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The Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work, The Law of Creation Does – Part 1

By Andy Shaw | June 17, 2010

Using The Law Of Creation To Create What You Desire

Most people refer to the Law of Creation by it’s more popular less accurate name, which is of course the Law of Attraction.

However, you do not attract anything, you create everything. The trouble is religion sort of hijacked this word and now using the correct definition is probably seen as blasphemy by some/many.

If I wanted to have a pointless cause then I would probably try and petition the popularisers to change the LOA to the law of creation, but… this would involve unconscious argument. Then there would be people who are sentimental to the ‘old name’ and even though they like the ‘old name’ they still haven’t created the life they desire, yet they would still consider their voice on it to be relevant.

I have far more important things to say and feel that dropping a stone in a pond creates a ripple which is enough. One day people may change their wording which ‘significantly’ changes their state of thought and then they can actually create their lives on purpose.

For now though the important thing is that you, the people I have managed to get this message to understand. In order for you to properly use the law of creation to create, you need to know you create not attract and that the law of attraction is actually really the law of creation and you can use it to create whatever you desire.Please Login or REGISTER to read the rest of this content.

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