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So What New Skills & ‘Magical’ Powers Do You Have?

By Andy Shaw | July 8, 2010

Important: – First off, this is a long article, I cannot split it into sections as you have to read the whole thing in one go for it to give you the desired outcome. So if you do not have time right now to read this and be fully present when you do, then I suggest you come back later as this is powerful stuff which will change things for you.

Magical Powers

magical-powers I say magical powers, because if you have fully learnt what I have shared with you, then you really are a true magician now and you can do things the general public thinks is impossible…

Your transition training is now almost complete, but how’s your transition from the old ways to the new ways doing? By now you should be completely serene or well on the way to total calmness, clarity of thought and freedom from any and all types of stress. People around you should be thinking “Wow, what’s happened to you…

No? Not got that little lot and more yet?

Then I’m going to tell you why, but first here’s what I’m going to tell you in this article, “go back and re-read what I’ve already shared with you! That was just 10 words, but because you are human and have “free will” you are entitled and perfectly trained by your Ego amongst others to screw it up!

Even though your intuition is speaking to you every time you do actually read an article… this is it, this is the source, this is what you’ve been searching for ever since you got into personal development.

The problem is you probably haven’t yet decided to listen to your intuition, instead you are NOT present enough to know that your Ego has dragged you away yet again because it doesn’t like change. Your intuition who speaks softly is just repeating to you in your brief moments of presence, ‘yes you’re on the right track now.’ That gets drowned out though, by your Ego, the ever present media and of course all the ‘other people’ who are supposed to be helping you.

As I said once many years ago, “If all of the people who are trying to help us would just stop and get out of the way then we could really get some things done!”

This is why instead of just saying those 10 simple words, I need to use about 6,000 words in breaking down each of your Ego’s traps so that I can quiet the noise in your head long enough for you to become present and hear your intuitions voice.

Don’t judge yourself, its ok to have not done it, don’t feel guilty, as if you have read everything then you know there is no point as no thought stands still. It either takes you towards something or away from it… so you feeling guilty serves no useful purpose! There is no point in not accepting what is.

But now it’s time for change, within a few weeks you could be the person with magical powers, just stop watching TV for just 3 weeks, stop listening to others for just 3 weeks, devote all your time to studying this and you will be able to work magic. Don’t you think you’ve worked hard enough in your life until this point, that you deserve a little me time?

And remember, you do have enough time, yes you do, don’t let your ego lie to you again. You just have to decide what’s important to you… more of the same, or real change!

I’ve given you the tools, but you have to pick them up and learn to use them, or as Michelangelo apparently said, “That beautiful statue was already there, I just chipped away the rough edges.”

The life you desire is already real. If it’s a possibility then it is real (proven in a laboratory to beyond a shadow of a doubt!), you just must take the steps to bring it into your reality.

Remember this, if you don’t change your thinking then in 10 years from now you will be where you are, YOUR VERY BEST THINKING HAS GOT YOU TO WHERE YOU ARE TODAY… when is now going to be the right time for you to stop repeating the same mistakes, again and again? If you don’t stop now, if you don’t read this in full and if you don’t take those 3 weeks off of your connection to everything else to devote your entire thinking time to this, then you probably never will. I cannot make it much clearer as to what you have to do than this!

It’s your life, it’s your choice, and you decide what’s best for you… but when you decide, be present. Don’t let your Ego decide for you whilst you are unconscious, like it has been every time you have left, and not applied what I’ve already shown you.

OK, so are you ready to jump the final hurdle and clear off the rough edges?

yesitsyou If you are then I am now going to explain to you the full and wonderful reason why you must “go back and re-read what I’ve shared with you before!” And don’t just go and do this now by the way, thinking you don’t need to read the 6,000 words…. You bet you do…. It’s you I am specifically talking to!

Because if you haven’t already applied the training yet then those 10 words will be washed away within a few hours! The 6,000 words are designed to invoke the process of change in your mind by building you a force shield to protect you from your Ego.

Whilst you are reading this, observe how you feel about, ‘why you know I needed to take 6,000 words to get you to see the obvious benefit for yourself.’ You need to observe the obvious benefit for yourself so that you’ll actually apply what you need and you will desire to do so, because the noise will have stopped and you can hear your intuition’s voice.

If you give up at this point because its 6,000 words then that’s just one of my many points! The point of telling you this was that many words was so that you had time to think about the feelings you had when I told you how long it was.

As those feelings are not working for you are they? Feel how you felt a few seconds ago when I told you there were 6,000 words… this felt like work didn’t it? That’s your ego thinking, not you. If it was you and you were present, then you would think, wow, 6,000 words what am I going to learn about myself here?

Before you go further, if you don’t have time to read this now, then that’s cool as this mustn’t be rushed, you cannot rush change, you have to absorb then allow change to happen. So plan to read this later, just do not look at this as work you have to do later, look at it as the key to the knowledge you are seeking.

Please feel free to share with everyone the answers you discover as you read, as your answers will be great insights which will help people to do what they must do to be able to create on purpose.

So Why You Should Read 6,000 Words When I Told You In Just 10!

Over the last few months I have shared with you all of the techniques I learnt and created to re-train my thinking. To correct all ‘human’ crooked thinking, and exactly how to be able to control your mind so that you can create all you desire.

So now before we enter the final stage of creating the life you desire and I really do mean in all areas. You must review what you have ‘learnt’, what you ‘think you have learnt’, what you are ‘learning’ and what you ‘have not learnt at all’.

The reason for this is simple. I can only show you the way; I cannot do it for you, even though we desire to abdicate control of our lives to someone else. We can’t do it, as you have free will and you will screw it up as you will change a ‘fixed plan…’ You know you will! So stop the insane thoughts that someone else will one day fix it for you. This insanity is keeping you trapped and repeating the same mistakes. It’s down to you, it always has been and it always will be… get over it!

You have to ultimately accept full responsibility for not learning, or not thinking what I’ve shared with you is important enough to learn. If life has gotten in your way and you are just waiting for the next bit, the magic bit that he’s saving ’til the end then here’s what going to happen when I share that too…

You’re going to learn it and think it’s great, you’ll think, “Wow, what Andy has shared is fantastic!” You’ll tell people what a great book this is… and you will do bu**er all else! You’ll pick up the next personal development book and read that, having left a mountain of diamonds sitting on your shelf!

sometimeslifegetsintheway You are not going to apply it… Why? Because life will get in your way and you won’t do it. You will not have the life you desire, you WILL repeat the mistakes you’ve made in the past, you WILL waste more money on other products trying to get rich. And 1 in 100 of you will succeed, without the change of thinking. So someone will do it wrong and still get it to work, and that will convince you that you are doing nothing wrong!

The 1% Failure Rate Of People Who Succeed Despite Doing It Wrong

For a moment I am going to speak to the 1% of people, the 1 in 100. If you are that 1 then you will probably consider yourself some special person because of this, as your ego will tell you that, and it’s an easy one to believe… as it feels good!

However, when you create success there will always be something missing, you won’t know what though. Then one day you’ll pick this book up again, you’ll get to this point and you’ll realise what was missing and how much time you wasted not knowing.

The reason you will have succeeded is that unconsciously you will have changed your thinking to the correct way to create, and as you do so things will just happen for you. They will happen by accident if you like, you won’t really know how you did it, just that you did. But you will lack a sense of fulfilment, you will try to ‘self speak’ to yourself and tell yourself that it is ridiculous that you lack a sense of fulfilment – you will not understand and this will frustrate you.

The answer of course is to go back and apply what you have yet to learn before embarking on the final stage. That is going to happen for you as it is real, and over the next few months or years you will bring it into your reality.

thenextthingistheanswer However, in a world where we believe that ‘the next thing’ is the solution not ‘the thing we have already been shown’, you will probably rush forward and continue to build on sand.

Understand this, I don’t mind what you do, I am not important… in anyway! Do not consider my view or my opinion of your choice of ANY importance whatsoever – as it really isn’t! I am not judging you in any way! It is your life and you have done me the honour of allowing me to share my study of the way with you.

It is now your choice as to what you do next… it always has been and it always will be, and therefore you are responsible if you do not get the life you desire, no one else is to blame for anything. You have found the resource which gives you the answers you have been looking for and you will need once you attain success to live fully. It is down to you to decide whether or not to listen as… it is your life.

Now Who Thinks They Were In The 1%?

I was speaking to the 1% there; the real 1% will know who they are. Now I’m going to speak to the rest of you, the 99%.

25-50% of you will think you will be in the 1%, if you don’t believe me then go to a seminar and wait for one of the speakers to say this:-

Statistics have shown that just 2% of this audience will go and create massive success after learning this. How many of you will be in that 2%?” Usually 25 – 50% of people ‘believe’ they will be, my feelings are the 2% didn’t actually speak up, as they knew they were and didn’t need to say it to ‘believe’ stronger.

Don’t worry though, if you’re one of the ones who spoke up that’s a good thing! Your desire to succeed is great and will help. However, the odds are somewhat stacked against you so unless you KNOW and I mean KNOW (not a ‘wimpy’ world of difference ‘believe’) you are in that 1% then this next bit applies to you. Observe your feelings here, as the 1% will KNOW they are in the 1% and the 50% who believe they are in the 1% will believe it.

Do not lie to yourself, just accept it, and simply allow it to be as it is! There is great power in your acceptance of this, and it takes you nearer your goal, not further away. It doesn’t matter where or who you are as long as you accept it.

If you don’t accept it, then it matters as it will be a road block to you creating the life you desire. And as you were in the 25 – 50% who ‘believed’ that you were in the 1% then that would be a real shame, as you guys just need a few tweaks to turn the magic on. So to waste what you have at this stage would be just wrong.

By you accepting yourself as you are this does not make you any less than anyone else… Why would it? You are in competition with no one unless you allow yourself to be. To be competing with someone else on this sort of thing can be dangerous to your wealth as well, as a setback can often mean you give up. So be careful if you believe you must do that to stay motivated.

If you read all I have written then you know you do not need to be motivated, this is for people who only believe. I have shown you and you should have learnt by now how to become inspired, and when you can inspire yourself you need no external motivation as you have perpetual motion. If you still doubt whether the motivation thing of competing against someone works or not, well it will work for some, but given the 99% failure rate it’s not good to play against those odds!

muppet-thought There will always be an exception to prove a rule wrong, life always throws up an odd ball. Like the idiots who cite the guy who lived to 99, smoked and drank all day and then one day just died. This sort of idiotic thinking does not help you achieve the ability to create. This is ‘Muppet Thought!’ and the world is full of it!

And by the way mammals live from 11 – 19 times their age at puberty (the medical world forgot to tell us this). We are the only mammal on earth that lives to the measly average of 5 – 6 times our age at puberty. And we are the only mammal that messes with the food we are supposed to eat! Draw your own conclusions…!

The lack of knowledge and the abundance of ‘Muppet Thinking’ from people who do not research before they speak about the 99 year old smoker is simply staggering. To only get to 99 means that he was only about 20 years shy of the mammal with the second shortest lifespan lives to! (This is a very deep rabbit hole and I will cover it another time!). As my wife would say though, 99 is a very good age, which is true when compared to humans.

I doubt that there is one person who has got to this stage and applied everything, and learnt everything before reading on. I didn’t either, that’s ok! But I had the presence to know that I could not leave this subject. I could not move on to ANYTHING ELSE until I had learnt it to a level where I could write a book on it - To a level where if someone said something I would have a profound answer.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to get to that stage, that’s 95%+ and you only need 85% to be there, 70% can be had with relative ease and the other 15% is probably another 3 – 4 read throughs.

Yes it’s work, it should be pleasurable work, it was for me. But hey how much do you really desire this life of yours? If it’s more important to you to read 4 different books instead of focusing on the exact info you need to invoke real change in your life… to enable you to create for ever everything you desire! Then that’s your choice. It may be an unconscious choice, but it’s still your choice. Ask yourself… “Am I present?” This gets you present, and then re-read these last few paragraphs.

The right thing for you to do if you desire the ability to create without effort, is for you to ABSORB this information. Completely and utterly absorb it. As it gets you there in the most amazingly comfortable, easy way, you just have to allow it to happen and relax and read. In other words, you provide the environment for change and you then just allow change to happen.

So What About The Rest Of You?

Now let’s talk about the rest of you guys, the guys who do not consider they are in the 1%. Where do you consider yourself to be? Let me tell you where I think you are.

Only 5% of people ever retire with any sort of suitable financial security, which means 95% don’t. However, anyone who is reading this sort of book and is into personal development is already in the top 30% of the general population (I’m guessing here but it feels right, and I probably read it somewhere). But only 10 – 12% of the population read personal development books (I’m not guessing there). So everyone reading this book is in the ballpark and as such have dramatically increased their odds of making it to the 5%.

For example, the odds for the general population are 1 in 20, for the personal development / self help community they are 1 in 6. What’s more the odds of getting to the 1% who are financially free are 1 in 100 for the general population, but only 1 in 30 for the personal development crowd. So it is all about shortening the odds further.

stop-looking So how can you do that? Simple… You ABSORB the information contained here and you will be complete, you will then create success ‘for certain.

All you have to do is study and not worry about the outcome, as becoming an expert is easy. It will just take 4 to 5 read-throughs and then the thinking about yourself afterwards… which really should be pure pleasure anyway. After that success is certain as you have learnt detachment and how to desire in the right way.

People are and have always been astounded about the level of certainty I have in creating wealth. Before I was a multi-millionaire, people scoffed. While I was a multi-millionaire people were astounded that I always knew I would be one. Now people who know me and have seen what I went through are astounded still that my clarity of thought is so certain of this inevitable success.

I do not believe it is certain, I know it is certain. And I know it is certain for you too, if you just follow the map I designed for you. You do not have to be some super human robot which people seem to believe I am. This is simple stuff, all I have ever done really is stopped believing it was going to happen and changed that to knowing it was certain. The process I’ve given you here is designed to get you to that realisation for yourself as well. But you have to pick up the tools and wear away the rough edges!

What’s In It For Me?

My whole goal with this book is to trash the rule. The rule is that only 10% of people who buy self help books actually read them (I think the percentage is higher, but the market tests have said 10%, so I have to go with that despite my own ‘Muppet’ results producing different stats). But out of that 10% who read them only 10% take action, and only 1% of that 10% have massive success. That’s 1 in 100 who take action, and in 1,000 who experience massive success!

So those odds aren’t looking good for you! So I’ve designed this book to trash those odds!

Personally I think those statistics are truly awful and I don’t want you falling into the wrong side, some of you will and maybe another teacher or another book I write later may get you back… but the odds aren’t good. So either you make this one work, or you read 1,000 books and then ‘hope’ just one of them will work for you!

So the odds are heavily stacked against you, your only real defence is do what I am trying to explain to you, you must do! You are reading this book to seek advice, and for you to not listen to the person giving the advice is… yet another insight into your media induced Ego infested insanity!

If you considered stopping reading just then, then it was your Ego reacting, just observe its irrational actions to the truth.

Here’s The Really Good News

My property book had a minimum of 12.5% of people who took action (based on email replies telling me what they had done). That means that the book achieved 1 in 8 people taking action, that’s not 1 in 10 actually reading it, it’s 1 in 8 taking action! And that’s just from replies – I know it was at least 1 in 4 actually taking action.

Defining massive success is more difficult though as how do you define it? Everyone who took action made around £25,000 minimum, most people applied the technique 2 – 3 times so made around £75,000. And some applied it hundreds of times, so you decide what massive success is.

themissingpiece My goal is for you to take action, for you to tell others about how wonderful your life is now and you to say to them “this book was the missing piece, it helped me unleash my own creative power! It actually got me to change!”

That’s right, I am in this for myself… your benefit is my desire to make you rich as it benefits me. My goal is simple; get you rich and you having a great life so that you’ll want, or feel compelled to tell others about it. Then I can get them rich too, and you’ve helped them to get rich using the law of least effort!

So this applies to everyone now… I desire, and I mean truly desire, to get you rich by giving you control over your power to create on demand. And for you to do that and for me to get what I desire, you need to go back and re-read the bits you don’t yet know, you haven’t yet thought about properly or you haven’t yet thought about at all!

Always remember this is not a rush! This is not real work! There is good work and bad work, this is ‘Good work’. This is singularly the most valuable and constructive use of your time which you can possibly ever have! Your return on investment of this time will pay you dividends every single moment for the rest of your life!

If you desire this to work for you, you need to stop having the slightest thought or consideration of your time spent reading it as ‘work!’ This frees you up to consider, ‘what is the best use of your time.’ Usually you would leave this to your Ego to decide. If you continue to leave it to him/her then your Ego will keep you off of this material. Why? Because it is in its interest to do so!

There is no judgement here from me, or from you upon your own previous actions or inactions, as judgment would only further strengthen your ego’s position. So I completely accept why you have decided to unconsciously not make it a priority to change your life. Despite you finding a system and a process for achieving the life you desire… Why do you think it is that so few people ever change and make a breakthrough???

They are repeating the same mistakes… This is exactly what you have been doing by not diligently reading and re-reading. And it is what you are in danger of doing right now, if there isn’t real change happening now inside you then you are doomed to spend more years of searching… You must stop repeating the same mistakes NOW. Be the friend to yourself you desire to be, be the person you desire to be, and make real change happen.

Yes But!

yesbut Look I know this stuff works, I live it! This isn’t stuff I read in a book, sure I’ve honed my skills and had it better defined thanks to my continued devotion to the study of the way. But I’ve been using it for years, I’ve made millions with it, and lost millions when I was not focused on it, I am on the verge of breaking through again in a different field, with all different skill sets…. This stuff gives me unbelievable power, and it is available to all of us! This stuff is real, when is now going to FINALLY be the right time for you to make YOU a priority….

Right look inside quick what did your Ego say? If it disagreed, you are not in control and your ego’s running the show… get yourself back to the start and read again S L O W L Y. This is not work, this is not a rush, this is your life changing, right now, if you want change, then this time next year you will still want it, and this time in 5 years you will still want it… for the sake of the life you have chosen not to lead, stop wanting it and go and make it happen…. As only YOU can.

You’re Right

Right, that’s a nice open wound now, let’s rub some salt in it and make you realise what your ego has prevented you from having! If it isn’t an open wound, and you’re still persisting in leaving your ego in control, then I can’t help you guys! If that’s you then you should be angry with me right now.

I can’t help you as I am not prepared to be any harder than this. So to you guys who’s ego won’t let this in (won’t let you admit you have made a mistake) then… You’re right, I accept it, and it’s not your fault… You didn’t have the time… You had to watch the TV… You had to read other books… You had to sit and relax… You had to clean up that mess… You are right – all of those and 1,000 more excuses of why you didn’t have time to change your life to create the life you desire are completely valid. I am wrong, what do I know after all!

You are completely right, and I suggest you put this down right now and go and have a nice cup of coffee so you don’t need to give it another moments thought… You don’t need to read the rest of this as you already know the answers as you’re life’s ok really isn’t it? You don’t really need anything to change…. You are happy where you are… Your job’s not so bad…. You are right! You are quite right!

To you guys the rest of what I’m going to share is pointless, as your egos are running the show… you still have noise in your head, you don’t have any clarity of thought, you have applied little to nothing and you will repeat the same mistakes, so why bother wasting your valuable time here… goodbye!

Let’s Salt It Up!

saltinthewound If you are still here then unfortunately I still think that your ego is predominantly present but just quiet for now… so I should have your full attention. Wherever you are just be there!

Firstly do not beat yourself up, stop looking at this as work, look at it as your salvation from the mistakes of the past… For the love of whatever you hold dear… just read the damn info until you bloody well absorb it!

As this stuff’s the best medicine for your life now that you will ever get, and I truly with every fibre of my body, know that to be true. I know you can do this; all you have to do is ‘know it too.’ I – K N O W – U – C A N

Say to yourself “I know this will create change if I just bloody well do it!” Say, “I know what to do!” Say, “I deserve to do it!”

You’ve been searching and working so veeerrrrrryyyy lonnnnnnng… your entire working life! So many, many years, and you have finally found the material you’ve been looking for… Surely you can quieten the nutter inside your head for a few weeks whilst you absorb this and simply change! Aren’t you worth it?

Accept it as is, accept you failed to ‘Carpe Diem’ (seize the day)

As it just is and you can’t change your past… you can change your future!

Ok, are you ready for some salt in that wound…

Here’s what you should already be a master of (or well on the way to it) if your ego wasn’t running the show.

What you will have learnt and now have power of if you applied all of this stuff: -

WOW! Just imagine that, if you had realised you were going to have all that total power by this point then maybe you would have found the time to read and apply it eh!!!

Look getting it wrong and not paying attention is a good thing, you needed one read through first to get your feet wet.

fingertips But can you see the absolute power you have at your finger tips?

So the final question is… Are You Worth It?

Well are you? You now have the choice as if you are still here then you are currently present, so what choice are you going to make?

‘Change’ or ‘The Same’

It is your choice If you want change, and I don’t mean ‘want,’ I mean DESIRE change, you need to not look at this as work, look at it as your passion giving you ultimate power.

Just imagine if I was able to get everyone in the world into a room and I got them to BE PRESENT just for a few minutes. Then I read out to them what powers they would have… what ailments they would be free of… All they had to do was just read this material and apply it! Then what do you think they would say to me?

They would be begging me to share it with them, well guys do you see why you don’t have the life you desire?… It is in your hands, you have paid for it and you are not reading, re-reading and applying it!

It is the answers that everyone who is in the personal development world is looking for!!!!

You have them, you have found it, you have read it and you have felt the change, you know this to be true… yet you still allow your ego to re-take control of your life and drag you off the way. You still say to yourself and to others that ‘I know I’m doing something wrong’, or ‘I know I am near the answer, but I just can’t seem to get it!’

That’s because your ego is changing the radio station all of the time. You know how the old radios used to tune in with the knob you turned. Well this is how your mind actually works… right now you are tuned into this info… you KNOW it’s right! Your mind noise is quiet and you can clearly hear the radio station, the in-between stations noise is not present and the voice of your intuition is saying quite calmly, ‘yes this is what you need, you’ve found it, well done, you’re in the right place.’

Yet within minutes of stopping reading, maybe just seconds, you are out of consciousness again. You are no longer present, your radio dial is no longer in tune and all you hear is background noise. A radio station in tune is obviously a metaphor for you being present and in-between channels is a metaphor for when you are unconscious. You spend virtually all your life in the unconscious part… sorry but you do (and so do I still), but some spend all of it there.

turnoffthetv You become used to the background noise, this uncomfortable place becomes comfortable. Try listening to a radio station and then go off tune. The noise is painful to start with, and then after a while you become accustomed to it. You don’t notice the pain anymore. It becomes a different level of ‘uncomfortable comfort.’ But when you try to listen to the noise (i.e. you become aware of the noise) it is uncomfortable again, so you accept the noise and you uncomfortable level of comfort is resumed.

Then your ego says to you, don’t read Andy’s stuff, watch the TV instead, it’s more comfortable. Go and clean up the shed, let’s do anything to keep off of that radio station which makes us think…. This isn’t so bad, we know what this is like and the future is scary, let’s stay here… You see as Wallace Wattles first wrote, there is no harder work man does than continuous applied thought. Which of course is why you have found reasons to not stay the course…?

Is it any wonder that everything you’ve tried doesn’t get you where you desire to go?

So what choice are you going to make?

‘Change’ or ‘The Same’

Here’s how you stay in tune… Are you ready for this?… It may be too simple for you to grasp… It has been up until now!

You submerge yourself in the information, continuously until you have changed, you let nothing else in, N O T H I N G! Obviously your relationship and life carries on, but all your learning is on this material, all your TV time is spent on this material.

There is NO POINT you learning the way to create your desires as you haven’t yet learnt to remove the obstacles and make sure they don’t move back!

So if you do decide to stay on the process and read on then you must commit that you will not read anything else until you have cleared your mind of bugs. You need to have A Bug Free Mind to create the life you desire. And if that means re-reading four or more times then so be it. It doesn’t matter, there is no rush, just continued applied action in the correct direction. Why not commit to reading it 10 times! Are you not worth the effort? Do you really think the missing piece is not contained here?

Just imagine the amount of power you would posses right now if you had read, absorbed, thought through and applied each and every one of the techniques and tools I have shared with you 10 times!!!

Wow, how powerful would you be?… You would have awesome power over your life.

Repetition is a master skill; it is not the stuff that you don’t know that will change your life. It is the stuff you think you know which is either wrong, or you don’t actually know… which will! Remember you can only say you know it, if you are applying it… until then you have only heard of it.

So what choice are you going to make?

‘Change’ or ‘The Same’

So, here’s your future if you’ve applied, or are applying ALL the techniques I’ve described. If you are re-reading articles, if you are re-reading your notes and you are observing yourself and noticing change happen continuously, then you guys are very close.

And you are ready for the final stages, I’m going to start writing it now and over the next few weeks I will start revealing the final parts. But those bits won’t work for you without the foundations being built on concrete.

I have provided you with the cement, with the sand, with the water and with a cement mixer. I have explained what you need to do to make cement. The instructions are clear…. However, only you can create the concrete foundations in your mind…

So what choice are you going to make?

‘Change’ or ‘The Same’

Are you worth it?


PS “Go back and re-read what I’ve already shared with you!” 10 words not 6,000! This explains just how bad a form of communication words really are. But did you get the point after 6,000 as to why you needed to read them?… Only time will tell if you beat the odds!

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6 Responses to “So What New Skills & ‘Magical’ Powers Do You Have?”

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