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The World’s Greatest Demon

By Andy Shaw | April 27, 2010

In all my research and in all my observance of human nature I would say that the most destructive behaviour on this earth is easily that of blind obedience. The schools teach our children to do without question and it is wrong, religion teaches us that we must accept it because that’s the way it is, science says we are experts therefore we are right, Doctors say we have trained and therefore we are right as we are the cleverest amongst you…

It is all bullsh*t. There is a saying in investing that says that no one looks after your money as well as you do. Well this is especially true when it comes to your mind; no one looks after that as good as you do. And your job is to question each and every one of your beliefs and eventually accept the truth that you find. Don’t accept that I am telling you the truth. Question that too. Do not blindly follow without questioning any of the beliefs you have been brought up with.

We are educated from birth to believe with blind obedience school teachers, religion, science, Doctors, without question. Yet if you watch children you will see that before we as adults beat it out of them with the same dogma that was used on us, they have a natural ability that adults have lost through lack of use.

And we all know whatever we do not use, we lose. But children under the age of Eight all are still attached to their natural instinct, so when they are told something, they ask, “Why?” We as adult’s when we let beliefs in without continuing to observe them and check that they are correct forget this most basic question.
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