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By Andy Shaw | May 17, 2010

We’ve covered quite a lot in the last few months. I thought I’d stick in a quick post on re-tuning – ie repetition

How to become fully conscious is simple – re-read these articles, again, and again until you are predominantly conscious. Then re-read it occasionally for tuning. Look at yourself as if you were a car, your engine (your mind) needs fine tuning to work properly. You need that otherwise you will go back to the old ways and become fully unconscious again.

If you are still struggling with becoming fully conscious, then the answer is at hand. You do not need anything else to become fully conscious. You may just need to re-read something until your ego is forced back by logic.

Side note:- I used to read or watch a training video as quickly as I could, so that I could absorb so much information. However, when I went into studying health and nutrition. Which had literally thousands of books with conflicting ideas and methods I realised that I simply did not have the time to filter them all and work out what was best. So I had to go straight to the truth and then study there. So I manifested the solution for myself completely. And I will explain exactly how I did it when I write late on manifesting.

But the point I am trying to make here, is that somehow if this interests you and you are looking for positive change then you have probably manifested this right now. You have the answer at hand that can resolve your mind problems and you can re-boot your hard drive. I can recommend other books to you. And maybe that will be the solution for you. But the answers are written here. However, you ego may be fighting them and literally blocking parts out from you. How many times have you re-read a book and got so much more out of it a second or third time.

If I had done that early on to the gems I had found then I would have cut my reading time down not at all, but I would have increased my knowledge gain by gargantuan amounts. Re-read these articles if you desire to increase your rate of success. Without freeing your mind of bugs when we get to the bit about creating money you’ll be held back.

Repetition is a master skill,

Best wishes


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