this entry »

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