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Successful People Think Differently!

By Andy Shaw | January 2, 2011

I think I’ve managed to nutshell why Personal Development books don’t and how they actually prevent success.

I did it in an email I am broadcasting later this week to bring in new members and thought it was quite good and that you guys would benefit from it too. So ignore the sales bits as they were just for non-members

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Successful People Think Differently!

One of the greatest ‘aha’ moments I’ve had in my life was when I realised that personal development books didn’t work for anyone!

You think I’m wrong?

Then let me explain and let’s see what you think then.

Firstly, the obvious point… If you think they do work at producing successful people then surely if the secret to success was simply a case of reading a Personal Development book…

Then the world would be full up of successful people wouldn’t it…

But let’s go deeper as I am going to reveal ‘Exactly why they don’t work.’

99% of people don’t achieve the success they are looking for… This is a statistic which runs through every country… It never gets better, and in some countries it even gets worse.

So now we are just talking about the 1% of people who are successful, or already have the mindset which means that they will become successful at some point.

These people think differently and it is not what they have learnt in books that gets them there. They would have got there anyway, with or without the books.

What always astounded me was that the formula for success was written in every success book I’ve ever read, yet why was it that only 1% of people could interpret and apply it?

I thought it was so obvious that everyone should be rich and successful, yet why couldn’t they get it?

The solution wasn’t in why they couldn’t get it, the solution was in why could I and the other successful people ‘get it.’

Do you know the difference between a massive success and nothing is a tiny amount.

Success Is Just A Matter Of Really Tiny Changes In How You Think

You see I discovered success is a matter of really tiny changes in how you think, not massive big hurdles to get over… Just really tiny subtle choices, which when noticed it is instantly self-evident that, the way you thought before was wrong.

As you notice these small errors of thinking and they become so evidently wrong then these ‘Road blocks’ to success… Well they just simply dissolve without effort.

It is when this happen’s your mind shifts from a state of ‘wondering if you will ever be successful,’ to ‘knowing for certain you will.’ This is what everyone means when they are say the words, ‘Successful People Think Differently!’

A successful person, whether they are one yet, or not there yet does not wonder if they will ever be successful, they know they will be. To them it is just a matter of when and how.

Only 1% of people don’t have these roadblocks by design, or I should say by error. You see successful people are effectively the ones who have failed society’s method of programming minds. If you are unsuccessful, you have effectively succeeded at society’s highly effective programming system.

Now this may sound like a bad thing or a good thing to you depending on where your mind is… But the awesome news is… You programmed this way of thinking, so you can wipe it off and start again… Yes you really can!

You see as a child you had no faulty programming and therefore societies road blocks to success where not pre-programmed into you. So you in your life have already had the 100% success mindset, and all you need to do now is get back to it…

That’s it, that’s all you need to achieve success, re-install the natural way you used to think before society taught you the wrong way.

With that mindset, success is certain, sure the books will now help you instead of hurt you. But you don’t need them as with that mindset then you are certain of success.

What do I mean by hurt?

Well just imagine if every personal development book ever written was littered unknowingly with these invisible road-blocks. Wouldn’t reading the personal development books then actually be preventing your success?

Yes, I suggest you think about it, as it is a bit of a paradox!

Successful people are able to read the material and their mindset sees past these road-blocks… Yours doesn’t… Successful people do this un-wittingly.

Even the world’s greatest minds on Personal Development haven’t figured this out… Sure the writers can do it, but they can’t teach it. Which is why no matter how many books you’ve read you haven’t succeeded yet.

Just imagine if a teacher was teaching you and at the very same time installing programming into you which would bring about the failure of what they were ‘trying’ to teach you. This would be madness right?

Well what about if the teacher, didn’t know they were doing it?

What if everyone had been doing it that way for so long, that no one ever stopped to question whether they were doing it right or not? What if the pathetic results of only a 1% success rate, had been dismissed as ‘well that’s people, isn’t it!’ For so long, that it had become just accepted as the norm…

Which of course it has done… And has been…

~ …when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. ~

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, (Sherlock Holmes)

So successful people failed societies programming, they don’t know how they did it. Most of them will give you the reason they think they did it… But it’s not the right one, the right one lies in their mindset. Everything comes from there, nothing exists without that starting it, everything else is just an effect.

However, if you were successful and you passed societies test, then of course you are not successful. So when you read a personal development book every single road-block that you hit (but you don’t know you hit), further strengthens the barrier to your success.

So think about it, because of your successful bad programming, by reading a personal development book you are actually pushing away your chances of success. A paradox indeed! One you may find worthy of thought. Well I warned you not to read if you did not want something new….

However, the reason no one has caught it till now is because it is invisible and shrouded by the most cunning illusion… The illusion is because you ‘learnt’ something, or the books made you feel good… You actually think you benefitted from reading the book. Now this is the devil in disguise!

This is an amazing revelation and right now, you are almost certainly thinking, ‘No, he’s wrong there.’ That’s ok, this is a depth charge, it will take a while to get to the right depth with you… The depth for you depends entirely on how badly you want to be a success.

You see your mind has been programmed to not accept anything new the first time round. And sometimes things so, ‘don’t FIT’ with how we think. That we cannot even begin to comprehend them and they need to sit a while before they explode and take us to the next level.

So because you read Personal Development books you will not succeed. Why? Because you are loading good-software onto a corrupt hard-drive. Your mind has a specially programmed virus and this virus will actually prevent your success. It is amazingly good at preventing it as well. You knew the solution to your success was always really close… Well it’s contained in the way you have been programmed to think.

However, when you think differently then every self help, personal development book then becomes a resource you can use to enhance your success. As you can read past the teachers mistakes and get the messages they were intending to teach to you instead.

Personal development writers sure can do it, but they can’t teach it… yet! But that’s ok, as when you know that’s the way it is, then you can work round it… However, to be able to work round it you have to have either failed societies programming, or wiped the bad program off and started again.

This is how ‘you think differently.’

Remember I’m not saying you don’t feel good and learn stuff from these wonderful books… I’m saying they only deliver usable information to the people who failed societies programming.

Right Now, you can start the New Year off on the right foot and start changing the way you think about your success in any aspect of your life and CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER!

If the depth charge has gone off, then by now you’ve figured out that I actually have solved the problem for you, I actually have the missing piece you’ve been searching for, and I actually have the solution that you can understand. Yes, I really do, you know that now.

When you know it, you realise that NOTHING YOU DO WILL EVER WORK UNTIL YOU THINK DIFFERENTLY. So it’s really just a question of when are you ready to change your life, not if anymore, just when.

Now here come’s the next problem. And it’s probably already entered your mind and is sitting there right now…

Your mind now gets very scared, because part of the programming you so successfully absorbed involves you sabotaging your own success. When you can see success, your mind actually tries to steer you clear of it… Yes I know it sounds insane, but that’s all just part of the programming… Now when I discovered that and how to change it, it was truly amazing.

So if you’d like this New Year to be different then the solution is obvious as you can test out 90% of all the information I have written on this whole process for success for just £1.

Yes I know that’s too cheap, and it doesn’t seem right does it… I’m offering the solution for just £1… That can’t be right, so what’s the catch?


I know when you use the material you’ll get results and you’ll want to buy the remaining information and become a member of the community site…

Did you know that most community sites only retain their members for an average of less than 3 months? So obviously they don’t deliver much value.

Well I’m giving you the first 3 months for £1, so isn’t this financial suicide? Not if you know how good the information is and how much value you’re delivering to people. So much so that currently over one in four people are instantly deciding to upgrade and just become annual members.

That’s how powerful the information I’m sharing is.

So if you read Personal Development books and you are not yet a success but want to be, then I am offering you the solution of a lifetime… That’s if you can get past your programming and take a look at it of course.

I guarantee you that I can get you back to your method of thinking before society programmed you so well to avoid success.

If you can get past your mind trying to convince you that this isn’t so and give it a ‘try’ then you will be writing this sort of thing to me very shortly:-


“There’s something magical about your writing…NOTHING is having a more positive impact on my mindset…”

“I’ve been immersed in personal development for the last 7 years. I have a huge library of books, audios, videos and have been a student of Robert Kiyosaki, Wayne Dyer and Brian Tracy and benefit from their teachings, however there’s something magical about your writing which connects on a deeper level. NOTHING is having a more positive impact on my mindset than reading your stuff… to say I’m grateful is an understatement, so thanks for all that you’re doing and the quality of information you’re sharing! Cheers, Kaine

Kaine Smith

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Best of Success in 2011,

Andy Shaw

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