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The Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work, The Law of Creation Does – Part 3

By Andy Shaw | June 19, 2010

Continued from The Law of Attraction / The Law of Creation – Part 2

Energy Is; The Nuts & Bolts About The Law Of Attraction/Creation

Energy is, matter is not.

For those who are new to quantum physics then a lot of what I am going to be talking about in the coming weeks is going to sound extra-ordinary. Just so that you know I haven’t stepped off of the reservation and gone walkabout, what I am going to cover is covered by some very clever people.

And if you would like to step off the map yourself and go and have a little brain melt for a few hours then a perfect way to start is with the film ‘What the Bleep Do We Know. How Far The Rabbit Hole Goes’ which you can view online.

Click Here To Watch What The Bleep Do We Know

Here though is a simple five minute extract from the film which explains what I am going to talk about next and how to understand it better, you must watch this to get the most from this article.  

Click Here For Scientific Proof The Law Of Creation Exists

This video covers what is known as the ‘Infamous double slit experiment’, it is the point at which science went into the Quantum world and where we see the law of creation (not the law of attraction) actually work scientifically.

Energy is, Matter is Not

What that means is that energy is all there is, everything is made up of pure energy and depending on which expert you read, then either all of the matter in all of the entire star system could be squashed down to the size of a pea, or that there is no matter at all. Wow, this is mind blowing stuff… isn’t this stuff fascinating! Don’t judge it, just observe. Keep something inside you observing your reactions to what you are about to read… don’t judge your reactions, just observe them.

Personally I have more trouble with the ‘pea’ sized amount of matter than the concept of no matter at all. Either way, and without judgement we are just part of one great, great, great BIG sea of energy… which as proved by the experiment shows ‘little old us’ each affects ‘on purpose or not’ merely by thinking about it!!!

Personally I think science proving this stuff once and for all exists is one of the greatest discoveries ever made as it stops the ‘absolute’ argument once and for all. As my friend would say, ‘I want some actual physical proof.’ Well you got it! The inaccurately named Law of Attraction is more real than the chair you are sitting in…Please Login or REGISTER to read the rest of this content.

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