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Resistance Is Like Being Anchored To The Ground

By Andy Shaw | April 22, 2010

Whatever you resist will persist. Whatever you prepare against will become your reality. Whatever you fear and worry about becomes you reality. The first step to releasing this negative anchor is to start by acknowledging that there is resistance within. From that point you can start to watch and learn from it.

Forgiveness is to put up no resistance to life. It is to allow life to live through you. The alternative to forgiveness is pain and suffering, which equals a restricted amount of life energy and, in a lot of cases, actual physical disease.

When you look at whatever happens in your life situation then conditions are neither positive or negative; they just are. When you give up resistance and decide to live in acceptance of what is, which of course is the only sane way to live (thereby meaning to not do this, then that makes you… insane!), then there is no good or bad in your life anymore… it’s all good, which of course includes the bad, which also helps you to the greater good for yourself.

Let me explain that a little more. Let’s say something terrible happens, and I have experienced something terrible myself. We did not like it nor did we enjoy it; we just allowed it to be, we accepted it as it was. We could not be happy at the time, but we were at peace. There were plenty of tears, but as there was no resistance serenity came to us. I didn’t know it at the time but this was Being, and was inner peace, which is the good that has no opposite.

Stop Living Your Life As A Soap Opera

When you accept what is you have finished being part of your own soap opera. Most people who watch soap operas do not realise their life situation is one itself. Most will never even learn what accepting what is, is. Let alone try and apply it to their lives. When you end your soap opera, you let go of your ego as you have no need for it anymore.

When you become conscious you no longer need to argue anymore. It is impossible to argue with a conscious person. Only the unconscious can have arguments with other unconscious people, and by arguing you can become unconscious yourself, so I don’t advise you to think you can dip in and dip out. Look to the politicians to watch unconscious arguing.

Your ego believes that in your resistance (non-acceptance of what is) lies your strength, whereas the truth is your resistance simply cuts you off from Being, which is the only place of true power. Resistance is fear & weakness disguised as strength.

What the ego sees as your weakness is actually your Being in its purity, its innocence, and power. Your Ego has it backwards; what it sees as strength is actually weakness. Because it sees it this way your ego exists in a constant state of resistance and it performs all sorts of mind-tricks on you to cover up your ‘weakness’, which of course in truth is your real power.

By giving up resistance, letting go in arguments, accepting what is, and allowing what is to come, you are casting off the anchors that are holding you back. Nothing stands still, so even though the metaphor indicates that you are stationary you are not. You are actually travelling backwards unless you remove these negative positions. So in letting go this allows you to move forward instead of heading the way you are now.

By now with all these articles I’ve written you should be experiencing some amazing shifts in your overall thinking. You should be starting to observe things that don’t feel as right as they once did. You might not be able to name them or even point in their direction, but you just feel that some things just ain’t so. Don’t worry (as any worry is bad), but don’t worry we will be attacking all areas of crud.

Over the rest of this series we will remove each one of these so that you have removed and streamlined yourself so that when we apply your desires to your new ‘virus-free’ mind you will have complete certainty of the future you are going to create. You will be uploading some powerful software into a brand new bug-free mind that will create for you the life you desire!

I love this stuff!


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