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Please Remind Yourself How Good You Are?

By Andy Shaw | April 4, 2010

appreciation One of the skills I simply had to learn was to appreciate what I accomplish. I don’t spend too much time on this as I’m usually more interested with what I’m doing than what I’ve done. But I used to be solely interested in what I was going to be doing.

And in the past I used to be totally uninterested in what I’d accomplished. What’s more, I would be annoyed with myself for not having achieved everything I set out to do.

Of course this is madness, as without taking time to smell the roses and appreciate what I’ve accomplished then I’ll simply attract more of being uninterested with what I’ve accomplished and annoyed with myself for not accomplishing everything…which of course I can never do.

…whereas now that I have learnt this simple skill it’s different!

Thanks to this simple change I appreciate the journey much more and therefore I also enjoy it more. Of course I desire to get to the destination, but that is only part of the story.

I appreciate all the time what I am accomplishing, and then guess what? I am surrounded by more accomplishments! And I am virtually forced to appreciate them more.

Just the other day I decided to take time out and look at what we had created in just a little over two months of work. I was staggered, and if you’d said to me you will accomplish all of this in 69 days I would have said it was somewhat unlikely.

Well, have a look and see what you think, but before you look at my list why not think about what you have achieved and give yourself a pat on the back as you deserve it. Do it more often and you’ll find automatically that you will get more out of appreciating yourself and all of your accomplishments.

what-gets-measured-gets-done Whatever you do though, do not be angry with yourself in anyway even if you have not accomplished or even started on any of your main goals. Just praise yourself for any minor accomplishments and then decide that you will accomplish more for the next time you review it. This small decision will make a difference. As Peter Drucker said, what gets measured gets done.

Just out of interest, I have been doing this every month up until now, but from now on I think I’ll do it every week as I think it will inspire me more.

What I have achieved since late January:-

I quit at that point today as I thought the day probably wouldn’t get much better. I then went and did a weight session followed by a sauna with my son…who was also ecstatic as he got his first girlfriend today :-)

I’m sure there’s plenty more I’ve achieved as well, but this is what I just rattled off as my list is downstairs and I’m now relaxing for the evening.

Ok, now here’s a very important point which took me seven years to learn in martial arts, 19 years to learn in business, 12 years to forget, and then 31 years to remember!

>>>>>> Life is not a competition with others <<<<<<

lifeisnotacompetitionwithothers Forget what I’ve achieved there…they are not important to you, unless they inspire you. There are people out there like Donald Trump who make what I’ve done look like I’ve been a right slacker… and it doesn’t matter! All that matters is what you have done.

For me, this is one of the greatest lessons I have ever learnt. You do what you want to do and have fun doing it, and it doesn’t matter what others do unless it can serve you in some way…

If you do want to achieve more, then simply learn to do less because, believe it or not, the less you do the more that gets created.

Also believe it or not, even after doing that little lot, I still have plenty of time to enjoy everything else in my life as well. I am never under pressure and I never rush…there is no need. In fact, to accomplish more it is actually necessary to do less and to never be under pressure.

If the pressure starts to grow, I observe the pressure growing and continue to watch. If it grows more, then I just stop working altogether… and I do not go back to work until I feel there is no pressure. It cannot grow if I do not let it!

I simply go and read a book, take Alison out for a coffee, go and do some exercise, go and call up a friend, take the children out for a run and play… I do less ‘productive work’ and the work pressure simply evaporates! And without trying I become more productive… if you doubt this then take another look at the list!

So if you would like freedom from pressure, and to appreciate the journey, then take account of what you have accomplished. Don’t look at what you don’t want and expect that to change. Look at what you want and be the change… you’ll notice results happening fast when you do.

Best wishes


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