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So What’s The Biggest Illusion That Worrying Creates?

By Andy Shaw | March 5, 2010

Continued from…. Why Do I Worry?

The last couple of articles were quite long because they contained stories in them which I hope helped you expose to yourself your irrational worry demon.

The rest of this series on overcoming the cancer of worry or rather your need to worry, will be shorter as I want to cover each point relatively quickly and leave you with it. I’m not going to cover every single layer of lack around worrying – that would take a large book, so I will just point out the problems that will give your mind the sign posts to eradicate the problem.

The more you study it the more you will begin to realise, that each layer is like a subtle incarnation of one of the previous layer which you will have learnt to remove by the end of this series.

So I’m not going to do too much (well that’s my intention), but I want to put a bright enough light on this little illusion so that you are able to start to see it in your self. And by seeing it you can see it for the self created illusion that you have allowed in.

From there with what I have already shown you and what you are about to see, you will able to eradicate the worry demon from your life forever. This will literally extend your life if you can apply it.

And if that little gem is not enough, then without the acquisition of this skillset you will not retain the riches you seek. And what is even worse than that, you will not live the fully contented life you deserve as you will still be worrying and therefore missing some of the best bits of life.

So lets get started… Please Login or REGISTER to read the rest of this content.

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