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Utilising The Power Of Knowing

By Andy Shaw | June 9, 2010

Have you ever considered belief? When you say you believe something, or believe in something then do you realise you are actually holding back. As there is something missing. You can say you believe it but do you really? Or are you just saying it, and even if you are saying it then have you ever asked yourself is it real?

Well belief hides a lack sentiment, believe means you want to believe, I mean you really, really want to believe, but you just don’t know it for sure. My peer group which includes literally hundreds of books I have read on the subject of personal development, all talk about believing in what you are going to achieve. Well I’m going to now tell you, that unless they talk about knowing then they have it wrong.

Side note, apparently only 3% of the population set goals.

Belief does not work, which is why less than 33% of the people who are actually goal setters… actually achieve financial freedom or the life they desire. There is simply a world of difference between knowing and believing!

For example, you know the sun will come up, you don’t believe it will, as this is pointless when you know it. Knowing is not just higher than believing. Knowing means that there is no doubt. Knowing means it is certain and therefore requires no effort to believe it from yourself.  You can have beliefs but beliefs can still be accompanied by doubt, whereas knowing is certainty.

This distinction is of absolute paramount importance if you are going to achieve the life you desire, and therefore cultivating this state of mind must be the very highest priority for you. Indeed the people who succeeded with goal setting actually left their state of belief and entered a state of knowing to achieve it, even if they do not realise that this transition took place.

Knowing Is Power, Belief Is Weakness

Just think of all the effort it takes you to believe you are going to be rich? However, if you knew it then what effort would it take? Later I’ll write about the law of least effort. But knowing is clearly a part of that, just for a second think about how much effort you spent on knowing the sun would rise yesterday?

Knowing is power - belief is weakness. Belief is stating to the universe that I do not know this is a certainty, belief is for wimps, for those who only say they want to succeed. Belief is something the personal development world loves, I believe I can do it, therefore it will happen. Talk about a lack statement, how about of course I can do that? That is a statement of knowing versus believing.

Ask yourself, would you rather know that you are going to be rich, have the best life you desire, or would you rather believe you will? Please Login or REGISTER to read the rest of this content.

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