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Seeing Is Believing Right?…. Wrong!

By Andy Shaw | July 15, 2010

seeingisbelieving We are now beginning to move on to creating the life we desire, and to start with I’m going to remind you again about the dangerous word belief. As I have covered before, when you say, “I believe it”, you are really saying, “I think I believe it… well sort of… at the moment I do… that’s until something else comes along to make me believe that of course!”

If you want to create the life you desire then further use of the word belief has no purpose in your life as either you know it to be true, or you know it not to be true. You think it is, or you are unsure. Belief is pure unnatural weakness ‘beefed up’ to sound powerful, and popularised by all sorts of personal development lifestyle experts and religions all around the world. Believing is weak, knowing is strong. The word ‘know’ or the state of ‘knowing’ does not need any ‘beefing up’ as it is all powerful.

I’ll cover just how weak belief is shortly. But first watch as you use the word belief in your everyday language and be grateful as they are ‘way points’. As you use it, observe why you used it and you will have identified another false-belief or truth, if it is a truth then there is no need to believe it, as you know it. And if it not true then you now need to look at it and it will dissolve.

Be grateful that this easy to find ‘way point’ is already being used by you thanks to crooked teaching. You can now use it to help you get better faster by your use of the word to identify your crooked thinking. Without it you may have continued your journey with a false reality in that area for the rest of your life!

Here comes the powerful bit now! Let’s say you’ve identified an area where you use the word belief, or believe. Simply change that word to ‘know’ and see how it feels.

Be VERY careful now as this is change starting to happen. As you observe your thoughts and feelings to be sure they are your own and not just what someone has told you, you should think. You must be present when you stop using the word believe and start using the word know. As otherwise you may start to lie to yourself and create more entrenched false beliefs.

So how did it feel when you used ‘know’ instead, did it feel right to say I know it? If it didn’t then there is a reason why it didn’t and you need to discover that for yourself. If it didn’t and doesn’t feel right then you have a few options.

Option one, sweep it under the carpet and carry on using the word know or believe as it involves far too much thought to figure out why it didn’t feel right. So you’ll just go on with it and ignore this section, as it does not suit you to think about it, and this section is not going to get you the life you desire!

However, there is a deep problem with this. If you are saying to yourself I know, when you know you don’t know, you are lying to yourself for the benefit or perceived benefit of what others think…. This will probably ensure a total failure to create the life you desire.

Option two, continue to use the word believe instead, as you now know you do not know! This can be good as it is transitioning. Using the word believe lets you fit in with the crowd and not be a weirdo like me.

You can say I believe and each time you do look at your need to say I believe, you’ll find a slow process of either knowing it is right or knowing it is wrong. Then your beliefs will become what they really are along the way, which is irrelevant (more shortly, but remember how that feels).

You don’t have to change your thinking in an instant. You just have to be truthful with yourself about what you discover when you say I know it. You cannot lie to yourself and still create the life you desire.

The Stuff That’s Right, Really Right! But You’ve Not Noticed It

didyouknow The other wonderful ‘way point’ you have automatically already hard wired into you is your own use of the word know. From now on watch out for when you use it, and it will give you the feeling you are looking to create, the feeling is certainty.

When you know something, you know it, there is certainty built in. It has happened and therefore of course it will continue to happen… That is the very essence of creating the life you desire, you have to know it…

To give you an idea of the difference in strength ‘know’ is to ‘believe’, I’ll use a strength scale. We will say, let’s use a scale from 0 to infinite as to how powerful the words believe and know are in attainment of the life you desire.

The word believe, is there any good in it? Well it gives a false impression, it confuses us to our true knowing. It does make us fit in with herds, it makes other people feel like they fit in as well, but there is nothing really there, so does it help get us there in anyway at all?

No, other than getting us to fit in with the herd and not stand out it gives us nothing. And in truth why do we desire that anyway, this is obviously another area which needs to be observed. So, on a scale of strength I’ll be generous and say it rocks in at a 2!

The word know, is there any good in it? Well, when we know something, we know it. Achieving the life we desire is all about having it already happened and therefore knowing it to be true. There is no weakness in the word, some may say well sometimes you know it and it turns out not to happen.

Which is true and this further defines where we need to work and where we need to look. So it helps us by showing us the wrong direction. There really is no boundary to the power of this word, so I’ll score it at infinite.

The difference in power between belief and know is infinite!

Even the negative use of the word know is infinitely more positive than the use of I believe. As when you say I don’t know, it is certain… you know that you do not know!

Spend a little time thinking about what you know is true (and I mean know it), absorb the feeling of knowing it to be true. Now spend some time thinking about what you believe is true. There is an un-mistakable difference. The two things are worlds apart and now you know it.

Finally option 3, you can either know it, or not know it… there is no believe, believe is just an illusion we give ourselves to make ourselves feel better. And as usual with human medicine a paradox exists. Belief is just another man made mind disease.

Don’t believe me eh? Then look at nature, what animals are there that need to believe in something? They either are something or are not something, they either know it or do not know it, where is believe in nature? Nature does not need to believe anything, so why do you?

Knowing Before Seeing

themuppetsoftheworld You know the line ‘Oh I’ll believe it when I see it.’ The Muppets of the world use this sort of Muppet statement coming from their unconscious irrelevant Muppet thoughts to try and keep a fellow Muppet from getting out of the bucket. This is a crab, pulling another crab back into the bucket.

Entrepreneurs and anyone who desires more, are the crabs trying to get out of the bucket. The fact that you are reading this means you are one of the ones trying to get out… feel good about that as you deserve to! You are in the minority, you are therefore a weirdo… get over it, as you’re worth it! We change the world by changing the only thing we can ultimately control, our thoughts!

Now it’s time to feel bad for a little while! Sorry I don’t like making people feel bad. But sometimes you need to look in a mirror and see the harm you unconsciously do to others.

To people like me, others cannot harm me as I know the only way they can is for me to allow them to and I simply do not allow them to. It wasn’t always like that though, I used to be ‘normal’, well ‘normalish’. And just so you know the next bit is not a holier than thou thing, I have to still apply conscious effort to avoid these actions, though as time passes the instances grow less and less.

So how many times in the last year, months, weeks, even days! Have you unconsciously tried to drag someone back into the bucket?

A quick, ‘quip’ remark which puts someone down… like, oh that’ll never work. Or I don’t know why you’re trying. Or I don’t know why they are even trying (you don’t have to be with someone to put them down). Or have you simply gone out of your way not to help when you easily could if you applied just a few seconds thought or a little time.

Let’s see what benefits you got from your actions. You fitted in with the herd (unbelievably weak benefit at best which does not help you in anyway to achieve the life you desire!). You didn’t feel good when you said it, or if you did it was a feeling of superiority. Both of which are negative feelings, there is nothing positive for you in anything negative as no thought stands still. It either takes you towards your desires or away from them, where would your feeling of superiority take you?

You got out of helping them so that saved you time and further opportunities to help them! So you had the benefit of the time saving… but then you know the Universe will always give more back when you give, so you really missed out on the return of more time or more rewards elsewhere…

Now I am not talking about helping out distressed children somewhere, as that is very noble but does not help your mindset in the attainment of the life you desire. I’m talking about the kind of help where someone is trying to grow.

I am talking about when you see someone trying to start a business or learn something or progress in some way, instead of scoffing you can say nothing. See them succeeding and you being proud of their achievement, and yours for recognising their ability to succeed and not remain in the bucket!

You could drop them an email saying, ‘Auntie Joan said you were trying to start this or do that. I’ve got a friend who did that and I asked him what book he felt would help you and he recommended you buy this and do that. Enjoy what you are doing, signed you’

Wow, do you think the world would be a better place if we all did that?

Back to the original point, ‘Oh I’ll believe it when I see it.’ Science has already proved that every possibility is a reality. Therefore it has already happened and therefore 99%+ of what we need to do is already done for us automatically. We just need to do that very last little bit to pull it into our reality.

Again I’ll cover more on quantum physics later, but this is the part in the film ‘What The Bleep’ with all the basket balls. It is also the part in the film The Matrix part 3, where we see hundreds of TV screens and Neo doing something different in each one.

Whatever you desire is actually out there already looking for you as that’s the way it works. If you say I won’t believe it ’til I see it, then you are actually putting a barrier up to it coming into your or others’ reality.

Whatever you desire needs to be seen first, and by that I mean you have to know it is real. Believing has no place in our world after all, not just our personal development / self help world. I am talking about the entire world, belief unfortunately for all of us, is an unnatural absolute weakness of the mind.

People use the term ‘seeing is believing’ to try and teach people to be realistic about what they can achieve. Well at least that’s what the Muppet who taught it to that Muppet believed too. A false belief passed from Muppet to Muppet does not make it any more true. It just is what it is, mind food for the weak-minded!

iwanttobelieve They are fed on a diet of this sort of cr*p, is it any wonder they cannot grow up and deliver on their potential? Remember what we believe is a reality to us. It doesn’t mean it is a reality, it just means it is a reality to us.

There is another group of people who ‘must’ see it to believe it or must have concrete feedback to move forward… They really struggle to make it in life, as their instincts are telling them to grow, learn and improve, but their faulty education of this point is holding them back. These type of people will spend their lives waiting for something to happen rather than making it happen. Yet they are so close to making it happen, they just need to stop waiting to see… you know if you are in this group.

This false belief of needing proof before they can accept something is there, is a very faulty perception. Just because we can’t see something does not mean it isn’t there.

Just imagine it is a dark night, pitch black and you are near the sea and right next to the dock. All you see is blackness, but literally just 50ft in front of you is an aircraft carrier which is enormous. You couldn’t see it, but it was still there.

The reason we don’t see opportunities is not because they are not there, it is because we haven’t determined what we are looking for. They are real, but we have to change our reality to see them. I used to say I was plagued by opportunity, because to me it is everywhere.

I am very tuned to see opportunity, and I learnt to control the flow of it. Now it is like a TV that’s switched off in the corner. If I want to watch something I simply turn the TV on and there is opportunity.

I know there are an abundance of opportunities, I know there will be plenty for me to pick up at anytime I choose to, I do not need to see them to know they are there do I?

People used to say to me, “So you’re going to run companies are you? You’re going to build businesses and make lots of money? Well I’ll believe it when I see it!” Fortunately my Great Uncle Dave had got in first and set my mindset to the correct frequency before other Muppet relatives tried to infect me with their false beliefs. I have no anger towards them in anyway of course, they do not know they were unconsciously passing on a false belief, but it also does not mean that they were not Muppets!

If you don’t know it before you see it, then you will never see it.

So get to know it!


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